The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 20

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The Aloof Prince Pampers his Wild First Rate Consort

Hi guys...  This is my first time translating a novel, I am not an expert and mostly relied on MTL so pardon me for the wrong grammar or maybe confusing parts.
Feel free to comment if you see any mistakes. 

I am just continuing the translation of this novel done by tranzgeek :-), has the first 19 chapters so please visit their site to read the beginning of the story.

Thank You and enjoy reading The Aloof Prince Pampers his Wild First Rate Consort!

 The Aloof Prince Chapter 20 - I feel sad for you

When the carriage entered the Flower Butterfly City, Mu Yunjin who has not eaten the entire day is feeling very hungry, she heard people shouting from the streets, she could not help yelling outside to stop! Hearing her shout, the carriage immediately stopped. 

“Do you have money?”  

Mu Yunjin pursed her lips and touched her empty pockets, and looked towards Chu Li.

Chu Li lifted his eyelid and lazily opened his mouth to say,

“Go ask Ding Xian”, 

Mu Yunjin looked at him and said 


then she got up, lifted the curtains and jumped out of the carriage. She extended her hand towards Ding Xian 

“Give me some money.”

Ding Xian twitched his mouth, he naturally heard Chu Li's words just now, he had no choice but to take out his purse from his arms and hand it to Mu Yunjin. She took the purse, and from the inside she took one piece of silver, then gave the purse back to Ding Xian, then she went to a small stall. After a while, Mu Yunjin came back holding an oiled paper wrap, Ding Xian originally wanted to help her get on the carriage, but Mu Yun Jin did not seem to see him at all, and directly jumped into the carriage. Ding Xian wrinkled his eyebrows, remembering the scene in the outskirts, he could not help but wonder, This third miss seems to have some skills. 
In the carriage, Mu Yunjin sit down tightly, she could not wait to open the oiled paper wrap and several steamed buns came into view. She picked up a bun, and gobbled it up. Chu Li glanced at those buns, his eyes flashed with a trace of disgust, then he looked at the happily eating Mu Yunjin, and his heart felt a little surprised. He has never seen an official`s daughter become so happy by just eating a few steamed buns. 

“Do you want some?” 

After eating a bun, Mu Yunjin remembered that there is another person around, she handed the oiled paper wrap. Chu Li shook his head. Mu Yunjin smiled and did not say anything more, he is a pampered prince, where will he get these kinds of things.


When the carriage stopped in front of the Prime Minister`s residence, the sky is almost dusk, the housekeeper saw the carriage stop at the front door and went over. Mu Yunjin took the lead out of the carriage, the housekeeper came to her, as she said, 

“Wang Bo, inform father that the sixth prince has come to the residence.” 

The moment the housekeeper heard her, he looked at the person who got out of the carriage behind Mu Yunjin, those magnificent clothes, his whole body exudes an elegant  and luxurious air, it really is the sixth prince Chu Li! He was dumbfounded, he nodded and then ran to the inside of the residence.
“Sixth prince, come, let us go in together.” 

After Wang Bo left, Mu Yunjin turned to look at Chu Li standing behind her. 


Chu Li replied casually, he walked side by side with Mu Yunjin as they go inside the residence. When they entered the front hall, they saw Mu Xiang, Su Biqing, Mu Ling Zhu and the others rush over to see the guest, there were few who were wondering why Mu Yunjin and Chu Li are together, they greet Chu Li.

“This servant greets his Royal Highness” 

Mu Xiang bowed in ceremony towards Chu Li. Seeing this, Su Biqing and Mu Ling Zhu also bowed in greeting.

“Mu Xiang do not need to be so formal, today, this prince is invited by the third miss, this prince is just worried that this prince is troubling Mu Xiang” 

Chu Li said indifferently, his words are humble and modest but his tone is not humble. Hearing that Mu Yunjin invited the sixth prince, Mu Xiang and the rest were stunned, they are surprised as to why Mu Yun Jin and Chu Li are together. Especially Mu Ling Zhu, seeing the two come back together, her eyes turned red. She originally thought nothing about that man in black who took Mu Yun Jin, but she did not expect that not only did she come back alive, she also came back with the sixth prince.

No way...

Mu Ling Zhu thought of something, but she did not dare continue the thought.

 “Zhu`er, didn't you and Mu Yun Jin go to the Poem Recital together? Did the sixth prince attend as well?” 

Su Biqing inquired as she looked at Mu Yun Jin and Chu Li curiously. Mu Ling Zhu bit her lips, wondering how she should respond. Earlier she returned home first, and did not mention about the robbery incident to anyone inside the residence, because if Mu Yun Jin does not return she would tell her father that Mu Yunjin ran off to have a good time. She did not know that Mu Yunjin and Chu Li were together.

“This prince and the third miss only met by chance outside” 

Chu Li answered Su Biqing`s question. Su Biqing smiled towards Chu Li but she is thinking of other things, she heard that the sixth prince is an indifferent person, often alone, and a difficult man to approach, she did not expect that he will accept Mu Yunjin`s invitation. If the sixth prince really fancies Mu Yun Jin, It is not good for Zhu`er.


Darkness fell, meals on the table. Mu Yunjin recently devoured a few steamed buns, even if the table is full of food, she does not have much appetite, from time to time she just sip some tea, watching the movement around her. Mu Lingzhu seated at the side, is almost afraid to look at Mu Yun Jin, Su Biqing from gives meaningful glances at her suggestively helping Chu Li pick some dishes. Not long, the small bowl in front of Chu Li piled up like a hill. But Chu Li did not even move his chopstick, he had no intention of eating, for a moment, Mu Ling Zhu is a little embarassed.

