Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 398: Dragon Team? (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 398: Dragon Team? (III)

Long Haochen suddenly felt his heartbeat accelerating, as if some immaterial force was affecting him. In front of them, Tian Qing just relayed the message that the enemy was only three kilometers away, and that they would launch an attack in roughly two minutes.

Long Haochen suddenly turned his head towards Lin Xin and shouted, “Lin Xin, Eagle Eye! Hurry up, examine if there’s not anything strange with that Demon Hunter Remover squad!”

Lin Xin reacted immediately, sensing that something was amiss with Long Haochen’s behaviour. Not daring to relax, he hurriedly waved the Fire Crystal Staff in his hand and released an Eagle Eye Technique.

During this time, the two Demon Hunt Squads were advancing forward, still approaching the enemy.

Long Haochen asked eagerly, “How did it go?”

Lin Xin furrowed his brows, “I saw the enemy. It’s very strange, I feel that the man leading them is quite strange. There’s a hat on his head, covering his face, yet I feel that he’s very familiar. Also, the girl in the white cloak behind him feels very familiar as well. Wait! That’s her!”

Lin Xin suddenly cried out in alarm in front of his whole team, and Long Haochen asked in a rush, “Who?”

Lin Xin replied, “That’s Yue Ye! The girl in their team is Yue Ye! No good! Could their leader be the one from that time….”

Right, while using Eagle’s Eye to scout, Lin Xin learned that the girl standing as second-in-command of this team was removing her cloak exposing her face. Although it only lasted for an instant, the purple hair around her face and her close to perfect looks were seen clearly by Lin Xin. Wasn’t that clearly Yue Ye?

Long Haochen instantly looked sullen, “We have been fooled, this was a trap!” He looked forward, at the group of Tian Qing. But right then, Tian Qing just crossed the hillside, disappearing from Long Haochen’s line of sight.

Strong magic fluctuations instantly erupted, and even from afar, they could clearly sense the temperature fall, as terrible fluctuations of energy rose. Obviously, the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad was going all out in their attack, and Long Haochen’s realization was a bit late.

Right, that group leaving Major Jacques City unhurriedly was formed of Ah’Bao and his dragon team type Demon Hunter Remover squad.

After coming to an accurate judgement, Ah’Bao took time to lay an inescapable net to trap Long Haochen’s group. Their methods were very simple: First of all, they did their utmost to stay out of the range of detection of the Demon Hunt Squads, before retiring the other Demon Hunter Remover squads one after another. Thereby, they gradually made Long Haochen’s group relax their vigilance. When they left the town, their goal was naturally to pull the snake out of its hole. But how could they bait out the fish without giving Long Haochen’s group the opportunity for an ambush?

Ah’Bao’s stratagem wasn’t anything brilliant, but rather absolutely simple and effective. Long Haochen and Tian Qing were both intelligent people, but sometimes, truth and deceivement were not easy to tell apart, especially with Ah’Bao’s absolute confidence in his plan. This was also the reason why he placed the troops for his ambush very far from the city.

The instant Yue Ye took off her cloak, Ah’Bao shot her an unsatisfied glance. And right at that time, intense magic fluctuations suddenly announced the appearance of a Demon Hunt Squad with six members, rushing towards them.

Not that person. This was Ah’Bao’s first judgment. But no matter what, it was still a Demon Hunt Squad. And furthermore, for a Demon Hunt Squad to have the courage to attack him, it should at least be a king grade Demon Hunt Squad, thus getting rid of it would already be quite a big accomplishment.

A grim laugh escaped Ah’Bao’s mouth, and with a cold shout, he ordered, “Defensive formation.” right after saying that, he waved his right hand and shot a purple-black ball of light into the sky, which exploded with an intense light.

This was the signal, the signal to launch the ambush.

The immense Demonic Bear strode forward in large steps, and right then, powerful magic erupted.

Ice Storm, an ice crowd spell of the seventh step.

The 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad had only a total of three pieces of Legendary Equipment: the shield in Tian Qing’s hand, the Silver Crystal Ball of their summoner, and the staff of their mage. This was the optimal pattern of allocation that most Demon Hunt Squads would choose, ensuring the Demon Hunt Squads’ best survivability and attack power. Without a doubt, the mage was their most powerful attacker.

Ice Storm was a large scale spell, for which even a mage of the seventh step needed at least a minute to cast. But even so, this spell was the most powerful one of the ice element for the whole seventh step.

Moreover, the mage from the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad was chanting slowly, delaying the use of his magic to increase the condensation of the magic power even further.

