The Black Card Chapter 111 - Greedy Mickey Mouse

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Chapter 111 - Greedy Mickey Mouse 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Levs

Suddenly remembering something, Shi Lei grabbed his jacket and rushed out of the house at the speed of a tornado. 

It was the same security guards. Seeing that Shi Lei came downstairs and changed his clothes, their smile broadened, which made Shi Lei roll his eyes at them, thinking that he was not bothered to talk to those perverted guys. 

He also remembered that he was actually wet, which made Shi Lei embarrassed. 

There was an ATM downstairs in the hall. After a moment of hesitation, he decided to check what will happen if he inserted the Black Card in front of someone else. 

He took out the Black Card and inserted it into the ATM, Shi Lei typed in the password which he remembered clearly. 

Shi Lei turned around and saw that the two security guards who were in the hall both walked towards the door in synergy. 

After the Sceptre’s form was completely revealed, the two guards already stood outside the gate in the chilly night wind as if they didn’t know that it was warmer inside. 

To this, Shi Lei expressed that he could understand as if this was definitely the outcome of the Black Card casting its supernatural power on them as the Scepter shouldn’t be seen by anyone else other than Shi Lei. 

Shi Lei was sure that during the period of interactions between the Scepter and him, there won’t be a second person in the hall. 

“Your performances weren’t too bad this week. You seemed to notice the areas where you should spend your money and not for the sake of spending it.” The Scepter spoke first as it was rather satisfied with Shi Lei’s ways of consumption this week. 

Shi Lei asked straightforwardly: “How much money do I have left this week?” 

From his own calculation, he should still have 3,720 yuan left for this week and that’s if the deposit for the house rent could be counted. The deposit and rent together were more than 40,000 yuan, the necessities for the house were about 20,000 yuan, he spent a few thousands in the past few days and spent more than 10,000 yuan on party Wednesday. He had about 10,000 yuan left, which he spent more than 5,000 yuan on clothes for Sun Yiyi. Plus the dinner, there were only about 3,000 yuan left out of the 100,000 yuan quota.

If the deposit for the house wasn’t counted into the sum, Shi Lei must use the 9,300 yuan fund before Monday. He also needed to use the 1,000 yuan living expenses which his parents gave him, plus all the money he had on him right now and even tomorrow’s tutoring fees from Zhang Liangliang to make up for the 11,000 yuan. 

The Scepter’s reply lightened Shi Lei’s heart. It said: “You have 3,765 yuan left.” 

But it was wrong. Shi Lei said: “No! My calculation is different from yours. It’s 45 yuan short.” 

“Someone as noble as me can’t possibly make a mistake.” The Scepter’s proudness resembled that of Mickey Mouse’s. Shi Lei was pondering and as he glanced over at the security guards, he suddenly remembered that he had to buy cigarettes for the guards in order for them to help him. He asked tentatively: “Was it the cigarettes?” 

The Scepter was still proud and said: “I said, you think about it yourself.” 

Shi Lei was sure that was the case. Now that he thought about it, the guards had absolutely nothing to do with him and it was normal for the cigarettes to not be counted within the sum. 

Shi Lei was also glad that he had the chance to ask. Otherwise, he would definity forget about the cigarettes. In an instant, Shi Lei felt that he just saved his life, except his crotch was still cold from the thought of it. 

It looks like that the chance to ask about the sum should be used towards the end of the week to double check and he should use it very carefully.  

The Scepter ignored Shi Lei’s horror and continued: “About your consumption this week, there is 11,000 yuan which shouldn’t be entirely counted. But considering that you must pay the deposit when renting house, and you followed the rules strictly of not picking the house with reasonable price for rent, deposit and payment method, but rather, you picked the other house with higher cost performance. Hence, this deposit is temporarily counted within the sum. After your rent is over when the landlord return the deposit to you, you must also spend this 11,000 yuan within the consumption period. In other words, if you receive the deposit after a year, you must spend it before the end of that current consumption period. After a year, the consumption period will automatically raise by 11,000 yuan, do you understand?” 

Of course Shi Lei understood, but he also picked up a small question from what the Scepter said. 

“Consumption period? You didn’t say one week but a more ambiguous time concept. Are you saying that after I level up, the consumption period may not be a week, but might change to another? Such as one day, or increase to one month?” 

“Stupid mole, you are more and more cunning now!” The Scepter shouted angrily. 

Shi Lei smiled lightly. He knew that he definitely guessed it right. He shrugged: “Isn’t that what you, or the Black Card wishes to see? What you need is definitely not another obedient slave like all those people before me. What you need the most is someone who’s constantly discovering the rules with enough potential to develop as an employee in the long term. Remember, it’s an employee. Plus, an employee has great growth potential. I believe that not far into the future, I can be part of the management team, partner, or even a shareholder!” 

“You are daydreaming! An employee will stay a employee and you will never escape the fate of being a slave! You stupid……” 

Shi Lei didn’t give it any face and continued his sentence: “Hamster?” He even whistled skittishly. 

The Scepter scolded: “No! You are not even good enough to be a hamster! You stupid grey rat!” 

Shi Lei shrugged carelessly: “Grey rat is fine with me. Are you going to say Mickey Mouse next time?” 

“You stupid……” The Scepter decided to be quiet and change the topic: “But I think that you wasted all three chances to use the investment card this month. Now you know that investment isn’t something easy.” 

“I always knew that. Didn’t I tell you last week? But it’s fine. Next month, I’ll have another three chances to check. When next month rolls over, I’ll make you look at me with different opinions! The investment card only eliminated the bad investment opportunities and if I want to be successful, I need to rely on myself. So, I’m studying hard right now and I will be able to invest successfully soon! Just wait!” 

“Humph!” The Scepter snorted in disdain. 

“I hope you are not just saying that!” 

“Oh right, if you think that the house I rented has high cost performance, does it mean that you can acknowledge it as being superb? Although I didn’t gain too much from it, but the cost performance can definitely play a part in it. Shouldn’t you give me some reward?” 

Shi Lei successfully utilised what the Scepter said and asked for a reward from it. The Scepter was furious, but it also thought that it needed to be more careful when talking to Shi Lei in the future. 

Perhaps restricted by the rules, the Scepter eventually snorted and said: “After my judgement, rent for a level one employee should be around 6,000 yuan. Because the level one employee only used 5,500 yuan to rent the house, the reward will be 500 yuan per month. Up until now, it is 3,000 yuan at six months. If you continue to rent, the reward will be given to you after you pay for the rent.” 

It thought that Shi Lei should be satisfied, but Shi Lei didn’t even mask his greediness: “That’s not right. If you are calculating it according to the 6,000 yuan rent, my agency fee should also be 3,000 yuan, but I only paid for 2,750……” 

Fine, fine, fine! I’ll give it to you! 3,250 in total! You greedy Mickey Mouse!” 

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The Black Card Chapter 111 - Greedy Mickey Mouse

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