The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 917

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Chapter 917 – Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (5)

"Where is she?!" So many people and they actually still let her escape?

But that loathsome girl's speed was indeed fast, in a very short time, she had already run more than five kilometers away.

Captain of the black-clothed group of people nervously replied: "Ran away…..up ahead…."

"A bunch of wastes!" Fairy Yan Xia flung her sleeves, immediately an area of black-clothed people fell to the ground.

Only one move, these black-clothed people all were serious injured falling to the ground, spitting out blood…. It could be seen how ruthless Fairy Yan Xia's methods were, and how formidable was her cultivation!

Fairy Yan Xia's body was fast as lightning, rapidly rushing forward to catch up.

While Su Luo who was running ahead couldn't help but feel nervous.

She ran and ran, and finally ran up a steep cliff.

Su Luo cursed in her heart!

"Finished, finished——" In front of this steep cliff there was nowhere to go to.

"Hurry and turn around ah!" Su Luo lifted up the little divine dragon and was just about to run back; however, it was already too late.

Fairy Yan Xia's figure appeared in front of Su Luo.

"Still want to run?" Fairy Yan Xia's ice-cold gaze watched Su Luo, "There is a path in heaven that you refuse to take. Hell has no doors and you insisted on rushing in. Loathsome girl! This time see where you can run to now!"

Recalling those things Su Luo had done, Fairy Yan Xia was so furious as to give off smoke. , She was itching to slice Su Luo into eight pieces!

Su Luo seeing she couldn’t escape contrary to expectations her heart calmed down.

"I merely came out to walk around and take a breath of fresh air, who wanted to run? Why are you so angry?" Su Luo shrugged her shoulders and spread out her hands.

This downplaying of matters appearance that Su Luo had on, nearly enraged Fairy Yan Xia until it was unbearable!

"Loathsome girl, your ability to be flexible and take advantage of a situation, even your mother had no such ability!" Fairy Yan Xia' seeing Su Luo's face, her fury immediately ignited into flames!

At that time, in the beginning, she could still compete Yan Hua, but Yan Hua's strength was like lightning, everyday would increase. In less than a year, Yan Hua's strength had left her way behind.

Later on, Yan Hua's strength become even more formidable, with more and more men standing on her side, and even…..Fairy Yan Xia thought of a god like noble and graceful character, her mind dimmed. Afterwards when she saw Su Luo and once again burst out with unprecedented anger!

And at this moment, Su Luo smilingly said to Fairy Yan Xia: "Oh, why should predecessor get so angry, aren't you trying to catch me? I was just about to follow you and return."

Fairy Yan Xia obviously didn't think Su Luo would be this shameless, the mockery in the depths of her eyes had deep meaning: "Still want to return? Wasn't that underwater palace destroyed by you ah? Where did you want to return to?"

Seeing this face, Fairy Yan Xia was a bit distracted.

Seeing this face, she would unconsciously recall those things from many years ago.

At that time, her strength had also reached the peak, but, because of that Yan Hua woman!

Every time she went to make trouble for Yan Hua, the men at Yan Hua's side would move against her, and waste a part of her cultivation.

Over a long period of time, her strength now versus Grandmaster Rong Yun and those people's strength, differed by a great amount! Thinking of this, Fairy Yan Xia was even more furious!

Thus, she must kill Yan Hua's daughter!

When Fairy Yan Xia fell into memories of the past, Su Luo exposed an expression of embarrassment.

Alas, who could have thought that everything would turn out like this? If she had known earlier…..

"Isn't that……people can still fail oh." Su Luo 'ha ha' laughed.

Fairy Yan Xia walked step by step towards Su Luo.

Su Luo while smiling, she retreated: "Predecessor, if you have something to say, please say it properly. This younger generation will obediently listen and speak frankly Even Beautiful Teacher's secret matters, this younger generation will tell you, okay?"

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 917

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