Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 89: Possibility Of Evolution For The Spiritual Stove (Iii)

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Chapter 89: Possibility of Evolution for the Spiritual Stove (III)

Mage Temple Stadium.

Two competitors’ numbers were being displayed on the board, and everyone in the lounge of the Mage Temple was completely silent.

Among these two numbers, the first one that was displayed was #61, and the second one was #1.

#1, the number 1 mage was about to appear on stage.

In the preliminaries of the Six Great Temples’ selection, the first ten numbers were set aside for competitors at the fifth step. If there weren’t enough of competitors at the fifth step, the other spots containing these numbers would remain vacant. The fact that #1 appeared implied that the first fight of the third day of the competition would involve a Magic Leader of the fifth step.

A young, stupefied girl stood up from the resting lounge, advancing in the field. She was precisely that unlucky competitor #61.

In the first row, Lin Xin, wearing a red gown, slowly stood up. That’s right, the competitor holding #1 was him.

Lin Xin was tall and handsome. In particular, he had deep, green-colored hair that was especially bright.

He wore a fire-red-colored gown releasing incomparably rich fire elemental ripples. The present mages could clearly feel that this gown contained an important fire elemental power that leapt around excitedly.
Gold-colored inscriptions covered this mage gown, and when Lin Xin moved, they seemed to be almost alive.

Lin Xin turned around, his hands combing his long hair, while facing the other competitors with a graceful smile. To everyone’s surprise, he was full of self-confidence, unhurried. The heartbeat of the nearby female mages clearly accelerated.

Lin Xin slowly walked away, and while heading to the field, a rich flame element started to envelop his body, not because he was using some magic, but because of the effects the gown seemingly produced.

Lifting his left hand, he made a quick motion forward, searching for the fire element in the air, and gathering it in his hand. One drop after another of fiery red liquid appeared, gradually forming a fantastic pure gold-colored magical staff.

This magical staff wasn’t big, but it appeared in a flash. It seemed as if it completely filled the Mage Temple’s atmosphere with its aura of the fire attribute.

Impressive, so that was the power of a Magic Leader? The competitors couldn’t help but open their mouths in astonishment. Looking at Lin Xin who proudly entered into the stadium, the other competitors were full of envy and jealousy, but the main feeling that filled them was fear.

Looking at competitor #1, it was obvious that he was a mage of the fire attribute that had an incredible mastery in the laws of fire.

The young girl bearing #61 had a deathly pale complexion. She was really too unlucky! Not only did she draw a powerhouse at the fifth step as her opponent, but in addition, this competitor at the fifth step before her eyes could possibly be the most powerful of those selected to participate to the Mage Temple qualifiers! She could clearly feel the fire attribute aura, so much that it frightened her to the extent of making her mentally unstable.

The referee was an elder. According to the rules of the Demon Hunt Selection, when a competitor at the fifth step appeared in a match, the referee had to be someone of at least the seventh step.

He gave Lin Xin a glance, “Stop showing off, before I announce the match’s start, you are not to use any skills, and that includes your equipment’s amplification abilities. ”

“As you wish.” Lin Xin showed a faint smile, and the gold red glow in his hand vanished. After a little sigh, he thought aloud, I originally didn’t plan on using my magical staff, but since things are this way, I shall use it.

Hearing him, the complexion of the young girl facing him became even uglier. She went as far as to curse this referee for meddling in other people’s business. He was already so powerful, but if in addition, if he used his magical staff, how much would his power grow?

With a red glow, a magical staff quietly appeared in Lin Xin’s hand. Frankly speaking, it couldn’t really be called a magical staff, but it was closer to a grotesque red-colored crystal.

This crystal was 1.65 meters long, with its thickest location having a diameter like that of a fist. Its main body looked somewhat distorted, its appearance wasn’t the slightest bit close to a standard magical staff, and there was nothing inlaid on it.

