Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 104 The Festering Organs 1

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Chapter 104                 The Festering Organs 1

When treating a patient, one should not feel shy about personal contact. Ye Shaoyang lifted Xiao Fang’s pajamas. Once he placed his palm on her abdomen, he felt a bone-chilling cold. He quickly released his Gang Qi into her body and tried to sense the conditions of the fetuses. A moment later, he stood up and said to the old village head, “Let’s discuss this outside.”

When all of them had exited the room, the old village head hastily asked, “Heavenly Master, can you save the mother and the child?”

“It is true that there is a Violent Undead Infant inside her body. The Violent Qi has leaked out. It has infiltrated the other fetus and the mother. Within one week, all three of them will turn into Violent Undead.”

The old village head’s legs gave in once he heard Ye Shaoyang’s diagnosis. Xiao Jun supported his dad and angrily looked at Ye Shaoyang, “What nonsense are you spouting? The doctor said that she was having the chills….”

The old village head slapped Xiao Jun’s face, “Shut up!”

Ye Shaoyang asked, “When is she going to deliver?”

“In a week, according to the doctor.”

Ye Shaoyang calmly nodded, “Alright, in this situation, anything we do to remove the violent Qi will alert the Violent Undead Infant, which might provoke it. If it starts to vigorously move inside her abdomen in response, the situation will turn dire. The mother and the healthy fetus will die too. There is the only way to save them—to bring forward her delivery!”

The old village head and Xiao Jun glanced at each other, their mouths agape.

“No, no, no! That is too dangerous.” Xiao Jun hurriedly waved.

“If we don’t do this, all three will die as a consequence. If the Violent Undead Infant is born full term, it won’t just harm your family. It will also bring harm to your neighbors,” Ye Shaoyang continued to advise them, “It’s just one week earlier. It shouldn’t create a problem if we deliver them in a proper manner. But I have to remind you again that only one of the fetuses can survive. The other fetus has already become a Violent Undead Infant.”

“It’s better than nothing if one of them can survive.” The old village head thought for a while and asked, “But...a pregnant woman can’t deliver as she wishes. How can she deliver when it is not time yet? Heavenly Master, do you have a folk prescription to induce labor?”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “I’m not a midwife. How is it possible for me to have a folk prescription to induce labor? But I have another method to help her.”

The old village head finally felt relieved. He nodded, as he said to his son, “Alright son, you can go and bring Granny Liu, the midwife, here.”

Initially, Xiao Jun refused to follow this instruction. The old village head brought him aside and briefly told him the whole story regarding Madam Chee. The people in rural areas were usually superstitious. Furthermore, all the villagers believed in Madam Chee. Finally, Xiao Jun realized the severity of this matter, so he quickly went and looked for the midwife.

While they waited for Xiao Jun, the old village head invited Ye Shaoyang and Zhou Jingru to a room next door. He served them tea. As a fellow woman, Zhou Jingru felt deeply concerned about Xiao Fang’s safety, “Can we really count on this midwife?”

The old village head replied, “Granny Liu has been a midwife for many years. Later on, she became a barefoot doctor in our village. So far, she hasn’t encountered any problems in delivering babies throughout her lifetime. As our village is far away from town, some pregnant women can’t make it to the hospital in time when they enter labor. In those times, Granny Liu will help them deliver their babies. She has good delivery skills. Besides, she has a little knowledge regarding supernatural affairs. It will be easier to brief her later.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “Great, we don’t have to worry that she will fail to comply and make a fuss about nothing.”

Not long after, Xiao Jun returned with Granny Liu. Ye Shaoyang sized her up; she was a sixty-year-old lady who looked physically fit. A teenage girl stood beside her, dressed up like a country person. She wore a white t-shirt, her hair in a ponytail. She looked delicate and pretty. Ye Shaoyang learned from Xiao Jun that this teenage girl was Granny Liu’s daughter, Xu Yajuan. She studies at a nursing school in the town. When she heard that her mom would come to deliver babies, she decided to follow. She felt that this was a good opportunity to learn and gain experience.

