Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 401: Mythril Foundation Armored Long Haochen (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 401: Mythril Foundation Armored Long Haochen (III)

Long Haochen turned around, and looked at his comrades with a very concerned expression. The expression in his eyes and on his face was very abundant, and among everyone, his eyes rested on Cai’er for the longest time.

“Step back as well, all of you.”

“Wait a bit.” Tian Qing suddenly shouted, before coming to Long Haochen’s side with large strides, vigorously stamping onto the ground with his right foot, while giving a beat to his own chest with his right hand, executing a knight salute in front of him, “Honored knight Long Haochen, I request to temporarily exchange my armor with yours.”

Long Haochen looked slightly distracted, “Big brother Tian Qing.” No matter whether it was a Mythril Foundation Armor, a Pure Gold Foundation Armor or a Divine Throne, all these entities were regarded by knights as a sign of honor. In the hearts of knights, they held even more meaning than their own life.

“Please allow it.” Tian Qing requested with determination.

“Thank you.” Long Haochen didn’t decline. He only placed his right hand on his chest and gave Tian Qing a standard knight salute.

A faint golden light surrounded Tian Qing’s body, and the Mythril Foundation Armor, which originally fit him perfectly, made resonant tingling sounds, before a change immediately happened on the helmet. Its back turned over, and then, the whole armor started to separate itself rapidly from his body. In a flash, it returned to its original state, exposing Tian Qing’s body.

The current Tian Qing was still stained with blood, and his face looked somewhat pale, but his eyes were filled with determination.

Taking one step away from the Mythril Foundation Armor, Tian Qing didn’t say anything. Stepping aside, he looked at Long Haochen with an ardent look.

Long Haochen took off his own Glorious Holy Armor, unconsciously clenching his fists. Mythril Foundation Armors symbolized the legend of the human knight’s glory, and he was finally about to wear his first one. Even he himself didn’t believe he was qualified to wear a battle armor of this kind so fast.

Controlling a Mythril Foundation Armor required one to reach the seventh step of cultivation. Although Long Hoachen didn’t break through to this level yet, he still reached the peak of the sixth step, and his internal spiritual energy had broken through 10,000 units two days ago. He was now on the bottleneck between the sixth and the seventh step. Relying on his own incredibly pure light elemental spiritual energy, he had confidence in being able to master this armor, and Tian Qing was similarly confident in him. Therefore, he was willing to let his own glory be worn by Long Haochen, hoping it would increase his odds of victory.

Everyone knew that the odds for Long Haochen, whose strength didn’t reach the seventh step yet, to prevail over a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step, were close to zero, but Long Haochen still stepped forward and accepted the challenge. Being a knight, this was a question of honor, so no one could stop him.

As soon as he reached out for the Mythril Foundation box, Long Haochen felt the blood in his body boil. When he really stood in front of it, a proud and hard to describe battle intent rose in him.

Engulfed by silvery light, the silver box transformed first into a pair of leg guards. With silver light spreading underneath, they fastened around both of his feet. Then, the armor rose to his lower back and the thigh parts wound around his waist, enveloping him slowly.

During this process, Long Haochen unconsciously straightened his posture, while silvery light surrounded his body.

The same armor worn by Tian Qing and by Long Haochen had a totally different appearance. When the silver armor entirely covered Long Haochen, on his chest, a rich golden light abruptly flashed, and spread to the surroundings. Merely in the time of a few breaths, the originally silver colored armor turned entirely golden, as the elegant golden magic traces on the armor glinted.

Long Haochen felt like a huge black hole, madly absorbing all the light essence in the air. His spiritual cavities seemed to harmonize perfectly with the Mythril Foundation Armor. It was a really wonderful feeling, and totally different from any of the other armors he had worn before.

After being clad in the Mythril Foundation Armor, Long Haochen felt as if he was wearing mere clothes, and not an entire armor. His body felt incomparably agile, and he didn’t seem impeded in the slightest. Just by putting this armor on, he felt as if his whole body had reached the state of Brilliant Body.

This was a legend, a legend of the Knight Temple! It was thanks to the efforts and research spent by the Knight Temple for several thousands of years that they had been able to make 365 Mythril Foundation Armors, and 36 Pure Gold Foundation Armors, which helped them gain such a stable position as head of the Six Great Temples.

Only by wearing it, Long Haochen felt his strength at least doubled or even tripled, and this was without taking the defense of the Mythril Foundation Armor, and its boost of agility into consideration.

His whole body started to gleam golden, and Long Haochen sensed the Mythril Foundation Armor settle with an almost audible moan. At this moment, Tian Qing understood the reason why that black-clad demon youth chose Long Haochen and not him as his opponent.

Slowly, he lifted the Legendary Shield in his hand, offering it to Long Haochen.

