The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 21

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The Aloof Prince Chapter 21 - Steal back the Jade

Walking back to Listening Flower Pavilion, Mu Yunjin`s mood is very good, especially thinking of Mu Ling Zhu`s eyes that revealed anger and sadness. She could feel her body refreshed, she cannot help but walk more gently.

“Third sister.....” A delicate voice came from the side of the trail, Mu Yunjin halted her steps and turned around to see Mu Xiarou standing there. Mu Yun Jin looked at her indifferently as she faintly opened her mouth to speak. 
  “Did fifth sister specially wait for me?”  “Yes third sister, Rou`er has been waiting for you for a long time.” Mu Xiarou came forward, she blinked, pretending to be well behaved in front of Mu Yunjin.
“Why are you waiting for me?” Mu Yunjin eyed Mu Xiarou, before she continued walking. Mu Xiarou smiled towards her sweetly. 
“I want to congratulate third sister, it seems something good will happen to elder sister soon.”    Hearing this, Mu Yunjin understood Mu Xiarou`s intention, she forced a smile.
“Thank you little sister.”  “We are family, between us sisters there is no need to be polite.”  Mu Xiarou smilingly replied. Mu Yunjin looked at Mu Xiarou, if not for that day she and Mu Lingzhu stormed at her courtyard to find trouble. Looking at her harmless smile now, she would have thought she is an innocent child. However, she is not innocent at all.
“Not long ago, me and my mother talked privately, elder sister was born beautiful, you will definitely be able to marry into the royal family” Mu Xiarou smiled, and intimately held Mu Yunjin`s arm. She let her take her arm saying, 
“Younger sister is not bad, later there will naturally be a good man.” “I will take elder sister`s auspicious words.” Mu Xiarou loosen her hold on Mu Yunjin`s arm and moved it towards her as she shyly opened her lips.
“That after elder sister entered the royal family, you will not forget to find a good man for younger sister.”    Listening to Mu Xia Rou`s talk for a long time, she finally said her main point. Mu Yunjin stopped walking, her eyes focused on Mu Xiarou. Glancing at her from top to bottom, reaching out her hands to straighten Mu Xiarou`s hair strands. 
“As long as little sister is obedient, elder sister will not ill-treat you. ” Mu Yujin`s eyes flashed with a fine light, as she stressed again.
“You do know what being obedient means right?” Mu Xiarou got scared at Mu Yunjin`s severe tone, she abruptly became afraid to look at Mu Yunjin eyes, she immediately nodded her head.
“It is late, little sister should go to rest early.” She laughed lightly, as she dismissed Mu Xiarou. As if hearing a pardon from a general, Mu Xiarou quickly ran away.

After some time, Mu Yunjin arrived at her Listening Flower Pavilion, inside the candles are brightly lit, Zi Xiang heard the sound of the door opening, then immediately ran,
“Miss, your back.”  “Yes, I have returned, quickly help me prepare bath water, I want to take a bath.”  Mu Yunjin stretched out, and yawned, this whole day can be tiring to death.
“Miss, Please wait before you take a bath, Aunt Zhang has been here since this afternoon, you go see her first.” Zi Xiang supported Mu Yunjin, and walked towards the Listening Flower Pavilion`s small hall.
Aunt Zhang? Mu Yunjin slightly frowned, and thinks, it seems that day when the jade is missing, she heard Zi Xiang mention this person. After a while, they soon arrived into the small hall, she saw an old woman sitting inside, her clothes are plain and simple, her hair is already white and you can only vaguely see some black hair. The old woman saw Mu Yunjin`s figure, she immediately got up, her eyes suddenly reddened. 

