Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 191 Prepare To Depart

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Chapter 191                           Prepare to Depart

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while and said, “I have a few questions. Who set up the Formation of Five Elements? The formation is so powerful that it stops Madam Chee from stepping out of the temple. Secondly, where is Madam Chee’s lair?”

Tan Xiaohui replied, “I don’t know who set up the formation, but it seems like someone used Madam Chee’s blood in it, which means that she is sealed in the formation with her power, and the power of the seal grows along with her cultivation. That’s why she tries to gather Evil Qi from the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation, so she can break through the seal with the help of the Evil Qi when it reaches a large enough concentration.”

Her answer stunned Ye Shaoyang. He thought Madam Chee used the Evil Qi to cultivate but he was wrong. She was trying to overcome the formation with the aid of external force. Suddenly, he recalled the rumor regarding Madam Chee, and he believed it might be true now. Madam Chee must have made a deal with a sorcerer to unwillingly give her demon blood and seal herself in the formation.

If Madam Chee had been caught that time, the sorcerer could have killed her. There was no point in using her blood.

Ye Shaoyang asked, “So where is her lair?”

Tan Xiaohui smiled helplessly, “Heavenly Master Ye, I am not omniscient. I don’t know where her lair is.”

Ye Shaoyang felt sorry and scratched his head. Tan Xiaohui had provided a lot of clues, so he instinctively thought she would know everything.

“But there was a message in Jin Shuai’s mind: he sealed up Madam Chee’s lair with his blood to conceal its location so that nobody could enter the lair without his blood.”

Ye Shaoyang was puzzled. He paused for a while before he continued, “Does that mean we must find him first?”

Tan Xiaohui nodded, “Exactly. Find him and we will know where the lair is.”

“Alright. When are we going to start?”

“I guess the ritual will be held after a week. They have blocked people from entering and patrolled the mountain. It is no use going there too early. I am waiting for a friend of mine. She should arrive within two days. We will depart after her arrival.”

Ye Shaoyang did not ask her for details. He nodded, “Sure, I am also waiting for my senior brother to prepare some ritual tools to subdue the river spirit. We will depart after that.”

Tan Xiaohui said, “You can subdue the river spirit later if your senior brother can’t finish preparing the ritual tools in time. There is no hurry in breaking the Five Spirits Moving Mountain Formation.”

“He can finish them in time. I will nudge him again. I don’t like to leave things hanging.”

There was another reason Ye Shaoyang wanted to end it quickly, but he did not tell her that. He had been thinking of the Heavenly Master Table. since he learned of its existence, and he wanted to own it as soon as possible.

Ye Shaoyang planned to ask Tan Xiaohui for more details, but it was getting late, and she had just recovered from an injury. He still had the chance to ask her when they headed to Sichuan. They promised to meet up when her friend arrived and go to Sichuan together.

The three of them said goodbye to Tan Xiaohui and left so she could rest. When they arrived on the first floor, Zhou Jingru suggested that they get drinks nearby while waiting for Xiao Ma and Wang Ping to come back.

“Officer Xie, you have just revived. Do you want to go back and rest?” Zhou Jingru asked her.

Xie Yuqing waved her hands and said, “No worries. I am feeling good now. Let’s go and have a drink together.”

Zhou Jingru frowned secretly. She seemed unhappy with the answer.

They ordered their drinks and sat in a corner of a high-class coffee house.

“Little Trickster, how many helpers will you bring to Sichuan with you?” Xie Yuqing asked.

“I am not going to bring anyone. I will go alone and follow what Xiaohui’s planned.”

Xie Yuqing was shocked and she asked, “I’m afraid that the three of you will be in danger. It is better to communicate with the local police, so the police can send a team to capture the black witches.”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes at Xie Yuqing, “Could you not act like a fool? The police can’t join us. What reason would you cite to capture them? Cultivating Gu craft or promoting feudalism?”

Xie Yuqing disagreed, “I would charge them for holding an illegal gathering and arrest them. Isn’t capturing Jin Shuai your greatest concern?”

Ye Shaoyang laughed, “It is deep in the mountain. The black witches can easily spot a troop of police. If by chance Jin Shuai manages to escape, it will be challenging to capture him again. The fewer people go, the higher chance of success. Besides, the black witches are more efficient than a professional killer. They can murder people without leaving any detectable evidence, even by the latest forensic technology. It would be as though we are sending the policemen to die.”

Xie Yuqing had to admit that Ye Shaoyang had a point, and she sighed, “You are right. We can’t get much police strength if we use an illegal gathering as the reason, and the police won’t be armed either. It would be like placing us at the mercy of the black witches. So, the police can’t help you out this time at all?”

Ye Shaoyang said, “No, the police can help. Tan Xiaohui said that most of the black witches had committed murder before. I will try searching for evidence. After I have made sure the place is safe, you can send your men in and deal with the aftermath.”

“Alright,” Xie Yuqing nodded.

Zhou Jingru interrupted and asked nervously, “Big Brother Shaoyang, won’t you be in danger?”

“Don’t worry,” Ye Shaoyang comforted her with a smile. “I can take care of myself.”

Zhou Jingru attempted to say something, but she swallowed her words when she glanced at Xie Yuqing.

Xiao Ma and Wang Ping arrived before the three of them finished their drinks. Although Xiao Ma and Wang Ping did not act intimately, they could tell that the two of them were quite familiar with each other.

Ye Shaoyang intended to tease Xiao Ma, but he held the words on the tip of his tongue because he was afraid Wang Ping would feel awkward. They quickly finished their drinks and left the coffee house.

When they exited the coffee house, Xie Yuqing asked Ye Shaoyang, “Where are you going? Are you going back to the Li family village tonight?”

“No, why would I go back there in a rush since I have come back here?” Ye Shaoyang grinned at her, “I will sleep at your house tonight.”

Xie Yuqing felt embarrassed by being flirted with by Ye Shaoyang in front of everyone. She blushed and glared at him, “What nonsense are you talking about?!”

Ye Shaoyang gloomily looked at her, “What were you thinking? I am referring to that tube-shaped apartment!”

Xie Yuqing let out a breath of relief.

“Big Brother Shaoyang, is it comfortable for you to stay at that place? If not, I can book a room for you at a hotel nearby,” Zhou Jingru suggested. She did not like the idea of Ye Shaoyang striking up a relationship with Xie Yuqing.

“Thank you for your offer, but I need to go back there and pack my things,” Ye Shaoyang said.

Zhou Jingru did not say anything else.

They parted. Xiao Ma and Wang Ping parted with reluctance. Then, Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma took a taxi back to the apartment.

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Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 191 Prepare To Depart

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