Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 399: Mythril Foundation Armored Long Haochen (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 399: Mythril Foundation Armored Long Haochen (I)

It looked as if this Demon Hunter Remover squad would indeed not be easy to handle. But even so, the current Tian Qing didn’t show the slightest intention to cower and let Long Haochen’s squad provide support. Moreover, the enemy was in the end still weakened by the Ice Storm.

The Vajra Dragon charged once again, lowering its immense head and aiming straight for the Demonic Bear. Currently, the Demonic Bear was still using both of his hands to defend his head and was unable to resist the charge of the Vajra Dragon. In the sky, the Ice Storm components had now the size of ice chips, and none of the snowflakes landed on Tian Qing.

A terrible battle unfolded right then. Tian Qing’s strength exploded completely, and one could see the head of the Vajra Dragon clash against the body of the Demonic Bear.

In some regard, Vajra Dragons and Demonic Bears were similar existences. They both possessed strong defense and attack power, but were slow, and not capable of flight.


The hardest part of the Vajra Dragon, his head, clashed against the arms of the Demonic Bear. The demonic bear’s body was huge but the Vajra Dragon was still domineering in comparison, to say nothing that the Vajra Dragon still benefitted from the momentum of his charge.

Under normal circumstances, a Vajra Dragon of the same grade would best a Demonic Bear, and although it wouldn’t be enough to inflict serious damage to the counterpart, at least pushing the Demonic Bear aside would be no problem. According to Tian Qing’s calculations, its attack would be followed by his team’s warrior and himself. They would swarm the enemies’ ranks to kill the demons, relying on the burst of power from Ice Storm, which should at least have greatly reduced the fighting power of the enemies.

However, he made one more miscalculation.

In the midst of a violent explosion, the Demonic Bear’s feet left a profound ravine in the ground, but the attack didn’t knock him down, because a black figure accurately landed right at the back of the Demonic Bear, steadying his defense with his hands.

This Demonic Bear now looked like an immense shield. Even with its defensive power, under these circumstances, he couldn’t help but make a stuffy groan as blood gushed out of his mouth and nose.

However, the price the Demonic Bear paid in form of these injuries, undoubtedly brought them great benefits. Tian Qing immediately felt like coughing out his blood, and his originally powerful ability, also combined with Storing Power, naturally changed targets. His heavy sword violently struck against the Demonic Bear, instead of aiming at the weakened enemies on their rear.

The figure supporting the Demonic Bear from behind was naturally Ah’Bao, who didn’t omit to hit the sky with another punch to counteract the Ice Storm, while blocking the enemy. However, he could still not cover all sides, and a large quantity of snowflakes was still closing in on them from all directions. However, the other demons weren’t newbies either! Being powerhouses of the seventh step, resisting the Ice Storm for some time was no problem for them.


The Demonic Bear’s body glinted with golden light, and with another stuffy groan, he still didn’t draw back. He relied on his brute strength to block Tian Qing’s offense, while stamping the ground one time after another. The intense vibrating of the ground he caused stopped the Vajra Dragon from launching a second attack.

Right at this time, Yue Ye made a frail shout, and created purplish black ripples all around her. Instantly, an illusory figure appeared in the air, and aimed precisely at her.

A Fiend Demon of the seventh step unfolded his wings and ascended, immediately blocking the king grade assassin with his blood coloured heavy sword, compelling him back.

At this time of the battle, Tian Qing and his king grade Demon Hunt Squad were already in a passive position.

Tian Qing never expected the enemies to be so hard to handle. The Ice Storm was already weakening, and although the large quantity of magical beasts called by their summoner already joined the battle, those magical beasts could only delay the attacks of the enemies for some time. They were far from powerful enough to wound them.

What could they do know? This was the time for Tian Qing to make a choice. Making prompt decisions while wearing his Mythril Foundation Armor, he whistled long while facing the sky.

This was his signal for Long Haochen. At this moment, he already couldn’t afford to save face. He discussed with Long Haochen before that if the enemy would really be hard to handle, he’d ask for the help of Long Haochen’s group. Together, they would handle the enemy as fast as possible before escaping. Currently, with the strength of their Demon Hunt Squad alone, handling this Demon Hunt Remover squad was impossible. Therefore, they could only request Long Haochen’s help.

However, for the third time of the day, Tian Qing miscalculated. Long Haochen’s team didn’t immediately join them, but another whistle sounded from the rear, coming from Long Haochen.

At this moment, Tian Qing’s morale finally reached its bottom. Long Haochen’s whistle meant that they were caught in an ambush. The enemies really had premeditated all this.
“Withdraw!” Tian Qing shouted with no hesitation, sweeping his shield forward, and launching a shield charge against the Demonic Bear. This was done using his full strength, plus the might from his shield of the Legendary Tier, and managed to repel the Demonic Bear three steps back.

“Want to escape? That’s too late!” Ah’Bao’s cold voice resounded in the air, and his black figure appeared in front of Tian Qing the next instant.

