Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 61: Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon (I)

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Chapter 61: Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon (I)

Although Long Hao Chen was young, Long Xing Yu and Ye Hua had taught him their vast knowledge and the lessons they learned on the battlefield. To stay calm was the key, and self-preservation was more important than prevailing over the enemy.

Lin Jia Lu could not help but look once more at the corpse of the invisible enemy. The Dyke Clan was classified as a middle-ranked clan of the demon race, proficient at utilizing their invisibility skill, speed, and attack power. Their appearance did not differ much from humans except they had long and narrow faces, grey colored skin, and longer arms than humans. Their attack power was also quite deadly, especially when they approached while under the state of invisibility, preventing their opponent from noticing and blocking their attack. They were the nemesis of mages.

Most importantly, while they are invisible, the only way to reveal them is to hit them with abilities with holy attribute or the [Eyes of Truth] of a priest. In every war, making use of their invisibility, a great amount of Dyke clansmen would target the parties’ mages.

The most common invisible enemies from the Dyke Clan had the power equivalent to that of a fourth step human warrior, and that was only the weakest of them. As a middle ranked member of the demon race, they could also enhance their strength through cultivation, which the Luke Clan could not do.

“Let’s depart.” Long Hao Chen said in a low voice, “And keep our original formation, however I will be at the rear. Sis, don’t summon Rose. Our stealth is our advantage right now. If the enemies are to dispatch troops to pursue and attack us, we will have a lot of options.”

“All right.” Li Xin gripped her pair of swords and after quickly sweeping her eyes over Lin Jia Lu, she started advancing with quick steps.

Lin Jia Lu took a deep breath and felt the ice cold atmosphere. Steadying her mind, she used the [Floating Method] on herself to catch up with Li Xin’s pace. The Chen brothers and Long Hao Chen also started to move, keeping their original formation and advancing towards the Temple Alliance at a high speed.

While walking, Long Hao Chen thought to himself about the previous attack.

He had discovered that the first two enemies that attacked them because of the simple reason that his perception was sharper due to his unusual mental strength. When he came back from the Knights’ Sacred Mountain after blending his blood with Hao Yue’s blood, he discovered that on top of the fact his external spiritual energy kept showing signs of growth, his perception had also become even sharper than in the past.

The invisible Dyke clansmen also had the ability to conceal their smell and their breath. The Dyke clansman was only discovered by Long Hao Chen when it was very close,
which was proof that his perception was formidable. During the previous fight, Long Hao Chen could also determine that the invisible Dyke clansman’s strength was already at the fifth step.

More importantly, during that previous fight, Long Hao Chen had used the ability of his Spiritual Stove for the first time.

A split second after he discovered the Dyke clansman, he had casted the [Divine Light Mantle]. At that time, he did not even know what kind of enemy it was, but he was sure that the defensive power of the [Divine Light Mantle] would not be able to fend off the enemy. Thus, at the same time he launched the [Divine Light Mantle], he stimulated his Saint Spiritual Stove for the first time, emitting a white light from his chest.

In the instant the Spiritual Stove targeted the opponent, Long Hao Chen could clearly feel that the other side’s spirit was locked onto him. The spiritual stove had neither offensive nor defensive capabilities, but the Dyke clansman did not have any other option but to target him, his all-out attack shifting to aim for Long Hao Chen instead. This pulling ability of his Saint Spiritual Stove was what enabled him to save Lin Jia Lu’s life. Otherwise, considering Long Hao Chen’s current level of cultivation, he basically had no way to save her.

Under Ye Hua’s guidance during this half-year, Long Hao Chen learned how to use the Saint Spiritual Stove. Ye Hua explained to him the mysteries and the various kinds of ways to use it. The range at which Long Hao Chen could currently use the Saint Spiritual Stove was roughly 200 meters. If the distance from the enemies exceeded this distance, the Saint Spiritual Stove would have no effect.

