Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 394: Star Team Annihilated (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 394: Star Team Annihilated (II)

The assassin remained motionless for a moment, before he immediately turned around. Spreading his spiritual wings and flapping them with full power, he tried to escape like a bolt of lightning.

But would Xing Suo let him off? His low and rapid chant burst out like an explosion, and the staff in his hand pointed forward. An orange hand appeared from it, stretching out to grab the assassin. This was the Star Demonic Grasp, the greatest control spell used by Star Demons.

In the eyes of the Star Demon, that assassin was already dead. As the most powerful magic race amongst demons, the Star Demon had very good awareness. It was precisely that perception that saved his life right before, when he noticed the existence of the assassin just in the nick of time. Even as a powerhouse of the eighth step, he was still weak against assassins. After all, Star Demons were a purely magic race. The magic used by the Star Demons was extremely powerful, but when attacked without warning, they were in immediate danger.

Through the previous attack, he could sense that this was a human assassin of the seventh step, but his cultivation was bound to be rather high, at least at the fifth rank of the seventh step, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to sneak up to him and damage his defensive equipment. But so what? The Star Demonic Grasp was one of the most powerful innate spells used by Star Demons. It was not only extremely fast to chant and release, but was most of all a control spell of the seventh step. Breaking free from it would take quite some time for an assassin, and this was enough time for his team and him to tear the enemy to shreds.

However, as a very dense killing intent filled the eyes of the assassin controlled by Star Grasp, Xing Suo was immensely shocked.

A very dense killing intent burst out from the assassin, and immediately, a dark golden flash of light glinted, like a devastating storm. Countless dark golden colored blades appeared instantly, causing violent explosions which destroyed the Star Demonic Grasps control. Meanwhile, from a house a hundred meters away, a white light instantly illuminated the surroundings. It fell on the assassin and changed his direction with a strong pulling force, tugging him in the direction of the house.

“Kill them.” With this shout of fury, an orange radiance was released from Xing Suo’s back, and his spiritual wings were unleashed. The other demons also followed his lead, and except for the Demonic Bear, the others flew at high speed towards the direction of that white glow.

Among the ranks of the Demon Hunter Removers, the Demonic Bear was running towards the assassin. Making use of their ability of flight, the other demons chased in the direction of the white glow, while Xing Suo stayed a little behind in his capacity as their team leader.

Suddenly, Xing Suo who was in the midst of accelerating in his flight had a cold feeling of terror befall him. In his mind, he wasn’t feeling the existence of any enemy nor danger, yet his instincts were telling him that a catastrophic situation was about to appear.

As a powerhouse of the eighth step, Xing Suo didn’t spend any time thinking, and with a dense flash in his eyes, a strong orange glint scattered from his body, launching an attack in the air around him.

No one?

Due to sensing a threat to his life, Xing Suo launched this all out attack. Given how powerful the Elemental Shock of a powerhouse of the eighth step was, it was fortunate that they were in the air when an explosion covering over a hundred meters diameters occurred, otherwise Major Jacques City would have suffered a calamity.

However, to his astonishment, the full power attack he launched in all directions didn’t have the slightest effect, instead, that sense of danger coming from his deepest inner self became all the more powerful.

Something is not right, the enemy was not around! Xing Suo suddenly realized that his defense was lacking in one place, the air.

Right at that time, a furry grey radiance appeared, without emitting the slightest trace or fluctuation of spiritual energy, yet, it gave off a sad and beautiful touching feeling. Without even a mere figure appearing, all that appeared was the condensation of the grey luster from samsara.

Xing Suo’s response was in the end too late. Now, all he could do was to set all his energy free and burst out with his full spiritual energy. Spreading his spiritual wings with a furious cry, he raised his staff.

However, that all-directional full force attack from just before had consumed a huge portion of his spiritual energy, and even as a powerhouse of the eighth step, after launching an all-out attack, he needed some time to recover his spiritual energy. But that poignant grey color descended right at that time, making perfect use of the opportunity.

Right at that time, all the Demon Hunter Removers instantly stopped in their tracks, unconsciously looking up to the sky. They also had a feeling of crisis due to their instincts and looked up, right when the sky darkened.

The sky turned grey, as if invaded by dark clouds, and the dense killing intent seemed to hover above all that.


Neither his spiritual wings, his staff, his skull or the spiritual energy that was rapidly depleting could resist the force from being taken in by that poignant grey radiance.

Xing Suo had an expression filled with disbelief, as his body froze in midair.

Right at this moment, a pair of deep black spiritual wings were unfolded in midair, being attached to an elegant figure.

