Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 201 Another Battle With The River Spirit 2

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Chapter 201                Another Battle with the River Spirit 2

“Big Brother Shaoyang, you guys must be careful!” Zhou Jingru stood at the shore and looked at Ye Shaoyang with worry.

“I’ll be back. Don’t worry,” Ye Shaoyang waved his hand and said. When the boat was ready, Ye Shaoyang turned his head and asked Mr. Gan Xinwen, “Did Jingru tell you what we were doing when she hired you?”

Gan Xinwen steered and smiled at him, “Yeah, you guys wanted to do some fishing right?”

Ye Shaoyang was speechless. Fishing? No wonder he was so willing to come along. Well, it’s too late to tell him now; he might not sail well if he is scared.

Ye Shaoyang thought about it and said, “Actually we’re trying to catch a very special fish. If you see anything abnormal, don’t be shocked, just sail the boat well.”

Gan Xinwen laughed and said, “You’re just fishing, right? What’s there to be shocked about? At worst, there will be a humongous fish.”

Ye Shaoyang laughed, and thought, I hope you don’t get scared when you see the ‘big’ fish.

As the boat moved, Ye Shaoyang took out his Yin Yang Compass. He stared intently at the Compass and directed Gan Xinwen to sail in the direction he wanted. At the same time, he told the men to mix the cement and realgar powder together.

When they got to the proper spot, Ye Shaoyang threw a bloodstone. Then, he told the young men to throw the mixture of powders into the area he pointed. The mixture of powder was a sort of Evil Qi repellent.

After a few shovels of the mixture, nothing happened, but Ye Shaoyang expected it. He asked Gan Xinwen to drive to another spot, and when they arrived, he did the same thing. First, he threw in a bloodstone then he ordered the powder mix to be thrown in after it. After that, they moved to another area and did the same thing.

As they sailed around, the sky which was initially bright and sunny, suddenly became dark and cloudy. The visibility instantly dropped. Gan Xingwen and the few men were terrified.

“How did it turn dark so soon?” Gan Xinwen looked at the dark sky and exclaimed.

“Just focus on sailing the boat,” Ye Shaoyang told him as he stared at his Yin Yang Compass. Suddenly, the pointer on the compass spun erratically.

Ye Shaoyang was shocked. He quickly took out some cinnabar ink and drew three lines on his Yin Yang Compass. After a short chant, the pointer stopped and it pointed toward Ye Shaoyang.

“It’s behind us!” Ye Shaoyang yelled. He turned around and saw that a wave was forming behind the boat not far away. A shadowy figure stood on top of the wave as the wave formed.

The shadowy figure was a woman. She wore a Cheongsam and tied up her hair high. She was beautiful but stared angrily at Ye Shaoyang, “Master Ye! I will end you today!”

After saying that, she opened her mouth and blew a mouthful of Black Qi toward them. Immediately, a gust of strong cold wind hit the boat and almost pushed it over.

“Master Ye, since you don’t want to be peaceful, let’s do this the hard way!”

“Full speed ahead!” Ye Shaoyang yelled. However, nothing happened. Ye Shaoyang turned and saw that Gan Xinwen had his hands on the steering wheel and stared at the wave with a pale face.

“Hey! Mr. Gan!” Ye Shaoyang walked over and yelled into his ears.

Gan Xinwen trembled and snapped out of it. He grabbed Ye Shaoyang’s hand and asked in a trembling voice, “Mr. Y-Ye, wh-what is that?”

Humans obviously could not walk on water, but since it was Gan Xinwen’s first time seeing a spirit, he thought it was human. As if his brain had short-circuited, he became dumbfounded.

“Just think of her as a fish and sail your boat right at her!”

However, Gan Xinwen was still hesitant. Then, Old Guo grabbed him by the collar and said, “If you want to live, then you better listen to us and sail! If we just wait here, we will definitely die!”

As though he had realized something, Gan Xinwen quickly spun the rudder around and pushed the throttle to full speed toward the wave according to Ye Shaoyang’s orders.

When the river spirit saw this, she waved her arm, and out of nowhere, a huge wave formed. It went toward the small boat as the boat sailed toward it. At that moment, Gan Xinwen knew that even though the boat was not small it was no match against a wave of that size.

“Abandon ship!” Gan Xinwen yelled and panicked. He turned around and rushed to get life jackets for everyone.

Ye Shaoyang kicked him and said, “You better drive the boat, or I’ll throw you in now!”

After saying that, he took out the Pixiu Seal and handed it to Old Guo. Old Guo took the seal and immediately sat down to chant.

Teng Yongqing also took out a small, gold figure of Buddha. He held it in his hand, shut his eyes and began to chant. Immediately, a gold aura expanded from his small figure of Buddha and covered the area around the boat.

Ye Shaoyang was curious about the small figure of Buddha, but he did not have time to look at it closely. Ye Shaoyang rushed to the front of the boat and held the harpoon up. He aimed it at Heji and shot the specially made golden arrow at her.

Heji immediately waved her hand and another wave rose to protect her.

When the arrow hit the wave, the wave instantly burst into droplets of water and fell into the river, but when the wave was cleared, Heji had disappeared. Ye Shaoyang quickly turned a crank and reeled in the golden arrow. At the same time, the huge wave crashed into the side of the boat.

According to Gan Xinwen’s experience, his little boat would not be able to survive this. It would either flip or be smashed into pieces by the wave. However, when the wave hit the boat, it only rocked the boat slightly. The five-meters-tall wave had been split into two when it hit the boat.

Gan Xinwen was shocked by what he had witnessed, but before Gan Xinwen was able to figure it out, Ye Shaoyang was yelling at him, “What are you waiting for? Sail the boat in the same direction as before!”

The boat started to move again, and Ye Shaoyang held his Yin Yang Compass to search for the river spirit again. Suddenly, the boat shook violently as though it had hit something. Ye Shaoyang turned to see what was going on. To his surprise, there was something trying to board the boat!

The creature had very pale skin. Its body was severely rotten. Its skin was falling apart everywhere. Its face was missing some flesh so that white bone showed through, and there were a great number of worms crawling in and out of its face. The thing used its yellowish eyes to stare at everyone on the boat while releasing a very deep and angry roar.

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Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 201 Another Battle With The River Spirit 2

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