Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 76: Violent Priest (Iv)

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Chapter 76: Violent Priest (IV)

The youth with a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand was no other than Long Hao Chen. With the Light Sword in his hand oriented towards Sima Xian, he had used a [Bright Vengeance] with [Divine Obstruction], turning it into a healing light aimed at his body. This warm energy soothed Sima Xian, calming the pain coming from [Madness] while raising his spirit.

“Stop.” Riding the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm, Gui Wu fiercely lifted his lance, as his Scarlet Shelled Earthworm took a few steps back together with his two fellow warriors, stopping their attack.

“It’s you.” Gui Wu stared at Long Hao Chen with gloomy eyes.

Long Hao Chen indifferently answered: “It’s me. So you still remember this bet between Teacher Ye Hua and your esteemed father, right?”

Gui Wu’s expression changed faintly, he had personally seen how Long Hao Chen had actually managed to repel the offensive spell of the fifth step, [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance]. His original self-confidence had been weakened by a wide margin, “Naturally, I remember. We will meet during the selection. We’ll be leaving.” Seeing Long Hao Chen’s companions group with the violent priest Sima Xian, they could only calmly leave.

The two Warriors and the Assassin, who had sustained a good amount of injuries, gloomily left, advancing together with Gui Wu towards Holy City. Long Hao Chen didn’t stop Gui Wu. There was no use attacking him now: he would still have to fight him during the upcoming competition.

Half a year before, Gui Wu was an eighth ranked Knight. By this point, he was already a first ranked Grand Knight. Further adding the fact that he possessed his Scarlet Shelled Earthworm, Long Hao Chen was not necessarily a match for him.

“What an act, peuh–” Looking at Gui Wu’s group that was leaving, Sima Xian spit out these words, full of disdain.

Long Hao Chen turned towards him and said, “Hi! Nice to meet you, I am Long Hao Chen.”

Sima Xian stroked his bald head, and with a light laugh, he said in return, “Thanks younger brother, I am Sima Xian. Are you coming to Holy City to participate to the selection as well?”

Long Hao Chen nodded and answered, “Yes, we come from Hao Yue City in the south. What happened just now? Could it be that all of you come from Xiu City?”

Sima Xian’s face became depressed, “Don’t bring it up, these guys don’t have anything good. Especially that Gui Wu, he’s full of evil tricks. At that time, I refused to complete my task together with them, so they thought about preventing me from participating in this selection, saying that I would humiliate Xiu City and so on. How can it be that just because the great I cannot heal, I would make Xiu City lose face? From my point of view, it just looks like they are worried that I might bring back good results from this selection, and because of that, this Gui Wu’s father, the consulate of Xiu City, wouldn’t be able to win against my teacher. This is the right explanation. ”

A priest that cannot heal! Long Hao Chen’s heart twitched. This guy was really a strange one!

Sima Xian was quite straightforward, as he said, “Younger brother Long, you have helped me today. I will keep this favor I owe you in mind, and in the future, I will return it for sure. I am leaving first, I have to hurry up to meet my teacher in Xiu City, so as to tell him how they tried to prevent me from competing. I am leaving, good bye!” As he finished, this bald violent priest left towards Xiu City, taking large steps and carrying his magical staff.

Li Xin arrived at Long Hao Chen’s side, and couldn’t help but fall in laughter, “Puhu, this baldie is quite interesting. It is the first time I meet a priest that cannot heal.”

Long Hao Chen laughed as well, “Right, what a strange person! We should go as well. ”

Holy City, in the Temple Alliance’s headquarters.

The city had been progressively constructed after humanity entered the dark age; it was basically the Temple Alliance’s center of command. The Temple Alliance was not exactly like a nation, this was place with the highest authority in its territory, while the power was being wielded by the Six Great Temples. Each of these temples had a powerhouse of the ninth step keeping watch over its headquarters, supervising all operations related to the demon race and the internal affairs of the Temple Alliance.

Holy City was not an ordinary city with a shape of square, it was shaped like a hexagon, symbolizing the Six Great Temples. And this Holy City was the most bustling city of the Alliance, where no branch halls were set; only the Alliance held the power.