Ever since the defeat he suffered in the Illusory Paradise, a deep hatred towards these Demon Hunt Squads festered in Ah’Bao, choking him from deep inside. Even in his capacity as the demon crown prince, making his position majestic beyond compare, he still had lost at the hands of Long Haochen. His anger wasn’t something that could be dispelled over time. After finally encountering a human Demon Hunt Squad with difficulty, how could he let Tian Qing’s group go so easily?

Ah’Bao’s attacks were always like that: simple, effective and direct.


Even by relying on his Legendary Shield, as well as the defense from Divine Obstruction, Tian Qing suffered greatly from this punch.

Surrounded by the golden glint released from the use of Brilliant Body, he was still forcibly pushed ten meters back by this punch, with a feeling of numbness still remaining in his left hand.

The peak of the eighth step! Tian Qing’s expression changed greatly. In fact, his current internal spiritual energy already surpassed 20,000 units, so with the addition of Divine Obstruction and his Mythril Foundation Armor, as well as his Legendary Shield, only a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step could repel him with such an attack.

Ah’Bao charged into Tian Qing like a tornado. Launching one fist after another, he covered him with unyielding attacks.

Tian Qing wasn’t so easy to handle either. After determining the enemy’s strength, he battled for his life and tried to escape, constantly using abilities to weaken Ah’Bao. However, he was secretly in distress. Ah’Bao’s speed was far greater than his, so withdrawing was already completely impossible for him. Right at this moment, he sensed powerful auras approaching them from all sides.

I was mistaken in the end. I truly regret not listening to Haochen’s suggestion!

However, Tian Qing was after all a veteran with several years of experience, and although he felt painful inside, at this time his mind was extremely focused. And this time he made the appropriate decision.

“We are withdrawing! I’ll be staying behind to stop them, don’t care about me Join Haochen to break out together. Go, now!” Saying this, Tian Qing shouted indignantly while looking up to the sky. Igniting a golden flame around himself, he suddenly turned around, directly abandoning his sword to hold his shield in both hands, knocking it fiercely against Ah’Bao.

Ah’Bao’s attacks were still too powerful. Those attacks that looked simple and direct actually possessed an incredible power, as if carrying the strength of heaven and earth. All his punches transcended Tian Qing’s whole imagination.

However, Tian Qing was still a Mythril Foundation Knight, and was powerful in his own right. His many years as a Demon Hunter were the origin of his powerful strength and battle experience. At this moment, he made his whole strength burst out, not only igniting his body with holy fire, but also his flame of life. He was already fighting with all his might.

His goal was simple: to sacrifice himself to give his comrades the opportunity to escape.

In battles against demons, many Demon Hunters had already been forced to make this kind of choice, and being a Guardian Knight as well as their captain, he knew that something like this might happen one day. Thus, he didn’t have the slightest hesitation. This attack was his choice, and he naturally had to bear the consequences of it.

“No, Captain, I’m not leaving.” The king grade warrior snarled, breaking out with his pair of battle axes at full strength, launching Tornado Strike. The powerful offensive power instantly cut through two demon powerhouses, and he frantically aimed at Ah’Bao.

“Captain, the team cannot lose you. Hurry up and go!” A blood colored glow covered the axes, precisely from using Madness.

Indeed, a warrior was still a warrior, and even without a piece of Legendary Equipment on him, Ah’Bao still had to suddenly step back when faced with the fast spinning attack. With a loud and clear dragon cry, the air seemed to be torn and an explosion erupted, as that rotating warrior was kicked back.


With a violent spurt of blood, even this warrior in the state of Madness was sent flying by the power of Ah’Bao’s kick. While the blood from in his mouth spurted in an arc, his two battle axes were almost simultaneously dropped.

“Failure is the mother of success.” This saying applied not only to humans, but also to demons. After his battle against Long Haochen, Ah’Bao pondered about his painful experience and trained bitterly in seclusion. Therefore, his strength increased greatly. Now, not only did his cultivation reach the peak of the eighth step, but his fighting strength as a whole, as well as his comprehension of real combat were completely different from before. At this very moment, it could be seen that his whole body was covered with a layer of black scales, while his blood red eyes were full of blood-thirst.

Tian Qing clenched his teeth bitterly, raising his shield, and knocked once again against Ah’Bao. His only thought was now that no matter what, he would do his utmost to save his comrades.

However, no matter which Demon Hunt Squad, after fighting together for such a long time, how would one easily abandon his comrades? Tian Qing thought like this, but his comrades were the same as him!

A bunch of differently colored flames ignited on the battlefield, belonging to every member of the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad. They agreed by chance to make the same decision of igniting their flames of life, with an unanimous thought: they’d rather die here together than leave their comrade here by himself.

Bang, Bang, Bang

At every fierce strike Tian Qing’s body would shiver violently. However, he still relied on his own strength to forcibly block Ah’Bao. Not only that, but he also simultaneously took care of the other demons.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 399: Mythril Foundation Armored Long Haochen (I)

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