The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 22

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Wow! Mu Yunjin is smart... but reckless... Really, going to battle without a plan... Not even knowing where her target lives.. hahaha... but I sure admire her luck... Anyways...  Let us see where that luck takes her.

Here is Chapter 22!!! Happy Reading!!

The Aloof Prince Chapter 22 - Wrist Injury

Those imperial guards after talking, they immediately went to the northern direction. Mu Yun Jin who was hiding on top of the tree, thought to herself that hiding here is very lucky. Taking advantage of those guards who were walking in the distant, she followed silently behind them. Until she sees the Glass Spring Palace Plaque, that must be where Chu Li lives. 

Mu Yunjin stayed outside the Glass Spring Palace for a while, somewhat apprehensive of those bodyguards that protect Chu Li. Those guards were unaware that in this dark night there is a person hidden nearby. For a moment, Mu Yunjin feels that her own actions are somewhat impulsive. But on second thought, the Jade ornament is relevant to her past, Mu Yunjin took a deep breath, and immediately threw caution into the wind. She surveyed the area, to find nothing unusual, and secretly entered the Glass Spring Palace. Now the fourth of the five watch period has passed, it will be bright soon, she had to find Chu Li`s bedroom as quickly as possible, and take the Jade back. Fortunately, her Jade glows, finding them in the night will not be difficult.

After a long time, at the Glass Spring Palace, Mu Yunjin is carefully snooping around, stopping in front of one of the rooms, through the door, in this quiet night, a faint white rays of light is coming out. Mu Yunjin was delighted to see it. Suddenly active, with light footsteps and skillful yet cautious movement she opened the door, and went inside, all through out the process she did not make any sound. 

Inside the room, Mu Yunjin saw her Jade placed in the bedside, radiating a bright light. Mu Yunjin can also see the sleeping countenance of the cold demon. Mu Yun Jin walked over the bedside, looked down at Chu Li, his usual raised up hair,  at the moment is like ink that is loosely draped over his shoulders, he is wearing a black nightgown, and is fast asleep, he does not even produce a trace of sound, even his shallow breathing has no sound.

Mu Yunjin had to sigh, this guy is really good at being constant, simply sleeping but is like a dead person, truly ice cold. Then, Mu Yunjin`s line of sight falls toward her Jade ornament, you can see through the dim light of the night, the Jade`s engraved words `Yun Jin` are especially clear. The thought of this Jade`s link to her past, Mu Yun Jin`s face softened a bit, having no time to dawdle she stretched out her hand to take the Jade away.

Her fingers has just barely touched the edge of the Jade, when a cold hand held her wrist, followed by a strong force passing through her it. Mu Yunjin frowned, she looked down to meet a pair of deep and pitch-black eyes. Oh No! Chu Li woke up. Again, a surge of strength came on her wrist, as if wanting to crush her wrist, Mu Yunjin slightly wrinkled her eyebrows, between her fingers silver needles came out, and was about to stab the back of Chu Li`s hand, she was stopped by Chu Li and was skillfully shaken off. Then, Chu Li sat up from the couch, he glanced at the Jade ornament on the bedside, and looked at Mu Yun Jin.

“Who sent you?” 

His cold tone startled Mu Yun Jin, however, she is glad that Chu Li did not recognize her. In her heart she is a bit disappointed and frustrated, she was once part of an anti-terrorism group, stealth and infiltration missions are all ordinary for her, she never made a mistake before, but today she is surprisingly caught in the act, still provoking is not good.

She recalled what Ding Xian told her about his skills, Chu Li is even better that him. That Ding Xian`s skills is already superb, she could not believe what will be of Chu Li`s skills. Although she has confidence in her skills, but it is limited to close-combat, if the theory of mysterious fantasy style moves is implored then she is ignorant of it. From the current situation, it is better to run away.

On the way earlier, she stopped to understand the terrain, it should not be difficult to escape. As a result she paused, she turned her eyes and looked at the Jade on the bedside table, with lightning speed, a cloth was ripped from her body, and was thrown in the direction of the Jade. In a flash, the Jade is covered in cloth, the room fell into darkness. Mu Yunjin took the opportunity to dash out of Chu Li`s room, she came back to the wall and climbed it to cross, she jumped out of the Glass Spring Palace.


Ding Xian felt strange, he ran out and from a distance he only saw a black figure jumping from the rock wall. When he was just about to overtake him he heard a loud bang from inside Chu Li`s room.

“Your highness....”


Mu Yun Jin felt that this was a death defying escape,  while running she still worries whether Chu Li will catch up to her. She continuously wait until she slip away from the palace, to discover that Chu Li has not chased after her, suddenly relieved, she leaned on a corner to gasp some air.

“Damn, I actually failed this operation.” 

From her many years as part of the elite special agents of the anti-terror group, this is simply her greatest shame. Mu Yun Jin clenched her teeth, the thought of not succeeding to get the Jade ornament, made her heart feel vexed. If I had known earlier, I would have prepared in advance a drop of confusing fragrance to handle Chu Li. After sitting for a while, Mu Yunjin propped her body to sit up, one hand hold on the ground when suddenly she felt pain on her wrist. She looked at her hand to see a spot on her right hand is swelling, surely Chu Li must have injured her muscles and bones.  Mu Yun Jin cursed loudly, she did not only not steal the Jade, she also hurt her wrist, truly a strenuous and unrewarding task.