However, the referee who was previously reprimanding Lin Xin actually started to stare at him with widely opened eyes, and involuntarily let out these words, “Such a big fire cloud crystal, you want to use it to make a magical staff?”

Lin Xin faintly smiled, acting as if it was a very ordinary thing, “I bought this a few days ago, but I didn’t find the time to look for a jewelry master. This fire cloud crystal isn’t top notch material, so its fire-condensing property is only at a passable grade.”

The referee’s complexion instantly changed as he criticised him in his head, This little kid is really quite wasteful.

A fire cloud crystal wasn’t a magical crystal, but a kind of natural mineral. It contained an extremely pure and captivating fire element. It could only appear after being soaked in magma for more than 1000 years.

Even an egg-sized fire cloud crystal, after being inlaid in any kind of magical staff, could turn it into a Spiritual Tier piece of equipment with a fire attribute. Lin Xin had such a large crystal in his hand so that even if it wasn’t worked yet or used in a combination with a magical array, his magical staff would at least double his spiritual energy’s might. This was something a piece of equipment under the Radiant Tier would have no way to accomplish. If a powerful mage used a magical array in combination, this fire cloud crystal could even have a chance to turn into a piece of Legendary Tier equipment.

A magical staff created using only fire cloud crystal, what kind of concept was that? Even with a lot of money, this kind of thing couldn’t be bought, it would cost at least 50,000 gold coins at the market!

Lin Xin was facing the young girl bearing the number 61, already showing a dull, lifeless look. She was a dual element mage who could use magic of the wind and fire elements. In her hands, she was holding a magical staff that had one fire cloud crystal as well as one wind spirit crystal, although both were of the size of a fingernail.

Taking a look at his hand, before giving another glance to her own hand, the young girl bearing the number #61 really wanted to hide her own magical staff.

“Start the match.” The referee resisted his inner thirst for this fire cloud crystal, and loudly shouted to announce the start of the match.

Lin Xin smiled at the young girl facing him and said, “Beautiful girl, how do you feel about working together? Magic spells have no eyes, and with a spell at the fifth or the sixth step, my control is not so great. It wouldn’t be good if I were to hurt you. All of us are people from the Mage Temple, and as a man, I want to behave like a gentleman. Let’s do it like this: It looks like you can also use magic of the fire attribute, so let’s have a simple contest of fire control, if you can at least be at my level, then let’s consider this as your win. Let’s save ourselves from a dangerous and bloody match, and settle this amiably, how about it?”

Hearing his words, the young girl facing him let out a breath of relief. It was clear to everyone that the gap between her and Lin Xin was too wide to overcome.

Hastily nodding, she felt extremely grateful, “Please give me your guidance, senior.”

Lin Xin was calm and relaxed; faint, tiny magic rings were surrounding his body, gently undulating. It made him give off a very influential image.

Looking at the girl, Lin Xin revealed a faint smile. Lifting up the fire cloud crystal in his hand, he slowly gave shape to a fiery red halo.

This halo was fiery red-colored, but it didn’t emit the slightest bit of fire. It was closer to a mark that appeared in the air, and its fiery red illumination was quite imposing.

Liquid spiritual energy. Only spiritual energy in the liquid state could result in such an impressive sight. And looking at that sight, the control of this liquid spiritual energy had at least attained the level of perfection; it didn’t belong to a newcomer who had just reached the fifth step.

As Lin Xin returned the fire cloud crystal back to its starting point, this fire-red-colored halo became completely shaped, quietly floating on Lin Xin’s side, and suddenly, all the fire essence vanished, without the slightest amount left over. The fire-red-colored halo didn’t show the slightest change in its color.

The girl’s complexion was already completely pale, looking at this scene that she could by no way reproduce. The elemental essence surrounding him had so easily vanished? Let alone the control of his own spiritual energy that he showed earlier, in fact, Lin Xin’s halo currently didn’t have the slightest flaw.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 89: Possibility Of Evolution For The Spiritual Stove (Iii)

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