The old village head brought the mom and daughter pair aside and told them the truth. The truth shocked them speechless. The old village head begged them in a piteous manner, as he pushed five thousand Yuan to Granny Liu. Granny Liu hesitantly said, “It’s not about money. We are from the same village, so I will help you for sure. But…is it dangerous?”

Ye Shaoyang stood forward, “I can assure you that there is no danger at all if you completely follow my instructions.”

As Granny Liu still hesitated, Xu Yajuan said, “Mommy, let’s help them. I hope to learn and gain experience from this delivery.”

Her words left Ye Shaoyang speechless. Gain experience…? Little sister, I would thank God if you did not pee your pants from fear later….

Finally, Granny Liu agreed and asked about the starting time.

“I need to complete some preparations,” Ye Shaoyang ordered Xiao Jun to prepare a few things for him, “I need one hundred grams of chicken blood, four duck feet, and a large quantity of goose feather. The feather must be from a male goose that is at least three years old….”

After Xian Jun left, Zhou Jingru asked out of curiosity, “Can these three things…really kill the Violent Undead Infant?”

“These things are not used to kill the Violent Undead. They are used to protect the mother and daughter pair. Chicken, duck, and goose are the three great poultry. They have the highest level of intelligence among poultry. This can restrain the Violent Undead’s corpse Qi and protect one from their attacks. ”

Zhou Jingru became more confused, “I thought you are beside them? You can't defeat the Violent Undead if it comes out?”

Ye Shaoyang hurriedly replied, “I can't stay beside them. I am a Daoist. I am completely prohibited from being present in a delivery room. A woman’s period blood and their placentas are non-sacred matters to sorcerers. Sorcerers can't simply touch them.”

“Period blood and placentas are commonly seen. Why are they considered non-sacred?”

“I don't know. But these things restrain our power if we come into contact with them. We can't perform any Daoist craft for a few days.”

Zhou Jingru chuckled; she gently said, “Now, I know your weak point. If you bully me in the future, I will get some period blood to make you powerless.”

Ye Shaoyang laughed, “Whose period blood?”

Zhou Jingru glimpsed at him and blushed.

Within half an hour, Xiao Jun had returned. He passed the three things to Ye Shaoyang. Ye Shaoyang took out a celadon bowl from his backpack. He used a stalagmite to pound the duck feet into pieces. Then, he burned the goose feathers and poured some chicken blood and cinnabar ink into the bowl. He stirred these ingredients until they reached a paste-like state. He wrapped the paste-like mixture in talisman papers and molded them into four ball-like pills. He passed one to Xiao Jun, “Place this on your wife’s belly button. Wait for the smell to spread. The Violent Undead cannot stand this scent. It will find a way to come out, which will hasten the delivery.”

Xiao Jun worriedly looked at the pill.

Ye Shaoyang pointed at Zhou Jingru, “Don't worry. If your wife dies, I will give her to you as compensation.”

Zhou Jingru stamped her feet, “Big brother Shaoyang, what nonsense are you saying!”

After Xiao Jun came out from the room, Ye Shaoyang passed the three remaining pills to Xiao Jun, Granny Liu, and her daughter. He urged them, “You must mentally prepare yourselves. When you deliver the babies, you might encounter a very frightful scene. You must stay calm. The Violent Undead cannot approach you thanks to these Undead Repelling Pills. I can assure you of this.”

“But you must remember to not open your mouths. If not, the Violent Undead can possess you through the Yang Qi in your mouth. It will make matters more complicated. After you deliver the babies, one person will carry the healthy baby, and the other two will carry the mother out. After you have carried the mother and the baby outside, I will enter and kill the Violent Undead. You’ll have done your part….”

Before Ye Shaoyang could finish his words, they could hear Xiao Fang cry in pain from inside the room.

“She is going to deliver. Go now, you two need to act fast,” said Ye Shaoyang.

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Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 104 The Festering Organs 1

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