In Holy City, there were three famous buildings: the Alliance’s Office Palace, the Alliance’s Head Auction House, and the Alliance’s Great Stadium.

These three places were located in the center of Holy City, standing like three competing rivals. Among them, the Alliance’s Great Stadium was the place used for the Demon Hunt Selection, as well as the place where Demon Hunt Squads took their missions. It was so important that its influence was equivalent to that of the Six Great Temples. It could be said that all of the Six Great Temples’ powerhouses had, together, the same influence as the Demon Hunt Squads.

Among the three extremely famous buildings, the Alliance’s Examination Stadium was also the building that covered the widest area in the city. It was a circular building with a diameter of 300 meters that covered the six areas of the city. Furthermore, it included the Demon Hunt Exclusive Missions Tower, the Demon Hunt Transactions Center, and the Temples’ Treasure Vault.

When Long Hao Chen’s group arrived at the door of Holy City, the supervisor Feng Yangmu appeared in front of them once more, and made them enter Holy City, before directly heading to the Alliance’s Great Stadium to report their arrival.

Arriving at the place where the Six Temples were in charge of receiving visitors, the five people in Long Hao Chen’s group had to split up. They had to head to their respective temples to participate the event.

“Big Sister Lin, eldest brother Chen, second brother Chen, do your best. We have to strive in order to meet in the finals of the competition.” Long Hao Chen said with a smiling face.

Chen Si lightly sighed, “Let’s try our utmost! ” Looking at his younger brother’s face, he felt clearly unconfident. The Warrior Temple’s competition was the most intense, and as juniors of the fourth step, at the second rank in terms of cultivation level, it would be extremely hard for them to enter the top ten.

Lin Jia Lu humbly smiled, and spoke back, “Hao Chen, both Li Xin and I will try our best as well.”

The five people felt reluctant to part, as they went to each of their respective temples to report their arrival.

When Long Hao Chen and Li Xin arrived in the Knight Temple to make their report, they could immediately see Ye Hua who was standing there.

Seeing Long Hao Chen and Li Xin, Ye Hua didn’t show a pleased expression; he had faith in his personal disciple, and considering that Li Xin possessed her Rose Unicorn and had a high cultivation level, it would be abnormal for them not to be able to pass the test.

“Teacher.” Looking at Ye Hua, Long Hao Chen immediately became excited as he went up to his side.

Ye Hua replied, “Go, you have to register first, we’ll talk after that. You will have a day of rest, and the day after tomorrow, in early morning, the preliminary contest will start.” His face looked a little grim.

Registration was very simple. You would hand in your official tile and receive another number plate marking you as a participant of the Knight’s Temple, then the registration would conclude. For the participants that did not succeed in the trial missions before, the official tile would be taken away by the supervisors. As such, one would only need to investigate the authenticity of the official tile to proceed.

After the report, Ye Hua took Long Hao Chen and Li Xin to the Knight Temple to make the arrangements in a hotel near to the Alliance’s Great Stadium to check them in, before directly taking them to their rooms.

“This competition will be pretty intense, please prepare yourselves mentally.” Ye Hua said, with a gloomy face.

Li Xin and Long Hao Chen gave a glance to each other, internally shivering at the same time.

Ye Hua coldly said, “I did my research. At least a hundred people will participate in this competition’s preliminary contest, and the concrete number will depend on the results of tomorrow’s last report. Among those who have already been reported, three Earth Knights have also appeared.”

“What?” Li Xin cried out in surprise; Earth Knight, Earth Knight of the fifth step? There wasn’t a huge discrepancy between Ye Hua and them. In addition, upon entering the fifth step, the spiritual energy would start to liquefy, improving the power of each of their abilities, without exception, by a huge margin. There was a single word of difference between the title of an Earth Knight and a Grand Knight, but they were as different as earth and sky.

In contrast to Li Xin who was completely shocked, Long Hao Chen was a lot more steady, and although he barely managed to control his emotions, the look in his eyes was as unyielding as in the past.

Da Di Knight and Da Knight

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 76: Violent Priest (Iv)

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