But to Tian Qing’s surprise, Long Haochen shook his head, “Brother Tian Qing, did you forget that I am also a Retribution Knight?” After saying that, he grabbed the Rippling Light with his left hand, and advanced towards Ah’Bao in large strides.

A Retribution Knight? Tian Qing’s look became suddenly sluggish. It was true that in a one against one battle, Retribution Knights were without a doubt a lot more powerful than Guardian Knights. And right! The first time he ran across them, Long Haochen seemed to have been using dual swords.

“Are you prepared?”, Ah’Bao asked when Long Haochen stopped ten meters away from him. He didn’t stop Long Haochen from exchanging armors, since he wanted to defeat Long Haochen in his most powerful state, to really quench his hatred.

Long Haochen looked up to him, “Come.”

“You’re a knight, what about your mount?” Ah’Bao asked in all seriousness.

Long Haochen shook his head, “Although you are my enemy, you still gave me the chance to have a fair decisive battle. As a knight, although my strength is far from yours, I cannot have such an unfair advantage in a duel. It would no longer be a one versus one battle between the two of us.”

With a smile, Ah’Bao revealed some unconcealed admiration in his eyes, “Very well, you are really worthy of being the rival I settled on.”

A rich black radiance slowly rose in the air, and the scales on him gained a purple tinge. In his right hand, a purplish black radiance appeared from nowhere, and the massive glint turned into a pillar of light, spreading with an incomparable pressure from his hand.

All the demon powerhouses exchanged alarmed looks, as if this black radiance filled them with fear.

The purplish black radiance condensed in Ah’Bao’s hand, turning into a purplish black heavy sword.

Long Haochen of course knew what this purplish black heavy sword was. That was Ah’Bao’s personal weapon, the weapon that he destroyed in the past. It was made out of the horn of a Devil Dragon.

At the same time, Ah’Bao raised his right hand, and Long Haochen mirrored him with his own right hand, from which a soft golden radiance condensed, slowly ascending to his right hand, glinting with an intense golden color.

At first it seemed as if the golden light was far inferior to the black radiance in power, but the instant it appeared, the light surrounding Long Haochen engulfed all darkness in a hard to describe way.

When he was clad in Mythril Foundation Armor, this originally only silver-colored armor produced some golden light, but when the Aria of the Goddess of Light appeared in his right hand, the Mythril Foundation Armor actually turned completely golden.

Yating was floating above Long Haochen’s shoulder, only murmuring some chants, but suddenly she touched Long Haochen’s neck and disappeared the next instant.

Immediately, the Mythril Foundation Armor flourished in golden light, produced buzzing sounds, and suddenly emitted strong fluctuations of spiritual energy. Its strength abruptly reached a terrifying level. On Long Haochen’s back, his two pairs of spiritual wings instantly spread. And every part of him radiated an ethereal feeling.

That’s right, Yating turned into a weapon soul and fused with the Mythril Foundation Armor to give Long Haochen a massive boost.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light burst into intense flames which naturally originated from the release of Holy Fire. Regarding his presence, Long Haochen was unexpectedly not the slightest bit inferior to Ah’Bao. The auras of the two of them clashed, trying to suppress each other, but to everyone’s surprise, none managed to get the upper hand.

Long Haochen didn’t only feel powerful to Ah’Bao, but also pure. Exceptionally pure. It was because of this purity that he didn’t lose against his presence.

At this point, the battle started without any prior indication. Long Haochen launched the first attack. Not using any abilities, he simply moved forward as the Aria of the Goddess of Light traced a graceful curve in the air, creating a fantastic scene.

To everyone’s eyes, it looked as though Long Haochen disappeared and all that remained was his sword.

From the launch of his blow, the sky changed color, as if struck by it. And because of it, Ah’Bao actually let out a stuffy groan and drew a few steps back.

Gliding further and circling around, Long Haochen waved the Aria of the Goddess of Light horizontally once again. Long Haochen’s movements didn’t look slow in the slightest right then, but he gave a kind of abnormal feeling of steadiness.

As his opponent, Ah’Bao had the deepest impression of this attack. Long Haochen’s first blow indeed pierced through the skies, but also sealed off all the possible attacking routes of Ah’Bao. Moreover, it aimed right at the moment Ah’Bao was in the midst of his own movement. If Ah’Bao had completed his attack, Long Haochen’s first attack would undoubtedly have landed on him first.

If this had been someone else, even if this attack had been executed with a piece of Legendary Equipment, Ah’Bao wouldn’t have stayed that passive. So what was there in taking a strike? Given their terribly powerful external spiritual energy, Devil Dragons didn’t fear any attack. However, Long Haochen wasn’t the same: his sword seemed as traceless as a breath of wind,, yet gave off the powerful sword intent of a man being one with nature. Facing such a sword, Ah’Bao had an intense sense of crisis, as if as long as it landed, he would undoubtedly be seriously wounded.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 401: Mythril Foundation Armored Long Haochen (Iii)

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