Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 397: Dragon Team? (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 397: Dragon Team? (II)

Tian Qing wrinkled his brows, somewhat unsatisfied with Long Haochen’s reply. In a deep voice, he declared, “How about doing this, Haochen, I will not force you. This time, our team will be the main force of the operation, and your group will be providing support. If it really turns out to be a trap from the demons, you can immediately flee and not care about us. ”

While he spoke these words, Tian Qing’s tone clearly became rougher. Although his team received great favors from Long Haochen’s group, being a king grade Demon Hunt Squad, they had always been having great autonomous power, and Tian Qing was the absolute core of his team. Therefore, he felt very confident about his ability in making decisions. Owing favors didn’t mean submission, all the more for a king grade Demon Hunt Squad with a high rank such as them. Tian Qing’s group had just experienced a huge setback, so this second operation was their best opportunity to show their strength.

Since they devolved the authority to this extent, Long Haochen naturally had difficulty to say anything more, and could only accept Tian Qing’s plans with a nod.

The plan was rapidly carried out, and Long Haochen followed the agreement, letting Tian Qing’s group lead the attack while his team would support them from the rear. After all, the enemy didn’t know there were two Demon Hunt Squads here. Having a force in reserve would greatly increase the safety of the two teams. Regarding this point, Tian Qing didn’t feel discontented after further reflection. Being more dependable wasn’t bad at all, after his own team attacked successfully, they would give some gains as payback to Long Haochen’s group. As long as they succeeded, his comrades would recover from the blow their self-confidence just took.

During their negotiations, they received the information that the last Demon Hunter Remover squad was already heading out of the city.

Making a prompt decision, Tian Qing took a heavy tone, “Let’s go. We will be heading out now, and intercept them outside. An attack outside of the city will be even more effective than inside, at least we won’t have to worry about the Jacques Demons surrounding us.”

Long Haochen nodded to him, “Big brother Tian Qing, be extremely careful. If you notice something going wrong, we will shield you by acting as diversion. Then you’ll have enough time to quickly withdraw as we have our own means to get away.”

“Yeah.” Tian Qing gave an indifferent reply, turning back to lead his own comrades. Actually, he didn’t mind Long Haochen’s last comment. Being a king grade Demon Hunt Squad, would they let a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad shield them while they escaped? That would be too great a loss of face. Moreover, he didn’t believe there was any problem with his plan.

The group of thirteen appeared from nowhere, with the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad in front and the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad in the rear. Everyone was already entirely equipped.

Cai’er quietly followed Long Haochen. If one paid careful attention, they would notice that a change appeared on the current Cai’er compared to before. The coldness emanating from her seemed to have vanished, becoming less distinct compared to the past, even her eyes looked a lot more gentle than before. But upon careful inspection, one would also notice that Cai’er’s reserved look made her all the more terrifying, as if she was hidden deep inside a bottomless pit.

After three days of rest, Cai’er recovered her senses, but didn’t manage to start her awakening as a god’s chosen one. But that day of becoming one with her weapon for the first time made her ability even more effective, giving her a lot more power.

After returning to the team section, Cai’er had stayed secluded till they headed out. She had the strong feeling that her awakening as a god’s chosen one was about to happen anytime now, and that she was now very close to a turning point. Very possibly, what she lacked for the awakening to start wasn’t effort, but a bursting flash of comprehension.

Everyone were powerhouses of the sixth step or above, so even when advancing underground under Tian Qing’s lead, their speed was great. When they saw the light again, they appeared outside of Major Jacques City.

Without need for Tian Qing’s instruction, the mage and priest of his team got moving , launching Falcon Eye and Eyes of Truth to scout the field ahead of them.

The mage reported in a low voice, “Found them. It’s a group of ten that just came out of the city, lead by a black-clad young looking demon, of indiscernible race. However, his aura is extremely powerful, and it’s very possibly a Devil Dragon. If so, we are going to encounter a Dragon Team type Demon Hunter Remover squad.”

The priest immediately reported, “No invisible enemy lying in wait within a thousand meters, everything is regular.”

Tian Qing asked the mage, “Any traces of an ambush nearby? Investigate more carefully.”

The mage nodded, reinforcing his output of spiritual energy and launched Eagle Eye in all directions. This mage’s greatest ability of detection could even detect invisible demons, this spell available to mages of the seventh step, helped to scout at a range of up to at least ten kilometers. When focusing on a smaller range, its detection would become more detailed.

