Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 406: Awakening As A God’S Chosen One, Reaper’S Sickle (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 406: Awakening as a God’s Chosen one, Reaper’s Sickle (I)

“Your side has already left. Now release Yue Ye!” Ah’Bao was standing less than ten meters away from Long Haochen coldly, glaring at Cai’er and him.

After considering for a short time, Long Haochen came to a decision. Looking at Cai’er who still stood like a sculpture, a peculiar warmth filled his eyes.

Standing next to him, Yue Ye saw this the most clearly. She was out of words when seeing Long Haochen’s expression. Those warm eyes were filled with determination, with an endless reluctance, and an indescribable firmness.

Right at this time, Long Haochen’s lips pursed slightly, and he whispered some words in Yue Ye’s ear.

“Because of the previous slaughter, Cai’er entered an enlightened state. In this state, she could wound you very easily. She cannot be touched, or your life will be in danger, so I will teleport you to a certain place. Remember that you cannot move in this place, and have to stand still and wait. Afterwards, you can just pray that Cai’er and I survive.”

Saying this, Long Hoachen slowly lifted his hand, placing it on Yue Ye’s shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Ah’Bao shouted in fury.

Not giving him the slightest glance, Long Haochen released a faint golden light from his chest, and with a glint of golden light, Yue Ye disappeared the next instant.

Seeing Yue Ye disappear, those Demon Hunter Removers rushed forward but were stopped with a shout of Ah’Bao. His ice-cold look seemed to pierce Long Haochen’s body like a sharp blade.

“Where did you send Yue Ye?”

From teleporting Yue Ye, Long Haochen immediately became very weak. Shaking, he almost fell to the ground. But right at this time, Ah’Bao also noticed that something was wrong, because even after Yue Ye disappeared, Cai’er, who seized her before, still didn’t move in the slightest.

With some difficulty, Long Haochen turned around and faced Ah’Bao, “I think you can understand it now. Because of her previous attack, my comrade suffered some aftereffects and is currently unable to move. So you missed your best opportunity to kill us. I advise you not to act blindly without thinking. You should realize that Princess Yue Ye was sent away via a spatial teleportation. I sent her to another space, one that except for me, no one can access. Thus, if I die, you won’t see your fiancée ever again.”

Making such a decision was undoubtedly extremely challenging for Long Haochen. Cai’er suddenly entering the state of awakening as a god’s chosen one had effectively rendered his original plan of escape void, and all he could do now was to let his comrades escape in advance. But he couldn’t leave himself. If he was gone, what would become of Cai’er? Everyone could depart, but the only exception was him. He had to remain close to Cai’er to protect her. Without regard for his own life, he would remain at her side.

Before the start of the decisive battle between Ah’Bao and him, Long Haochen used his eyes to ask Cai’er about what to do. During their last meeting with Yue Ye, when they alleviated the restriction placed on her, Yue Ye had told them about her engagement with Ah’Bao, and before the decisive battle, Long Haochen had told Cai’er to contact Yue Ye.

At the peak of Long Haochen’s battle with Ah’Bao, Cai’er used the restriction placed on Yue Ye’s body to communicate with her from afar, and Yue Ye gave her a simple reply: to seize her.

In the instant after the last clash between Long Haochen and Ah’Bao, Cai’er, after entering her invisible state, had two choices at her disposition, which were either to ambush Ah’Bao or to seize Yue Ye.

In the end, Cai’er went for the safer choice. After all, the last time when they attacked Ah’Bao, he used some unstoppable means to escape. If this were repeated, they would undoubtedly get wiped out by the remaining Demon Hunter Removers. Therefore, seizing Yue Ye was the most dependable option.

The reason why Long Haochen teleported Yue Ye away, was simply to guarantee her safety. With Cai’er in her state of awakening, whoever were to irritate her, Yue Ye would perhaps get killed due to the unstable killing intent emitted by Cai’er. And if Cai’er completed her awakening, Long Haochen didn’t know what would happen either. In either case, Yue Ye’s life would also be put at risk.

After cooperating several times, Long Haochen had gained some trust in Yue Ye. The help she gave him was indeed not negligible, and he obviously couldn’t blindly watch her die. Thus, he chose to teleport Yue Ye away to the Tower of Eternity.

After their time spent training on the second floor of the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen was capable of deciding the destination of any teleportation with the Eternal Melody. Without hesitation, he sent Yue Ye to the first floor of the Tower of Eternity.

“Wait here with me. After the backlash of my comrade receeded, I will naturally give Princess Yue Ye back to you. Of course, this is if we can leave peacefully from here.”

Currently, he was in a really weak state. Ah’Bao’s terrifying fist intent caused havoc in his body, and his weakened spiritual cavities were nearly destroyed by that fist intent, so he could already not keep fighting.

