Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 405: Untimely Awakening

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 405: Untimely Awakening

“What do you want?” Ah’Bao was clearly seething with rage as he asked. In a situation of absolute superiority, his enemy actually managed to take his fiancee as hostage. This utter disgrace was actually not inferior to the time Long Haochen smashed his horn to pieces.

A destroyed horn could still be recovered by relying on the powerful vital power of a Devil Dragon. But if something happened to Yue Ye, how could he justify himself to the Moon Demon God Agares? And to his own father? More importantly, if Yue Ye were to die, Agares would undoubtedly dramatically change his attitude towards him, and this would perhaps even affect his future position after becoming the next Demon God Emperor.

Before he left Modu Core City, the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu had a personal talk with him, telling him clearly that even if he was his first successor, his father had already found a second successor, with potential not much inferior to him. Thus, if he made any mistakes, his plans for ascension would be affected.

For Ah’Bao, power and position were naturally the most important things, but his love towards Yue Ye was really sincere. In his heart, Yue Ye was equally important as his power and position as successor of the Demon God Emperor. From this could be seen how deep his feelings for Yue Ye were.

Long Haochen replied with a heavy tone, “You should already know what I want.”

An ominous glint appeared in Ah’Bao’s eyes. He was angry enough to be close to spitting blood. It could be said that in his previous battle with Long Haochen, both sides ended up injured, but because of his armor, Ah’Bao couldn’t see Long Haochen’s true condition. But he was completely sure that Long Haochen’s injuries were absolutely not lighter than his. If this went on, by relying on his own secret powers, he had the certainty to be able to kill Long Haochen.

However, up until now, Long Haochen had always shown a fighting strength far exceeding his own power, so Ah’Bao had no certainty to be able to kill Long Haochen without avoiding heavy damage to himself. What he feared the most was to be unable to recover from the consequences, because Long Haochen’s light attribute was far too pure. If light of such purity invaded his body deeply, he would find it very difficult to dispel it.

For a Demon, its crystal was its core, and even to a powerful existence like a Devil Dragon, if its core was affected, their future cultivation and training would be greatly affected, and Ah’Bao absolutely couldn’t accept to take this risk. His goal was to one day become an existence as powerful as his father, or even to surpass his father. How could he take the risk of damaging his core in an all out battle against Long Haochen.

The reason why Long Haochen’s ability made him that cautious was, just like he said before, his threat as a god’s chosen one. Countless years had already passed since a human of this kind appeared, and Long Haochen was actually able to draw strength from the divine power of the goddess of light. And he was still so young! If he was allowed to grow up, no one would be able to predict the massive threat that he would pose to the demon race.

But Ah’Bao was the successor of the Demon God Emperor! If he didn’t have confidence in defeating Long Haochen, there was nothing to be said for other demons. Letting such a human become a powerhouse of the ninth step would naturally be far too terrifying, at least no other existing human powerhouse of the ninth step could possibly compare to the terrifying existence he would become. This would undoubtedly bring the humans a very heavy advantage, for he could become an existence even more threatening and troublesome to the Demon God Emperor than the current Demon God Slayers.

Thus, even if Ah’Bao himself was extremely unwilling to kill Long Haochen with such methods, for the sake of the demons’ future and for his own future, he needed to do it. Although he was a self-centered person, he was still able to see the greater picture. Becoming a successor to the Demon God Emperor wasn’t something that could only be accomplished with power.

But who knew that something like this would happen? He was now confronted with a difficult choice: to let go of a future threat or to lose his most beloved girl and gain the hostility of the Moon Demon God.

What’s to be done? Ah’Bao knew that the time he was given was short, because in case of excessive hesitation, even if he still ended up saving Yue Ye, she’d still resent him in the future.

One could clearly see the wrinkles on Ah’Bao’s forehead continuously rise and fall, revealing the level of his gloom and loathe.

“Okay, I am letting you go. Release Yue Ye.” Ah’Bao almost bellowed these words.

Long Haochen finally relaxed and turned his head to look at Cai’er and give her an eye signal.

However, the next instant made Long Haochen turn into a block of ice, because the instant he looked over at Cai’er, she appeared to be filled with killing intent and indifferent to his signal. Abruptly, he noticed that he didn’t get any response from Cai’er.