A short time later, the mage replied, “Everything is normal. The demons already left the city, and don’t look about to fly, only advancing rapidly toward the Central Province. The black-clad youth aside, there’s also a girl cloaked in white, with an humanoid appearance. Her cultivation or race cannot be seen. At their back, there are four other humanoid demon powerhouses and two bestial demons, one Jacques Demon and a Demonic Bear. I can say with confidence that except for the black clad youth, at least two of the other humanoid demons are pure magic users. They are leaving at fast speed, so we already don’t have the time for an ambush. I suggest meeting them head on. We should have odds of seventy percent to get rid of them.”

Tian Qing nodded, giving a loud shout, “Go!” As he said that, he abruptly drew his own heavy sword. Lifting the golden shield in his left hand, a dazzling dark golden radiance spread out from him. With a low roar, an immense Earth Dragon appeared in front of him.

This was a magical beast of the eighth step, Vajra Dragon, the most powerful kind of Earth Dragon, comparable with a human powerhouse of the seventh step. More importantly, its defensive ability was immense. When contracted with one, a knight gained one more ultra-strong meat shield, that even a powerhouse of the eighth step wouldn’t be able to kill in a short time.

Tian Qing straightened his posture, directly climbing on the back of his Vajra Dragon. The warrior and the assassin also mounted the dragon. Their summoner of the seventh step held a silver colored crystal ball in his hands, murmuring some chants of incantation, before three glows of light flashed, and three Lightning Panthers, magical beasts of the sixth rank, appeared before everyone. The mage, the priest and he himself each mounted one of them.

At this time, their battle attainment as a king grade Demon Hunt Squad emerged. Of course, they could rely on their spiritual wings to snipe on the enemies from the air, but Demon Hunter Removers weren’t any weaklings, let alone a Dragon team type Demon Hunt Remover squad, which was the hardest existence to handle aside from king teams. Thus, they were economizing their spiritual energy. Moreover their existence wouldn’t be noticed as easily on the ground.

Lightning Panthers were magical beasts with ordinary attack and defense, but as wind elemental magical beasts, their speed was as fast as lightning. This ability made them undoubtedly the best mounts for mage type vocations. Right after getting on the back of the magical beast, the mage immediately grabbed his staff and started a low-chant, letting the Lightning Panther run as it pleased. It was as if he was stuck on its back and could therefore remain focused on his chant, without the slightest distraction or rush. The group of six rapidly rushed towards their enemy on the only possible road they had found by the use of the Eagle Eye.

Everyone in the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad was naturally looking at Long Haochen.

With a purple flash in his eyes, Haoyue’s immense figure appeared before everyone.

Already reaching eleven meters in height, Haoyue’s body could already be described as massive, and those two immense bulges on the sides of his heads appeared all the more distinct. Besides his four heads that were sticking up, it could clearly be seen that the bulges that had originally shrunk regrew through the past year, now reaching a noticeable size again. The now already had a size close to the other heads, as if they would emerge at anytime. This was even more true now that Haoyue ate quite a few magical crystals. After the consumption of all those crystals his faintly discernible terrifying aura even occasionally gave Long Haochen some great shock.

The seven of them were all seated on Haoyue’s back, but Long Haochen alone was standing on top of Little Light’s Head. Meanwhile, Haoyue strode forward vigorously on his four limbs, chasing after the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad. Nonetheless, under Long Haochen’s directions, he trailed a kilometer behind them, and did his utmost to look for covers hiding his huge body.

Long Haochen was actually very hopeful and fearless himself. After their previous ambush, over ten of their sixteen Slaughter Missions were already completed, and the greatest achievement among them was the completion of the mission to kill the Star Demon which was second only in difficulty to the one consisting of killing a demon god. The mission of attacking the seventy-second placed demon god, who was located in a remote province, required all of them to go all out to handle him. But for them, giving their all was enough. But the Star Demon was a different matter, the overwhelming majority of Star Demons were living in Modu Core City, to say nothing of a Star Demon of the eighth step. In case they acted in the Core City, staying undiscovered would turn out to be really difficult. Due to the terrifying pressure of the Demon God Emperor, the Temple Alliance never managed to set up a team section in Modu Core City, moreover, countless demon powerhouses were also present there.

They really didn’t think that they would accomplish an extremely difficult mission like killing a demon god, thus everyone was a lot more relaxed. Over these past two months, they already completed most of their Slaughter Missions, and this naturally permitted them to take it slower from then onwards.

They just hoped that this second attack would also succeed.

The two Demon Hunt Squads rushed forward at rapid speed, and Tian Qing still took great care of Long Haochen’s side, occasionally changing positions and wielding his sword to tell Long Haochen about their situation, while mainly hinting that the distance to their enemies was still far.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 397: Dragon Team? (Ii)

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