Ah’Bao looked full of rage. He clearly didn’t expect this result. Seeing Yue Ye get teleported away by Long Haochen was like having a part of his heart taken away.

He indeed didn’t dare move rashly. He couldn’t gamble Yue Ye’s life. Even while being surrounded by so many powerhouses all around, Long Haochen actually closed his eyes, took off his helmet, and put some pills in his mouth. These were Healing Pills made by Lin Xin.

Ah’Bao valued Yue Ye, to the extent of allowing them to get away, but the danger wasn’t overcome yet. Long Haochen understood clearly that during the time of Cai’er’s awakening, they would confront a great trial. He didn’t know whether they would leave this place alive; but no matter what, he wouldn’t leave Cai’er and escape by himself.

Who expected the situation to turn out this way? The Demon Hunter Removers all looked at Ah’Bao. As long as Ah’Bao gave the order, they would immediately launch an all out attack.

Ah’Bao clenched his trembling fist; this was an extremely rare good opportunity! If they missed this one, perhaps, they wouldn’t ever get to force Long Haochen into such desperate straits ever again.

“One day, I will destroy you.” Ah’Bao’s voice was full of rancor, but in the end he didn’t give the order to attack. Just like Long Haochen, he sat down and closed his eyes to recover.

No matter whether it was the Demon Hunter Removers or Long Haochen, neither of them knew that at a distance of a thousand meters away from them, a pair of eyes was watching them silently.

They belonged to a person covered entirely in a grey battle cloak and were quietly watching them. His expression was changing constantly, as if he could hear everything that was happening there. This person was empty-handed, and didn’t carry any weapon on him.

When Long Haochen was peacefully sitting and recovering, he couldn’t help but show some astonishment and admiration, a great pain, and many other complex feelings.

Slightly stepping forward, the grey clad man didn’t let out any trace of sound, but he came to a standstill in the next instant. Not advancing further, his feet came to a halt and he narrowed his eyes, emitting a flash of killing intent. It produced concentrated chi chi sounds in a range of three meters around him, and an immeasurable coldness was carried in his aura. This coldness seemed to be intertwining with his condensed killing intent.

For the overwhelming majority of people, entering a state of cultivation needed an absolutely calm environment. If a single disturbance occurred, this state would very possibly be disrupted, which could result in danger for the concerned person. To say nothing about such a pressuring environment of being surrounded by enemies all around.

However, Long Haochen sat there cross legged, just like that, entering that state under the attentive watch of all the demon powerhouses.

The great self-recovery function of the Mythril Foundation Armor and the boost provided by it to its user could be seen clearly at this time. All those cracks on the armor were gradually repaired, and a faint golden color was exuded.

It was as if with each of Long Haochen’s breaths, the golden light in his body gained in intensity. One trace of black gas after another was ejected from his body, all stemming from Ah’Bao’s fist intent that forced its way into his body.

Ah’Bao’s condition was similar to his, the only difference being that what he was driving out was the sword intent left by Long Haochen.

Although Long Haochen’s external spiritual energy was nowhere as great as Ah’Bao’s, his internal spiritual energy was a lot more pure, and thus, his speed of recovery was not the slightest bit slower than Ah’Bao’s. Moreover, he also had the pills made by Lin Xin.

Nonetheless, his wounds were a lot more severe. Before, he just bore them with sheer willpower, but all the parts of his body were wounded to different extents, his energy channels were in chaos, and his spiritual energy close to used up. Even the core of his spiritual cavities sustained damage.

Such heavy damage was absolutely not something one could recover from in a little time. Without the surrounding danger, after sustaining such serious damage, Long Haochen would have gone into an unconscious state since long before. But how could he now keep himself from falling unconscious? That was simply due to the powerful willpower supporting his body. But under its support, Long Haochen found out to his astonishment that on his lower abdomen and at the place between his eyebrows appeared a new bizarre golden glint.

As he was absorbing the external light essence to replenish his body, these two little glints seemed to expand with every breath he took. Although their expansion was slow, it was still distinct given Long Haochen’s formidable mental force.

What was that? Spiritual cavities at their initial state?

In the past few days, Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy finally crossed 10,000 units. All his accumulated spiritual energy erupted in the previous battle, but the more important cause for this change was his astonishing willpower. If at that time, he’d let himself fall unconscious, this breakthrough would have been delayed by a lot. But through forcibly standing straight, and going into cultivation even when surrounded by the demon powerhouses, his potential was aroused which directly helped forming spiritual cavities at their initial stage. And furthermore, these two spiritual cavities were both immediately set up.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 406: Awakening As A God’S Chosen One, Reaper’S Sickle (I)

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