Cai’er was still in the same posture as before, and the Dagger of Samsara in her hand was pushed against Yue Ye’s neck. Furthermore, because she was grabbing Yue Ye that tightly, it seemed as if Yue Ye and Cai’er formed one entity.

No good!

Having gone through a similar experience, Long Haochen instantly cried out in shock, suddenly realizing what this was.

Forcefully constraining his own shock and panic, Long Haochen gritted his teeth and endured it. Then he suppressed the weak state of his own body, and calmed himself down, declaring indifferently, “You already violated your promise with me once. How can I believe you this time? Letting go of your fiancée now is clearly impossible.”

Saying that, Long Haochen acted as if he didn’t see Ah’Bao’s glare, and slowly advanced towards Cai’er and princess Yue Ye. His steps were slow, and he even needed to use the Aria of the Goddess of Light as a walking stick to support his own body. But in the faces of those Demon Hunter Removers, some great fear suddenly appeared.

This battle between Long Haochen and Ah’Bao naturally didn’t only shock Ah’Bao, but left these Demon Hunter Removers with a deep impression. In their eyes, the level of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was nothing much, yet they had deep lingering fears for his terrible fighting strength and technical prowesses that injured a Devil Dragon in such a terrible battle.

A great number of the Demon Hunt Removers rushed forth rapidly, encircling Cai’er and Yue Ye, and giving Long Haochen no way to approach.

Halting his steps, he looked again at Ah’Bao, “It seems that you don’t have the slightest sincerity. Cai’er, kill her.”

“Don’t!” Ah’Bao abruptly stepped forward shouting swiftly, “Out of the way, let him pass by!”

The Demon Hunter Removers stepped aside to form a path, but this time, Long Haochen didn’t rush to advance contrarily to the expectations. With a faint smile, he declared, “Looks like His Majesty crown prince Ah’Bao really values his fiancée. Tell your other underlings to make way and let my comrades go before all. Cai’er and I will stay here, and we will then give Yue Ye to you after they leave safely. ”

This time, the best choice was obviously for Long Haochen and Cai’er to seize Yue Ye and let their comrades leave first. Given how Ah’Bao attached importance to Yue Ye, he could only accept this.

However, currently Long Haochen had no way to bring Cai’er with him! Only he knew how terrible his body’s condition really was. Even an ordinary Demon Hunter Remover would immediately make him fall to the ground upon merely touching him.

How was he able to appear so relaxed and face a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step like Ah’Bao head on? Starting from the first contact between the two of them, when Long Haochen relied on sword intent to deviate Ah’Bao’s attack, he was already wounded. And in their final clash, he sustained serious damage bringing him close to death. Currently, it was entirely by relying on his willpower that he could stand straight, but he himself didn’t even know for how long he would be able to keep this up.

Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Ah’Bao was slightly shaken, but being a firm person, and since he already made his decision, he didn’t hesitate much more. He abruptly waved his hand, hinting everyone to open up a path to let the two Demon Hunt Squads go.

Tian Qing stood here, looking stunned. He didn’t expect his comrades and himself to leave this place alive.

The battle between these two admittedly shocked all the Demon Hunter Removers, but how couldn’t it shock the Demon Hunters as well? Tian Qing faintly sensed that if they fought all out against each other, he wouldn’t be a match for Long Haochen, even as a Mythril Foundation Knight.

Meanwhile, Long Haochen’s performance also made Tian Qing faintly realize his very special value for the Knight Temple. Given his age, his cultivation, and his strength, how could he be an ordinary knight?

Right now, Tian Qing made the resolve that no matter what, he had to protect Long Haochen and bring him out of this place. Given Long Haochen’s cultivation and strength at this age, he was far too important to the Knight Temple.

The situation before their eyes instantaneously took a great turn from their original position of absolute disadvantage. When seeing Cai’er appear, and actually kill four demon powerhouses of the seventh step in one blow, he became totally numb from the sight. Seeing an assassin of the sixth step instantly kill four powerhouses of the seventh step, it was really no wonder that she also managed to instantly slaughter the Star Demon of the eighth step. From this one could totally imagine that this young female assassin’s strength was no lower than Long Haochen’s, and that she only kept herself concealed behind Long Haochen’s glory.

“Captain Tian Qing, quickly go.” Han Yu came to Tian Qing’s side and said this in a low voice.