Returning to the Prime Minister`s residence, the color of the sky is already slightly brighter,  Mu Yunjin changed out of her black clothes, and threw it under the bed, then she lay down on the bed and laboriously sighed. Today`s matter about the Jade, approaching it is even harder than reaching the sky. Mu Yun Jin rolled over, scratched her head, and disappointingly opened her mouth to speak.

“I don`t care anymore, anyway my real family and my past, is not that important.”

Might as well seize the 30 thousand gold pieces, and carefully crossing the second half of this life.

Thinking of it, Mu Yun Jin`s heart felt more comfortable, she yawned, and fell asleep.


She does not know for how long she was asleep, when Mu Yunjin`s wrist suddenly received a stab of pain jolting her awake. She opened her eyes, extended her right hand, at this time she could see her wrist is red and has swollen more than before. Mu Yunjin very much wants to verbalize a bunch of swear words. That Chu Li, in the end just how much force did he use, to be able to turn her wrist like this. After last night`s affair, Chu Li is maybe tracking her down, she cannot openly try to find a doctor to come and provide medical treatment.

“Miss, your awake, this servant has come to help you freshen up.” 

Zi Xiang voices from the side. Mu Yun Jin subconsciously hid her hand under the bed cover, and looked at Zi Xiang.

 “No need, I still feel like sleeping.” “Miss, Imperial Concubine Qin sent someone to invite you to dinner at the palace today, therefore you still need to get up and make yourself presentable.”

Hearing it, Mu Yun Jin wrinkled her brows, she is truly alarmed of what will happen.

“Zi Xiang, you go and help me boil ten eggs, hotter the better. I want to eat....” 

Mu Yun Jin babbled on an excuse against Zi Xiang. Zi Xiang stared blankly, and looked astonishingly at Mu Yun Jin.


Mu Yun Jin nodded.

 “Yes, ten.”

Although surprised Zi Xiang cannot possibly question her master, so she went out of the door, and walked into the kitchen. Seeing Zi Xiang go, Mu Yunjin hurriedly got out of bed, to freshen up and change her clothes. After taking care of herself, she took a seat on the rattan chair on the side waiting for Zi Xiang to come,

“Miss, here are the eggs you requested.” “Okay, place it down then you may go.” 

Mu Yunjin glances at the steaming eggs. Zi Xiang pursed her lips, nodded and went out. When Zi Xiang left, Mu Yunjin immediately took the eggs, and placed it on her red and swollen wrist, rotating it around. Hoping that before entering the palace, the swelling might possibly disappear, otherwise, Imperial concubine Qin might get suspicious and it won`t be good.

More over, Imperial Concubine Qin may have also invited Chu Li, she cannot let herself be revealed, otherwise it will not be a happy event. She will be charged as a criminal and it would turn messy. I have to end this completely. Mu Yun Jin sighed, asking herself how it became this way....

After half an hour in the bedroom, Mu Yunjin felt the pain in her wrist dissipating, she rejoiced, fortunately the injury did not reach the bones.

“Miss, the hour is late, let this servant comb your hair, before going out.” 

Zi Xiang`s voice sounded on the door, Mu Yun Jin nodded. In front of the dressing table, Mu Yunjin spread out her jewelry box, inside she found four to five bracelets and a chain bracelet, she placed everything in her right hand. With everything in order, she was able to cover up the swollen area, only the result is not very pleasing to the eyes. 

“Did Imperial Concubine Qin also invite Mu Lingzhu today?”

Zi Xiang was assisting Mu Yun Jin to put on the flower beads, when she shook her head.

“Fourth Miss is already in the Palace invited by the Empress Dowager Zheng.”  “Empress Dowager?”

Mu Yun Jin thinks of that woman, she laughed a little,

“Apparently no matter where, my enemies will always be enemies.”   

Zi Xiang heard her although she did not really understand, she smiled,

“This servant incidentally heard a few Pearl Building maid servants gossip, they say that the Empress Dowager intend to play matchmaker between the fourth prince and the fourth miss.” “Fourth prince?”

Mu Yun Jin slightly frowned, she had the impression that no one has ever mentioned this prince.

“Yes, the fourth prince is born from the Imperial Concubine Qing , but Imperial Concubine Qing is a beautiful woman that suffers unhappy fates. She died shortly after giving birth to the fourth prince. Therefore the fourth prince is brought up by the Empress Dowager. That is why he is part of the Empress Dowager`s faction.”

Zi Xiang explained. Mu Yun Jin`s mind understands clearly, no wonder Chu Li and the others called Imperial Concubine Qin grandmother, and Empress Dowager Zheng as Empress Dowager. It seems that among the harem, it has long been divided as Empress Dowager Zheng`s faction and Imperial Concubine Qin`s Faction. Now, this Mu Lingzhu, meeting Imperial Concubine Qin that day had met with a sharp rebuff, now she took the olive branch thrown by the Empress Dowager Zheng to become part of her faction. This time, she is probably anxious.


Walking on the road out of the Prime Minister`s residence, Mu Yunjin met Mu Xiarou again. Mu Xiarou smiled particularly well behaved, and is about to call to her elder sister with matchless affection. 

“Fifth sister, is there anything the matter?”

Mu Yunjin put on a fake smile and swept her eyes over Mu Xiarou, as she talked suddenly.

Mu Xiarou felt embarassed, her eyes looking down at the ground, shyly says,

“I heard that Imperial concubine Qin invited older sister at the palace, little sister also wants to go together with you to see the world....”

Oh my~ What`s up with this little sister....She must not have heard of ~By invitation only~ 

The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 22

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