Also, right at this time, a golden figure appeared in the sky like a lightning bolt. It reached those black wings, before a burst of bright light abruptly erupted from its chest. The next instant, the figure with the black spiritual wings didn’t even give those Demon Hunter Removers the time to make sense of the development, disappearing in the brilliance of the golden light.

Xing Suo, who had had a lifeless look up till now, slowly fell from the sky, with his orange spiritual energy particular to Star Demons still igniting. However, his soul was already destroyed, taken by the Spiritual Stove of Samsara.

The golden light flashed again, and with a sweep from that golden figure, the corpse of the demon Xing Suo disappeared. The golden figure drew an elegant curve at low altitude, before heading for a cloud high up in the sky.
All the Demon Hunter Removers looked dumbstruck, unable to conceive what had happened just before.

How could Xing Suo possibly have died just like this? Wasn’t his death just an inconceivable sight? And more importantly, according to their senses, the enemy who just appeared wasn’t that powerful, yet they managed to kill Xing Suo, Star Demon of the eighth step! How was it possible for him to die in an ambush like that?

The Demonic Bear shouted in fury, “What are you waiting for, instead of going after them?” During this shout, his right foot stamped violently onto the ground, producing an ear-piercing bang that crashed a large area of surrounding buildings, turning them into a pile of rubble.

The other Demon Hunter Removers finally reacted, and the eight powerhouses of the seventh step hurried to the sky, going right after that golden figure that was shrinking in the distance.

The Demonic Bear, being unable of flight, could only stand in the same place, looking up to the sky. To his astonishment he found out that the golden figure had four spiritual wings, and that his flying speed was so fast that it was far beyond compare with the Demon Hunter Removers.

Suddenly, the Demonic Bear felt a shiver. In the clouds, could it be…

“Don’t follow! Come back!” He shouted, facing the sky.

However, standing in the middle of a town, with the other Demon Hunter Removers already above a hundred meters high, the buzz and noises along with the undulations from their spiritual energy canceled all the sound from his shout. All he could do was to watch those eight Demon Hunt Removers in the sky disappear from his sight.

The massive Demonic Bear suddenly had a feeling similar to the one of getting struck by lightning: Fooled… We were just fooled!

From the moment the assassin appeared and had stopped the attack, they seemed to have fallen into an elaborate trap. The death of Xing Suo turned their Star Team Demon Hunter Remover squad into a headless dragon, and in the fury and panic, they fell head-long into their enemies’ trap. However, nothing about that could be changed now.

The Demonic Bear relied on brute force, but this didn’t mean he was a muscle brain.

On the contrary, being a high-ranked demon, his intelligence wasn’t inferior by much to Xing Suo’s. After his short period of stupor, he immediately raised his hand, throwing a black golden ball, which pierced the skies before blowing up in midair, forming an immense purple black cloud.

This was the emergency signal of the Demon Hunter Removers. Now, all they could do was to wait for the other Demon Hunter Removers to rush to their help, hoping that his teammates would last against the ambush from the Demon Hunt Squads.

From the strength the humans displayed before, it should be a king graded Demon Hunt Squad that they encountered. Their side was after all formed of eight powerhouses of the seventh step, and should be able to resist for some time against a king grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Unfortunately, the Demonic Bear was mistaken. They indeed encountered a king grade Demon Hunt Squad, but there was also another commander grade Demon Hunt Squad which was no less dangerous than the king grade squad.

Lying in wait in the clouds was the true main force, formed of five king grade Demon Hunt Squad members plus five commander grade Demon Hunt Squad members.

While the Demon Hunter Removers seemed to be in no mood to consider their actions, the clouds in the sky turned bright and colorful.

The battle only lasted for a short time, and along with muffled sounds of battle, the headless Star Team Demon Hunter Remover squad was exterminated.

Although these Demon Hunter Removers were at the seventh step, being stripped of their leader and most powerful other member, Xing Suo and the Demonic Bear, how could they resist against an elite king grade and an elite commander grade Demon Hunt Squad?

When the last corpses were retrieved, Long Haochen and Tian Qing exchanged a meaningful glance, and everyone flapped their spiritual wings, rapidly following their route of escape.

After living in seclusion for more than ten days, they finally got the opportunity they were waiting for. Ever since Xing Suo’s group entered Major Jacques City, they were already under their watch.

Their strategy was very simple: their two assassins were supposed to ambush the Star Demon acting as their team leader, and then be rescued by Long Haochen using Yating’s Saint Spiritual Stove. Afterwards, Long Haochen would lure the enemies into the sky.

However, in their original plan, Cai’er and the assassin were supposed to do their best to inflict some damage to the Star Demon, so that he wouldn’t be able to join the battle. But no one had expected that the Star Demon would actually be killed by Cai’er’s Dagger of Samsara.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 394: Star Team Annihilated (Ii)

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