Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 99: Clash Of Retribution Knights (I)

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Chapter 99: Clash of Retribution Knights (I)

When he saw this black-clad youth for the first time, Long Hao Chen had immediately felt that he would be an extremely powerful opponent. Even when the three other knights, including Han Yu, appeared, they hadn’t left him with such a big impression. It was an intuition of danger.

When the black-clad youth told Long Hao Chen that he wouldn’t summon his mount, he let out an extreme aura of self confidence. One’s pride had to be coherent with his abilities. His eyes firmly stared at Long Hao Chen, but from them, Long Hao Chen was unable to tell what this youth’s state of mind was.

As they faced each other, Long Hao Chen’s eyes were filled with a burning fighting spirit. Even though he was only 14 and his build could clearly not match this black-clad youth who was in his twenties, in terms of vigor, he wasn’t losing in the slightest.

These two characters’ temperaments were as different as the sky and the earth. Long Hao Chen was like a sharp blade who showed his abilities by unceasingly raising his fighting spirit, as if he was a volcano that could erupt at any moment.

The black-clad youth was extremely calm, appearing like a bottomless abyss that swallowed Long Hao Chen’s fighting spirit.

A big coincidence was that their referee was the same one who was in charge of ruling Long Hao Chen’s match with Han Yu. He calmly walk ahead and said, “The match may begin.”

“My name is Yang Wenzhao. I believe that you are perhaps going to be a good rival of mine in the near future.” The black-clad youth had a smile on his face, and it seemed as if a change appeared in his temperament; he was previously extremely calm, but Long Hao Chen had no way to determine his current feelings.

“My name is Long Hao Chen, and it is now that I am your opponent.” Long Hao Chen calmly said, “Before the match starts, its outcome cannot be decided. It is also completely fine if you summon your mount; it is your own power.”

Yang Wenzhao nodded, “Let’s start.” As he spoke, his hands suddenly moved to the sides of his body, and a golden radiance appeared simultaneously from his two hands. They turned into two identical claymores. Without the slightest doubt, he possessed a magic storage item as well.

A Retribution Knight! Long Hao Chen’s pupils suddenly shrank and started to sparkle intensely. He took out his two swords as well, a Light Sword and a Fire Sword that instantly appeared in his hands.

Right, this was a confrontation between two Retribution Knights. A strong spiritual energy broke out, and Long Hao Chen and Yang Wenzhao moved at the same time.

Long Hao Chen charged like an arrow towards Yang Wenzhao; it was the first time during the Demon Hunt Selection that he took the initiative to launch the offense.

[Faith Halo], [Guardian’s Favor], [Imposing Ring], three amplification Guardian Knight skills appeared simultaneously. While fighting as a Retribution Knight, Long Hao Chen drew support from his Guardian Knight skills.

The reason why there were no knights who chose to train in both the Guardian and Retribution paths was that there would be far too many abilities to learn. To fully use one’s abilities required the knight to rely on his spiritual energy. The higher the cultivation level was, the stronger the ability was, but the spiritual energy consumption would increase as well. The path of training as both a Guardian and a Retributor Knight at the same time would lead one to uninterruptedly use a large quantity of skills and consume his spiritual energy far too quickly. Furthermore, to embrace the two specializations at the same time could lead one to be unable to use the skills of both specializations to the best of their potential.

But Long Hao Chen was an exception; his innate internal spiritual energy was at the 97th level, something unprecedented in history! This terrifying innate internal spiritual energy led him to use far less spiritual energy than the other knights. Not only that, he could also comprehend every skill related to the light attribute much more easily.

Over the past five years, Long Hao Chen studied under Long Xing Yu and, immediately afterward, Ye Hua. His enormous amount of hard work was also backing his outstanding innate talent. In all of Hao Yue Hall, it was absolutely impossible to find another knight as diligent as Long Hao Chen.

Success demanded 99% diligence and 1% talent. This 1% of talent was the most important part, but similarly, no one could be successful with lacking efforts. But Long Hao Chen had both.

His Light Sword and his Flame Sword simultaneously turned white, [Pure White Edge].

In accordance with the rules of the competition, before both sides started attacking, there had to be a distance of 30 meters separating them. In other words, while Long Hao Chen was charging to cover these 30 meters, he used four skills one after another. These four skills didn’t have a high consumption of spiritual energy, but adding them up, the total cost exceeded 150 units. Naturally, this was for ordinary knights. The crucial point was that he fully used these abilities together; his Retribution Knight skills and his Guardian Knight skills were interacting together appropriately, without the slightest flaw.

It wasn’t only the eight remaining competitors who were looking attentively at this match, but on the platform, those seniors of the Knight Alliance were similarly watching with their whole attention, without blinking an eye.

As there was still a distance of three meters separating him from Long Hao Chen, Yang Wenzhao started to move. His left foot took a large step forward and his whole body immediately followed. The claymore in his left hand was still at his side, but he inclined the one in his right hand, lifting it up diagonally.

With a single move, Yang Wenzhao displayed his formidable power. He didn’t use any skills, but the edge of his blade was covered with a 66-centimeter golden glow, making his claymore appear longer than it was originally. In his next action, the claymore swept past the ground and slashed forward.

Stop! Long Hao Chen suddenly stopped in the middle of his charge and his body seemed as if it had struck against a wall. His left foot stamped on the ground as if he had lost his balance and was about to fall to the side, but the Flame Sword in his left hand ruthlessly hit the ground, successfully throwing his body in the air. He avoided this attack of Yang Wenzhao just in time. He seized the opportunity to launch a stab using his Light Sword, and using the skill [Thorny Charge], he aimed straight at Yang Wenzhao’s chest.

That’s right, his opponent’s spiritual energy outstripped his own by far, so Long Hao Chen didn’t choose to fight recklessly, but he instead chose to use his skills!

“Good!” Yang Wenzhao shouted out loudly; he hadn’t expected Long Hao Chen to use such a troublesome technique in the middle of his attack. Lifting up the sword in his left hand and simultaneously kicking his right foot with his left foot, he went against all expectations and interrupted his previous motion, even more suddenly and effectively than Long Hao Chen.

Ding. Long Hao Chen’s Light Sword and the claymore in Yang Wenzhao’s hand collided. This latter knight discovered to his astonishment that Long Hao Chen’s sword didn’t contain much power. Pulled up by the claymore in his left hand, Long Hao Chen seized the opportunity to make his body spin even faster. Simultaneously swinging his two swords, he chopped towards Yang Wenzhao.

Yang Wenzhao didn’t move, nor did he attempt to avoid this attack. He used his two claymores, simultaneously creating little ripples in the air.

With clanking sounds, a series of explosions sounded in the air. In the time of a breath, Long Hao Chen and Yang Wenzhao’s weapons collided numerous times. Long Hao Chen’s swords were like meat grinders, but more importantly, he attacked
continuously, using Yang Wenzhao’s defensive power to increase his own spinning speed. It further raised the frequency of his attacks.

Gradually, a gold-colored halo scattered on Long Hao Chen’s body, and his figure became blurred.

Yang Wenzhao started to show a surprised expression; his attacks’ frequency could only barely keep up with Long Hao Chen’s uninterrupted assault. But Long Hao Chen’s attacks were only becoming fiercer; they seemed as if they were endless. In this short lapse of time, he had already lost track of the number of attacks he had to withstand.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 99: Clash Of Retribution Knights (I)

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