The King's Threshold; and On Baile's Strand Part 12

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What is this house? [_A pause._] Now I remember all.

_Fintain._ He will kill us. O, I am afraid!

_Cuchullain._ [_Who is before CONCOBAR'S chair._]

'Twas you who did it, you who sat up there With that old branch of silver, like a magpie Nursing a stolen spoon. Magpie, magpie, A maggot that is eating up the earth!

[_Begins hacking at the chair with his sword._

No, but a magpie, for he's flown away.

Where did he fly to?

_Fintain._ He is outside the door.

_Cuchullain._ Outside the door?

_Fintain._ He is under Baile's yew-tree.

_Cuchullain._ Concobar, Concobar, the sword into your heart.

[_He goes out. A pause. The fool goes to the great door at back and looks out after him._

_Barach._ He is going up to King Concobar; they are all under the tree.

No, no, he is standing still. There is a great wave going to break and he is looking at it. Ah! now he is running down to the sea, but he is holding up his sword as if he were going into a fight. [_A pause._] Well struck, well struck!

_Fintain._ What is he doing now?

_Barach._ Oh! he is fighting the waves.

_Fintain._ He sees King Concobar's crown on every one of them.

_Barach._ There, he has struck at a big one. He has struck the crown off it, he has made the foam fly. There again another big one.

[_Shouting without._

_Fintain._ Where are the Kings? What are the Kings doing?

_Barach._ They are shouting and running down to the shore, and the people are running out of the houses, they are all running.

_Fintain._ You say they are running out of the houses, there will be nobody left in the houses. Listen, fool.

_Barach._ There, he is down! He is up again! He is going out into the deep water.

_Fintain._ Come here, fool; come here, I say.

_Barach._ [_Coming towards him but looking backward towards the door._]

What is it?

_Fintain._ There will be nobody in the houses. Come this way, come quickly; the ovens will be full; we will put our hands into the ovens.

[_They go out._

The King's Threshold; and On Baile's Strand Part 12

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The King's Threshold; and On Baile's Strand Part 12 summary

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