Fistsized snowflakes streamed from the sky, producing an ice-cold and overwhelming feeling. Moreover, they were accompanied by unsurpassable whizzing sounds. Each snowflake was as destructive as a sharp blade, cutting the air apart, and severing everything in their path. In the midst of the terrible whizzing sounds, the snowflakes were accelerating, and the king grade Demon Hunt Squad followed, advancing with overwhelming speed.

Ice Storm wasn’t a pure water elemental spell, but also included the wind element. The staff from the mage of the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad was also of the rarely seen dual ice and wind element, giving this spell an even greater power. When used right, it clearly carried the might and power of a fire spell.

One could see that during the use of the spell, the mage’s face gradually became paler. From this, one may well imagine how massive the burden on him was.

This was an absolutely unavoidable spell, covering a scale of several square kilometers. Ah’Bao and his demon allies rapidly gathered, while the Demonic Bear interlaced his fingers and stood upright and unafraid. One could watch all his hairs hardening, and some deep purple-black ripples covering his body. He stood like a protective shield, about to resist the powerful incoming attack.

Two black-clad youths slowly stood behind him, emitting a deep purple radiance from their hands, and to one’s shock, a staff appeared in the hands of each of them. Furthermore, they radiated very powerful magic fluctuations. Although they didn’t reach the Legendary Tier, they were an existence at the peak of the Glorious Tier. In fact, demon mages would rarely use staffs. Darkness element staffs could only be made by demons themselves, given that the Temple Alliance would never make staffs of this element! From the appearance of two of them, the level of power of this dragon team type Demon Hunter Remover squad could easily be discerned. Even without Ah’Bao’s presence, the strength of this Demon Hunter Remover squad was already far above the group Long Haochen’s team had encountered before.

Ah’Bao’s body slowly straightened up, standing in the center of their team. In front of the overwhelming Ice Tempest, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he suddenly took off his hat, before smashing a powerful fist to the sky.

Right when this fist erupted in the sky, it tore the space apart, and those snowflakes were suddenly crushed, rendered unable to reach them.

Powerful magic and strong defense. Right as this clash occurred, the most dominant event on the battlefield was the ear-piercing breaking sound, and the tempest of ice and snow slowly gathering in the center after covering the area of a square kilometer. Gradually, a massive tornado of snow and ice formed, hitting the ten demon powerhouses.

This spell was the trump card of the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad, as well as the greatest attack this mage could use. In the same way as Lin Xin’s Phoenix of Blue Fire, the use of this attack drained all energy from him and made him lose all his battle force at once.

While the Ice Tempest spread out, the others from the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad naturally didn’t stay idle, but rushed straight forward at an astounding speed. Their priest already released healing abilities to help the mage recover his spiritual energy. The summoner also started to chant rapidly, summoning one magical beast of the sixth step after another, aiming straight at the Demon Hunter Removers. Tian Qing lifted his sword above his head, brazenly meeting the Demonic Bear head on, while their assassin became invisible, and the warrior took out a gigantic axe.

The main reason why Tian Qing was confident in his ability to ambush this Demon Hunter Remover squad was fundamentally because of their powerful spell Ice Storm. He had immense confidence in their mage. According to his calculations, this spell would at least be able to weaken the enemy forces by a third, greatly affecting their troops, while at the same time , causing a loss of speed on their side due to the ice and freezing temperature. If so, the rest of the battle would naturally go on their pace, and Tian Qing was confident in being able to end this battle in short time, before instantly escaping. He planned to return to the same team section as before to rest and reorganize. As long as this worked out, even staying hidden for three more months was no problem to them, and they would afterwards leave this place to fulfill other missions.

The instant Ice Storm covered all of their enemies, Tian Qing seemed to think this mission was already completed. However, when he was a hundred meters away from the enemies, his face changed greatly yet again.

He anticipated the resistance of the Demonic Bear, since after all, Demonic Bears were well known for their defense. However, the defense of their middle and their rear went against his expectations. With Ice Storm being an omnidirectional attack, having strong defense on only one side was insufficient. Still, the enemies managed to defend against it at all sides.

The two demons in the rear produced an immense barrier, constantly repelling the attacks from Ice Storm, and although supporting it was strenuous and forced them to launch spells one after another, they still held well against it. Most importantly, that black clad young man floating in the air, annihilated the great majority of the power from Ice Storm with his fists, lessening the power of their spell at least by half. Although they were still affected by the freezing cold, at least until now, there were no signs of true injuries among the people in their ranks. In fact, that mage from the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad couldn’t maintain this spell for too long, because after all, his magical power was limited.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 398: Dragon Team? (Iii)

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