“Sixth prince, is the food not to your liking?” 

Mu Xiang looked at Chu Li`s motionless chopsticks, he fears that they have done something to anger this buddha. Chu Li glanced indifferently at Mu Xiang, his thin lips delicately parted, 

“Xiang Ye worries too much.” 

At Chu Li`s response, Mu Xiang did not know what to say, this prince is really a prince, his preference is really unpredictable. By this time, Chu Li`s mind is contemplating another thought. From the table he can see the position of the members of the Mu family in this household, Mu Xiang is the lord of the house, so naturally he is seated in the master seat. On his side on his left and right sitting separately is Mu Xiang`s wife Su Biqing, and the fourth miss Mu Ling Zhu. On Su Biqing and Mu Ling Zhu`s side sat the 3rd concubine and fifth miss. Only this Mu`s eldest daughter, was arranged to sit at the far most side of the table. But looking at the little fox, she appeared thoughtless, Chu Li thinking deep, only thought of five words, Play pig, eat the tiger. It will seem that rumors about the third miss is not favored is true, but the third miss being an idiot is false. After sitting for a moment, Ding Xian glanced at the sky, then he leaned against Chu Li and softly said, 

“Your highness, the night is deep, it is already late.”

Chu Li looked at the sky and nodded. Mu Yunjin who is sitting near Chu Li, naturally heard Ding Xian, so she said aloud 

“Is the sixth prince returning to the palace?” “Yes” 

Chu Li affirmed, as he got up, then continued indifferently, 

“It is late, this prince will go first, thank you for your hospitality Xiang Ye.”

“Do not mention it, the sixth prince is too polite.” 

Mu Xiang followed to get up, then facing Mu Yun Jin, 

“Yun Jin, escort the sixth prince to the door.”

Mu Yunjin nodded. At the side, Su Biqing immediately blinked towards Mu Ling Zhu and said, 

“Ling Zhu, go with your sister to send the sixth prince out.” “Yes mother.”

On the way to the door, Ding Xian asked the housekeeper for a big hand lantern, to help Chu Li see the path, occasionally reminding Chu Li to be careful and to walk slowly. Mu Yunjin saw this and cannot help but roll her eyes, the residence is surrounded by lanterns, illuminated by the light, this Ding Xian is being excessive still looking for a big lantern to light the way. Reaching the door out of the residence, Mu Yun Jin halted her steps intending to send off the guests, but Mu Ling Zhu stopped Chu Li, 

“Your royal highness, Ling Zhu have something to ask.” 

Mu Ling Zhu took a few steps forward nearer to Chu Li, her shy eyes drooping. Mu Yun Jin crossed her arms, and interestingly looked on, waiting for Mu Ling Zhu`s next words.

“What matter?” 

Chu Li faintly looked at Mu Ling Zhu, his tone calm but mixed with impatience.

“Ling Zhu has heard that the sixth prince studied metaphysics, Ling Zhu has some questions and is hoping that the sixth prince can provide some advice, I wonder if the sixth prince can spare a few minutes.” 

Mu Ling Zhu blinked nervously, waiting for Chu Li`s reply.


two clear syllables suddenly smashed all of Mu Ling Zhu`s hopes, she never thought that Chu Li would refuse and not give her any face, her eyes wide with surprise. Mu Yunjin could not help laughing, she looked at Chu Li who is approaching the carriage with appreciative eyes, it seems that this iceberg of a man can be quite funny. Before getting into the carriage, Chu Li seems to think of something, he paused, then turned around in time to see Mu Yun jin smiling widely. 

“Mu Yunjin, three days later, this prince will come to you.” “Okay” 

Mu Yunjin nodded, thinking that in three days time, she will get her thirty thousand gold pieces, she cannot contain her excitement. After saying those words, Chu Li got on the carriage, from the side, Ding Xian holding the big lantern, walked over to Mu Yunjin, 

“Thank you third miss for the lantern” 

Mu Yunjin frowned, looking at the lantern she muttered a cry 

“You did not borrow from me, you do not need to thank me.”

When Chu Li`s carriage left, Mu Yunjin recovered her mind, on the corner of her eyes she saw Mu Ling Zhu biting her lips, her eyes flashed with mockery.

“Younger sister, today I got back in one piece, You are not disappointed right?” Mu Yunjin sneered. Mu Ling Zhu naturally knows Mu Yunjin`s meaning, she thought of Chu Li`s attitude, she gritted her teeth and angrily said 

“Yes, I am disappointed, you cheap slut, why didn`t you die? Why would you come back alive?” “Aiyo, you cannot blame me, if you must, blame the sixth prince.”

Mu Yunjin went nearer to Mu Ling Zhu, leaning over to whisper, 

“Because the man in black who saved me, is the sixth prince`s body guard.” “What?”

Mu Ling Zhu`s steps staggered, her eyes wide with disbelief, at the moment she feels like her heart dropped to the bottom of the valley. She hear Mu Yunjin sneer, her voice exceptionally cool and harsh, 

“You liked that person in vain for 8 whole years, imminent danger, that person did not care about your life and death, but I was rescued... Ha ha ha, Mu Ling Zhu, I feel sad for you!”   



The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 20

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