The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring Chapter 21

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For those that haven’t read the last chapter (I forgot to tag it in the Haunted category when I posted) you can find it . Enjoy Chapter 21!

(Also I feel the real April Fool’s joke here is that I’m actually releasing content, two whole chapters too, go figure)

—Hey, what’s wrong with you. You okay?

—Ahh, Lilia… I’m already done for…

—Eh, hey wait… What’s wrong?

Hearing that truly strained voice made Lilia’s expression pale. She had never before heard such a meek voice from Sakura. She waited anxiously for Sakura’s response.

—Green peppers, bitter…

She lowered her gaze and looked at the fried vegetables. There were green peppers in it.

—Just, with this…? I didn’t really taste much of the green peppers though…

—You did taste it… Lilia you meanie…

Hearing that usually energetic voice continue to sink, it made Lilia worry as well. While feeling sorry, she apologised in her head.

“Lilia, what’s wrong?”

It was Tina’s voice. Not knowing how she should answer, Lilia ended up shutting her mouth. Even so the worry in Tina’s eyes didn’t go away, and Lilia gave a small sigh.

“I’m sorry, Tina. I just remembered some urgent business, so I must excuse myself here.”

She hadn’t even managed to eat half of her dinner yet. In fact, her appetite was still unsatisfied, but she couldn’t just keep going with Sakura in this state. Lilia rose from her seat and showed a smile to the dumbfounded Tina.

“I’ll say this now, but please rest assured that this isn’t because of anything you did. Well then, see you later.”

Lightly waving her hand, she departed. After exiting the dining hall, Lilia hurried to her room.

Lilia rushed into her bedroom and, upon returning to her room, pulled out a drawer from the table. In there was a small cloth bag. It was of simple make, but the material itself was high class. Lilia opened it and checked the contents. There was a sizable amount of copper and silver coins inside. With a small nod, she called out to Sakura.

—Sakura. Can you hear me?

—Nn… What is it?

There was a response, but it was still just as weak. She didn’t think a single piece of green pepper could have caused her to become like this.

—We’re going to head out now.

—That so…

—Is there anything you want to eat? Though we can’t go too far.


The energetic voice rang in her head momentarily. How mercenary thought Lilia as she smiled wryly, leaving the room. She soon ran into Alisa.

“Mistress Lilia? It’s already late so, I think it best to hold off on going outside…”

“R-right… I understand.”

Her cheek stiffening, Lilia dejectedly returned to the room. That Sakura’s energy that she finally managed to restore all faded out again was also apparent.

—Uuu… There is no God or Buddha huh…

She didn’t understand the meaning, but the lamentation was clearly conveyed.

“By the way Mistress Lilia.”

Keeping the door open until now, Alisa opened her mouth. Dubiously turning around,

“It’s a visitor.”

Behind Alisa, there stood Tina.

“Tina? What’s wrong? What about dinner?”

It hadn’t been too long since she left from the dining hall. So why was Tina already here? Lilia wondered while waiting for her words, when Tina timidly presented the thing in her hands.
It was a small paper bag. Though thinking it strange, she approached Tina and received the bag. Looking inside, there was a mandarin like fruit.

“Umm… Dinner, didn’t seem to be to your tastes so… Please have some of this.”

And then she vigorously lowered her head in apology. Lilia was flabbergasted as she opened her mouth, it ending up lamely hung open.

“Well, I’ll be heading back to the dining hall then. See you later, Lilia.”

Saying so she made to leave the room. Lilia hurriedly called her for her back.


“Eh…? What’s wrong? Ah, is it that you dislike fruits as well?”

“Of course not. Just… Today, there really was something unexpected that came up. If it’s alright with you, please do invite me again sometime?”

In fact, she felt that the dinner itself was quite tasty. If not for Sakura, she probably would have finished it all. As expected, the place would be somewhat difficult for Lilia to enter alone, so she wouldn’t think of going again without being invited by Tina.
Tina seemed to be blankly befuddled, but before long, an instant smile came to her face.

“Yup! I’ll invite you again sometime!”

And so, she waved her hand and left. Seeing her off, Lilia let out a sigh of relief as she closed the door.

—Lilia! Mandarins! I don’t know if they’re actually mandarins but! Mandarins! Let’s eat!

Instantly, Sakura’s voice rang out in her head. Lilia smiled wryly and held out the paper bag to Alisa.

“Sorry, but could you prepare a few of these?”

“Yes. Certainly.”

And so as she stuffed her cheeks with the fruit Alisa peeled,

—Ahh, it’s delicious, I’m in heaven…

—Oh you…

Slowly savouring the flavour, she smiled wryly. Somehow interpreting that smile, Alisa also beamed affectionately.

The next day. Going to the first floor entrance, Tina was there just like yesterday waiting for Lilia. However, perhaps minding the matter with The Prince from yesterday, she only exchanged her greetings.

—What’s with that girl. She waited for me just to say hi?

—What a good girl.

—What a waste of time.

—Lilia’s thinking never changes eh!

Sakura was lamenting over something again, but she probably didn’t need to pay it any mind. She briskly headed for the school building.
The school building was beside the dormitory. A three story stone building, it was made to be quite a large structure. Lilia’s classroom was on the second floor. She still kept her brisk pace walking through the hallways. There wasn’t actually any need to hurry that much, but it couldn’t be helped that she felt she was drawing the gazes of the students around her. This wasn’t just an overly self-conscious imagination either, as when she actually looked at the people she felt gazes from, they would hurriedly avert their gazes when she met their eyes.
The following act from The Prince’s engagement annulment was all the uproar from yesterday after all. It was obvious that she would gather a lot of attention. If only it had happened somewhere where there were less people, but it’s a bit too late for that now.

(Author’s Note)
I’ve always been wanting to write that scene where she’d shriek from eating green peppers.
I’ve gone through my stock. It’ll be back to normal from tomorrow.


The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring Chapter 21

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