Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 190 Truth-Telling Gu

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Chapter 190                 Truth-Telling Gu

Tan Xiaohui said, “It's a half-demon, half-undead monster. Don't ask me what it looks like because I've never seen it, but I know that the Blood Gu Undead King is the forefather of Blood Witchcraft. Its tomb requires a great amount of Evil Qi to open.”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head as he heard this, “Never thought I would be facing all of this in a row. What a coincidence.”

Tan Xiaohui continued, “This is no coincidence. All of these things are actually linked. You pursued Jingshuai, so he was forced to run. In doing so, he took part of the Evil Qi from the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation and went to Dead Man Valley in hopes of reviving the Blood Gu Undead King.”

“Jingshuai took Evil Qi from the formation?” Ye Shaoyang was shocked, “How do you know so much?”

Tan Xiaohui hesitated for a bit but decided to answer him, “Just weeks ago, my cousin and I tried to take down Jingshuai. We fought, but ultimately, he ran away. Fortunately, my cousin had implanted a Truth-Telling Gu in him. That's how I was able to learn about all of this.”

Zhou Jingru heard this and curiously asked, “What is a Truth-Telling Gu?”

“It’s a Gu that can dig out the truth in your heart and relay it to the owner. That's why it's called the Truth-Telling Gu.”

“My god,” Zhou Jingru pressed her hand on her chest and said, “How could there be such an unbelievable thing?”

Tan Xiaohui giggled and said, “Oh, there are much more unbelievable Gu crafts such as the ‘Love' Gu that’s able to make someone fall in love with you. Do you want to learn it?”

Zhou Jingru was flustered and instinctively looked at Ye Shaoyang. Immediately, she felt she had exposed something, so she quickly smiled and said, “Big Brother Shaoyang, why don't you learn it? You can try it on someone you like.”

Ye Shaoyang touched his chin and said, “I never use tricks to get girls. I only need to use my charisma.”

The three women instantly burst into laughter.

“Cough, cough, let's get back to business,” Ye Shaoyang said awkwardly. “So, what do they get for letting their Undead King out?”

Tan Xiaohui answered, “They can acquire the Demon Witch Blood. The blood can be consumed and fused with their own blood, and it will boost the power of their future performance of any Gu art. In addition, the Demon Witch Blood will help them cultivate some restricted Miaojiang craft.”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head and said, “How can there be such crazy people in our modern society?”

Tan Xiaohui sighed and said, “Not only are they crazy, but they are also scary. I heard from elders that the last time their Undead King was awakened they acquired his blood and gained tremendous power. Even though they were ultimately killed by our family, many people of our family perished as well.”

She looked at Ye Shaoyang and said, “Even though you're a Maoshan Heavenly Master, I hope you don't underestimate the power of Miaojiang Blood witches especially not that Undead King of theirs.”

Ye Shaoyang said, “Don't worry. I do not doubt their power. What do you think we should do?”

“I think we should kill Jingshuai before the ritual is done. If we're unable to stop the revival of their Undead King, then we'll just have to try to destroy him too.”

Damn it! Ye Shaoyang frowned, I thought I could relax a bit since I killed that no good Spirit Commissioner, but now, I have to rush to Sichuan to deal with some old demon undead witch. Even though it has no direct link with the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation, I cannot afford not to go. If I don't go, then I will die.

Ye Shaoyang thought about the things that had happened. He felt pretty sorry for himself, so he laughed bitterly and said,“What kind of life is this? Ever since I was poisoned by Gu, things just keep happening. Killing spirits and undead left and right. It’s almost like I'm going through some kind of game. Ah... I think I'll need to recuperate in Maoshan after all this is done.”

Xie Yuqing glanced at him and asked, “Will you be able to forego the beautiful women in your school?”

“Eh em…” Ye Shaoyang coughed and didn't know what to say. Thanks to the time they spent together, Xie Yuqing now knew all of Ye Shaoyang’s traits.

“Sister Hui, what other information do you have that you can share with us? Did you get any info about Madam Chee?”

Tan Xiaohui nodded, “Soon after we planted the Gu in him, it was killed, so I had to make some assumptions. That's why the information we got about Madam Chee was fragmented.”

She picked up her cup of tea as she sat on the sofa and drank slowly. She seemed very tired.

Zhou Jingru asked her if she wanted to rest and speak more tomorrow.

Tan Xiaohui only shook her head. She drank all of her tea then started to divulge all the information she had gathered. She explained it slowly so that Ye Shaoyang was able to think about it and understand it logically. From her explanation, he understood the following:

The mastermind behind the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation was the Spirit Commissioner, but since it was a spirit, it could not do certain things. That's why it found Jingshuai. Then, Jingshuai built the formations, and the Spirit Commissioner used its power of traversing between realms to bring up the four underworld spirits.

With the formation, they created a lot of Evil Qi, and when the Qi overflowed, it was funneled into Madam Chee’s temple and used by Madam Chee to cultivate.

The formation had been going on for some time. If it were not for Star City Cooperation wanting to develop the area and destroying Madam Chee’s statue, which angered the Spirit Commissioner to kill people, then Madam Chee would have cultivated enough power to break the seal after a month.

Most importantly, this had all begun because of Jingshuai’s greed for the secrets and treasures of Maoshan. He planted the Gu on Ye Shaoyang and brought the attention of the police. By doing that, he was forced to hide and run to Sichuan, but Jingshuai was not easily thwarted. Before he left, he took Evil Qi from the formation with the intention to use it to revive the Blood Gu Undead King and get the Demon Witch Blood. After that, he would wait until Ye Shaoyang died from the Gu poison and return to free Madam Chee.

After Tan Xiaohui’s explanation, Ye Shaoyang finally understood the whole process that had led to the current events.

After some time of thinking, he determined that his move to destroy the Five Spirit Formation was correct. If the formation is destroyed, then Madam Chee will not get the Evil Qi she needs to cultivate. Now that the Spirit Commissioner is dead, I will only need to kill two more formation spirits. After that, Madam Chee will be trapped and can only slowly cultivate her power.

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Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 190 Truth-Telling Gu

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