Lin Jia Lu launched another [Eagle’s Eyes] into the air. Although it could not detect enemies like the Luke clansmen or the Dyke clansmen, the threat of the Luke Clan was not very high and the Dyke Clan was considered as an uncommon existence in this part of the demon race territory; a second one was unlikely to appear. Apart from these two clans, the majority of the demon clans would be spotted by the [Eagle’s Eyes].

“Enemy.” Lin Jia Lu said in a low voice.

Everyone stopped moving and Li Xin asked: “How many?”


Lin Xin turned her eyes, “What are we squawking for if there’s a single one…”

Lin Jia Lu did not quarrel with her this time and said in a low voice: “It’s a dark green Zelin clansman, a Dual Bladed Demon. He’s fast, and it seems that he’s pursuing us. He’s headed in our direction.”

Hearing her words, including Long Hao Chen, everyone’s complexion changed and they gasped with surprise.

The Zelin Clan was a large clan within the demon race; they were the most numerous in terms of quantity, and according to the investigations conducted by the Temple Alliance, the Zelin Clan’s total population was at least 3 millions. About 100,000 Dual Bladed Demons from the Zelin Clan would perish on the battlefield every year.

The Zelin Clan’s Dual Bladed Demons were the most commonly seen demons. They were not a mutation of humans, but a mutation of a kind of magical beast among the ones that became mutated at the moment the 72 Demon Gods descended. Originally, their fighting strength was only equivalent to that of a second step warrior and were among the less numerous kinds of demons. However, with their astonishing reproductive capability, their population kept increasing, gradually becoming the most populated demon clan several thousand years later.

If it was merely a normal Dual Bladed Demon, Long Hao Chen’s group could cope with dozens of enemies of their level without any problem. However, the problem lied in the fact Lin Jia Lu said it was a dark green-colored one.

Normal Dual Bladed Demons from the Zelin Clan were black-colored, their whole body covered by a carapace, and describing them from the human standards, it could be said that they had only external spiritual energy and no internal spiritual energy, a demon specie that relied on their physical strength for close ranged combat.

However, when a black-colored Dual Bladed Demon from the Zelin Clan turned dark-green, it meant that they went through an evolution. In that case, they became equivalent to Kings within the Zelin Clan. Among 10,000 Dual Bladed Demons, there would only be a single Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. The power of the Zelin Clan King was that of genuine fifth step powerhouses. They were extremely tough opponents: other fifth step fighters were generally not a match against them.

The powerful Dyke clansman who attacked them previously was close to the fifth step, but he was actually not a real fifth step demon. For humans as well as demons, the fifth step was a borderline. The difference for demons of the fourth step and the fifth step was equivalent to the difference between a Grand Knight and an Earth Knight. Between a Grand Knight of the ninth rank and an Earth Knight of the first rank, there was an insurmountable gap. Without a doubt, this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon that suddenly appeared was powerful enough to completely annihilate them.

“What should we do?” Lin Jia Lu’s eyes were locked on Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen hesitated for a little moment before asking back: “Did you discover any other demon?”

Lin Jia Lu shook her head and answered: “I didn’t discover others of them, this one is alone. Even if the demons know our location, they will not dispatch their main army to cope with us: after all, dispatching a single Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, with its status of being a Demon God’s bodyguard, an invisible Dyke clansman and twenty slinking soldiers from the Luke Clan is already thinking highly of us. From my estimations, at least for now, no other demon will come to help this one.”

Long Hao Chen took a deep breath, his eyes were filled with a firm look, “To hide is just a temporary measure. The speed of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon isn’t something we can compare with, it will catch up with us sooner or later. Everyone should calmly recover their spiritual energy, and Big Sis, summon Rose. We will fight it to death. If we pass this obstacle, we will have the opportunity to retreat to the Alliance.”

“Good.” Li Xin was definitely a newborn calf that did not fear tigers. Immediately summoning Rose, she turned around and climbed onto the Rose Unicorn’s back, showing a mighty appearance.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 61: Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon (I)

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