“Third Miss, I have not seen you for many years, you have grown refined and beautiful” “Aunt Zhang hello.” Although, still unable to figure out her connection to Aunt Zhang, She seems intimate with her, at the moment greeting her seems right. Aunt Zhang nodded, as she pulled Mu Yunjin`s hand to sit down.  She carefully looked at Mu Yunjin up and down, and when she seemed to be pleased nodded again  
“To see the young miss grow up safe and sound, this old servant is truly happy.”  “Ah right, Aunt Zhang ever since you retired ten years ago from the residence, the miss days has not been easy, over the years, it was a long hard road but we were able to endure.”  Zi Xiang looked at Mu Yunjin as she speaks. She knows that recently, after the incident with Aunt Su, some of her memory is missing and worried about Aunt Zhang. Zi Xiang on the side aptly reminding Mu Yunjin, she looked at her with grateful eyes.
“This old servant is sorry for the young miss, now seeing the young miss, this old servant`s heavy heart are lessened. ”  Aunt Zhang sighed, firmly holding Mu Yun Jin`s hand.
“Aunt does not need to blame herself, Yunjin is soon going to be of marriageable age, and is going to endure first and have a good life afterwards, in front of misfortunes who is counting.”  Mu Yun Jin reasoned, Aunt Zhang sniffed and nodded her head. After a moment, Aunt Zhang seems to recall something, and wiped her tears.
“Oh, that`s right, young miss the jade ornament you have always worn, is it still well preserved?”  With those words, Mu Yunjin and Zi Xiang looked at each other quickly, and reassured Aunt Zhang,
 “It is in good condition.”  Mu Yunjin smiled, right now the Jade is with Chu Li,  it can be said that it is in good condition right.
“That is good.”  Aunt Zhang nodded her head, suddenly in a low voice, with only the two of them can hear she points,
“That Jade is extremely important for the young miss, and must be kept safe, it cannot fall into another person`s hand.”  Aunt Zhang manages to bring up Mu Yunjin`s curiosity.
“Extremely important? but that jade has been with me for many years, I did not find anything peculiar.”  “There are some words, this servant originally should not speak of. But now, miss is already in your marriageable age, this old servant might as well reveal a little. Young miss, do you really feel that you are not favored here in the residence, just because you lack in scholarly knowledge and timid? That in the Flower Butterfly City, which rich young miss are all outstanding talents, clever and intelligent? but still don`t receive their parents love. From the first madam, have you received a trace of maternal love? From the Prime Minister, do you feel a hint of warmth? have you ever thought of the reason for all of this?” “......” Aunt Zhang`s speech, suddenly exploded in Mu Yunjin`s ear, suddenly Mu Yunjin felt that countless fragments flashed and surrounded her, as she slowly pieced them together into a complete pattern.
“I am not Mu Family`s flesh?” Mu Yun Jin`s voice is low, as she gave Aunt Zhang a probing look. Aung Zhang slightly sighed, closed her eyes and nodded. After Aunt Zhang`s confirmation, Mu Yun Jin suddenly felt relaxed before them. Concerning this issue, she also imagined, but did not expect, her idea turned out to be true.
 “That Jade ornament, is left by your family as keepsake, so you must take care of it well, it must not be lost, do you understand?”  Aunt Zhang fixed her attention on her. Listening to Aunt Zhang speak, Mu Yun Jin is surprisingly embarrassed, she did not expect the Jade is actually important to her, yet she already agreed to sell to Chu Li. But in this situation, selling naturally cannot be done, but she cannot back out as well, Chu Li would definitely react. The thought of these, Mu Yunjin is somewhat fidgety.
 “The hour is late, it has been tiring for Aunt Zhang, It would be better to rest early.”  Mu Yunjin changed the topic. Aunt Zhang nodded.

Afterwards, back at the bedroom,  Mu Yunjin is sitting on the bathtub, tightly frowning, pondering over how to talk to Chu Li. Zi Xiang helped Mu Yunjin put petals on the tub, after a while, Zi Xiang lowered the flower basket, stomping her feet,
“Miss, What do we do? the Jade is lost...... Just in case miss` biological family comes to look for you, how would we prove.”  Zi Xiang anxiously cried, tears almost spilling.
“Do not worry, the Jade is with Chu Li, he was the one who picked it up.” She looked at the anxious little girl, and revealed the truth. As soon as she heard Chu Li`s name, Zi Xiang immediately opened her mouth.
“Miss, you and the sixth prince relationship has developed quickly, even leaving the Jade to the sixth prince?”  “Loathsome girl, I said he picked it up, why are you letting your imagination run wild.” Mu Yunjin glared at Zi Xiang. Zi Xiang wily smiled, and continued helping Mu Yunjin place petals on her bath.
“This servant is happy for you, in any case Young miss will sooner or later become the sixth prince imperial wife.”   Mu Yun Jin choked, and is suddenly unable to respond. 

All through out the night, Mu Yun Jin was tossing and turning in bed, her mind, continuously pondering over how tell Chu Li that she is reneging their deal. At the carriage, Chu Li clearly showed that he particularly set his heart on the jade, and is very determined to have it.

But the Jade is related to her past, and is very important to her, anyhow, it is important to get it back. Mu Yun Jin then sat up, annoyingly scratched her head, got out of bed and lit a candle, and looked at the time. It is almost the fourth of the five night watch periods (between 1:00 to 3:00am). She glanced outside in the dim light of the night, Mu Yunjin bit her lips, her mind forming a plan.
“It would be better to steal back the Jade.” Stopping in her thought, Mu Yunjin herself is somewhat speechless, It is definitely her stuff, but she still has to go as far as to steal it back. But now, it seems like there is no better option than this one.  

After a cup of tea time, Mu Yunjin had put on black clothes, her face covered with black cloth, and blew out the candle in the room. Then quietly opened the window and got out, her footsteps light and graceful, her figure immediately disappeared in the quiet of the night... 

After effortlessly climbing over the wall out of the Prime Minister`s Residence,  Mu Yunjin followed her memory, going to the direction of the palace, along the way, Mu Yunjin`s skill and agility is like a black cat, continuously sneaking in every corners of the streets and alleys. After a while, Mu Yunjin stopped in front of the palace, hiding in the dark, observing the nearby palace guards. It is already the fourth of the five night watch periods, the guards in front of the palace are showing hints of weariness, they did not discover anything amiss in the night, that someone has already quietly sneaked into the palace.

Inside the palace, the black clothed Mu Yunjin is hiding on top of a tree, her mind is somewhat in a mess, through the trees, she keeps looking at her surrounding. Damn, her actions just now is extremely reckless, she does not know the place where Chu Li is residing. This is a huge palace, she ought to see how to seek that person. Fortunately, not far from her a team of patrol troops came, in a lucky coincidence they stopped below Mu Yun Jin`s hiding place...
“Leader, the fourth prince and fifth prince palace over there has already been patrolled, now only the third prince Palace in the Moon and the sixth prince`s Glass Spring Palace are left to patrol.”



The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 21

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