“But what about Haochen and her?” Tian Qing replied.

Han Yu’s voice became very cold suddenly, “If Captain Tian Qing really wants to help our team, leaving now is the best choice.” After saying this, he immediately turned around and called out to his comrades, passing through the passage left by the Demon Hunter Removers.

Looking blank, Tian Qing obviously noticed the dissatisfaction in Han Yu’s words, and immediately felt terribly ashamed. Giving a glance to Long Haochen who was advancing towards Cai’er and Yue Ye, he fiercely waved his hand, shouting, “We are going.”

The two Demon Hunt Squads, which without Long Haochen and Cai’er consisted of eleven people, gradually disappeared from the line of sight of the Demon Hunter Removers.

None of the Demon Hunter Removers dared go against the orders of Ah’Bao, but their strong unwillingness was portrayed in their eyes. Right! If they wiped out two Demon Hunt Squads of such power, they would undoubtedly gain great rewards! And furthermore, they had six Demon Hunter Remover squads, giving them an absolute advantage.

Right at the same time their comrades left, Long Haochen reached Cai’er’s side, but just from covering this distance of less than a hundred meters alone, the Foundation Mythril Armor he wore was already drenched in sweat.

Cai’er was still motionless, and Yue Ye’s face was deathly pale. The only thing she could now move was her eyes, which had lost all light as she stared fixedly at Long Haochen who was arriving in front of her. After communicating through some glances with her, he turned around to stand by Cai’er’s side.

Without touching Cai’er, but simply approaching, Long Haochen sensed even more clearly that the situation was like he guessed just before. At this crucial juncture, Cai’er was actually awakening; she was having her awakening as a god’s chosen one.

With the last blow using the Dagger of Samsara, Cai’er reached the edge of awakening. It was just that right now, they had to leave the battlefield as soon as possible, thus Long Haochen wanted to use the Eternal Melody to teleport Cai’er to the Tower of Eternity. But if this interrupted the process of Cai’er’s burst of insight, and affected her only slightly, this would cause a suppression of Cai’er’s awakening. So even if Cai’er was on the right track, she still had yet to complete her extraordinary awakening.

An awakening as a god’s chosen one wasn’t accomplished by sheer effort alone. Therefore, even if in the future, Cai’er kept herself in closed door training, attempting to accomplish the awakening, she wouldn’t necessarily succeed, and maybe lack this last missing trigger forever.

Long Haochen’s judgement was right; as the successor of the Dagger of Samsara, Cai’er’s awakening as a god’s chosen implied her becoming a true Grim Reaper, and thus only the battlefield was a fit place for her to awaken.

Originally, Cai’er’s awakening wasn’t supposed to happen so fast, but the encirclement of the six Demon Hunter Remover squads and the situation of crisis triggered Cai’er’s fighting spirit to instantly rise to the peak, and with her final use of the Dagger of Samsara, she reached the border of her awakening, which was out of her control. After that strike took out four Demon Hunter Removers of the seventh step, and she managed to seize Yue Yu, she was already in the state of awakening, and lost all consciousness, letting out very special undulations of aura.

The timing of Long Haochen’s awakening was already very inconvenient, but the timing for Cai’er was obviously even more untimely. They were surrounded by enemies, and Long Haochen was seriously wounded.

I can’t teleport Cai’er! Having already gone through the process of awakening before, Long Haochen was very clear that teleporting her now would very possibly cause unforeseeable consequences. Moreover, Cai’er’s awakening as a god’s chosen one was different from his. The Goddess of Light he succeeded was a powerful occult force who fostered fairness, honesty, and gentleness. But Cai’er’s physique of Samsara was incredibly more tyrannical, and in case it caused backlash, Cai’er’s life would very possibly be threatened.

Long Haochen had never faced such a dangerous situation. Given his current weak state, even activating the Eternal Melody to teleport them would be very hard, but what would happen if Cai’er was teleported in her state of awakening as a god’s chosen one?

What’s to be done? What should I do? Under Ah’Bao’s watch, Long Haochen straightened his posture, secretly pondering on this.

“Your men already left, now you should release Yue Ye.” Right this time, Ah’Bao’s voice sounded out, and this time all the Demon Hunter Removers present encircled them, surrounding Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 405: Untimely Awakening

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