The Most Majestic You Chapter 10 Part2

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The Most Majestic You

Chapter 10  Part 2

Qianxi had been at the hospital for half the night.  It would be inappropriate to bother a pregnant lady by going to her cousin’s house so late in the night.  “I will find a hotel nearby later for the night.  You guys don’t need to worry about me.”

“Then afterwards?”

Qianxi stopped.

Xu Jimo’s concern was, “How long do plan on staying away from home?”

“Probably quite a while…...My parents’ hearts are like iron and stone.  Perhaps they won’t talk to me for life.  Anyhow, I cannot be the daughter they expect, so it’s meaningless to continue raising me.  And they don’t worry about me.  They think I’m a rice worm since I was a child, that I know where to find food, it’d be impossible for someone like me to starve.”  Qianxi couldn’t sort out this mess herself and shook her head.  “Don’t worry about it.  The money will definitely be there.  Stuff like having my account frozen like in the movies won’t happen, I took some preventative measures.”

She spoke excitedly, having already forgotten why she was standing there in the first place  Her eyes curved into the crescents, silently screaming, “Say I’m smart!”

This person…...her ability to recover was amazing.  She was surprisingly easy to coax.

Xu Jimo felt as if the skill “Interacting with Qianxi” had increased quite a bit just now.

“If that’s the case, then you can join KG during this time.”

Xianxi was surprised.  “Join KG?”

“En. Be the manager of the team and handle the daily business.  You let Wai Lai stay, then you are responsible for taking care of him.”  Xu Jimo’s words meant that he agreed to her handling of Wai Lai.  Qianxi’s eyes popped out two lights of surprise.  But he had to warn her, “Supporting his professional esports career will affect his future greatly.  You must be prepared to take full responsibility of that kid’s future.  Can you do it?”

Qianxi answered without hesitation.  “I will certainly be responsible for him!”

Thinking carefully about it, a teenager’s future…...the flower of the motherland!  Qianxi felt the pressure mounting and lightly pounded her shoulder.

Xu Jimo stopped her hands.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll look after you.”


So this night, two pieces of information dropped on the KG team like bombshells.

First, their finance problems were taken care of.

Second, a new resident was moving into the base, gender: female.

Li Cang howled in the car going back to base.  “Then we can’t come out to eat night snacks just wearing underwear after we shower!”

Chen Yang replied,  “I’m already tired of seeing you dressed in only your underwear!”

Sleepy Wai Lai, who had just finished his IV, was awakened by the noise.  He looked at his current posture.  The new member of the base, Qianxi Jie, was holding him right now, letting him sleep on her arm like a mother.  He swallowed and quietly glanced at Qianxi.  He tried to use his eyes to pass a message: …...Qianxi Jie, your arm is making me feel very uncomfortable.

But Qianxi gave a maternal smile:  Be good, Jiejie will take good care of you!

Wai Lai walked back to the dorm with heavy footsteps.

Xu Jimo took Qianxi to the spare room.  Because the whole team was male, the room was neat and sparsely decorated.  Qianxi was somewhat concerned after taking a look around.  “Is it really ok for me to stay here?”

Since she was in charge of Wai Lai, naturally it was more convenient for her to live at the base. Besides, she certainly needed a place to stay and thus agreed to it when Xu Jimo made the suggestion.

“You are their boss now.  They wouldn’t dare have any improper thoughts even if you multiplied their courage by ten.”

She said timidly.  “I’m not worried about that…...I’m worrying that, uhm, it’ll be inconvenient to you guys.”  It was all males after all?

“It doesn’t matter.”  Xu Jimo gave her an introduction as he showed her the light switches in the room.  “Our daily schedule is just training when we don’t have competition.  I’ll push them to pay attention to their living habits.”

The last light was turned on, the room was shining bright.  He added, “As long as you don’t feel uncomfortable.”

“Oh, good!  Thank you.  Mua!”  Qianxi was carried away with such a happy result, she leaned forward to blow a kiss.

She realized what she had done afterwards: Ahhh, how to explain that it was just a bad habit to play cute!

She waved her hands furiously.  “No, no, no. I don’t mean that!  It’s like when I say thanks to my cousin, I would usually say mua or love you the most…...but it absolutely doesn’t mean that I’m having a lesbian relationship with my cousin!”

Otherwise, her jealous brother-in-law would have chopped her into pieces and turned her into [Minced Qianxi]!

But why did Xu Jimo’s face look… it had frozen.

Qianxi gave up and covered her face desperately.  She explained without much effect,  “Anyhow, don’t get me wrong.”  Why was her explanation so feeble…...would her deceased language teacher from elementary school enter her dream to demand her life.

Xu Jimo took her hands down and said, “Try to sleep early.”  He stepped back out of the room.  Qianxi , eyes still covered, dared not to look at him until she heard the light creaking noise.  Then she peeked through her fingers with an eye.  The handsome and cold man had a restrained smile on his face.  He was closing the door for her and said lightly, “Good night.”

The door gently closed without a sound.  After the door was locked, there was only the quiet door in front of her.

She was still stunned as she received a message from him.  “Forgot to tell you that the password of the computer in the room is KG plus 1128.”

“......Is that your birthday?”

Xu Jimo just returned to his room.  He looked down and replied,  “En.”  Her guess was spot on.

Her response came back very quickly.  “So you are a Sagittarius.”

“Do you dislike Sagittarius?”  Girls seemed to be very superstitious about this.


Qianxi immediately followed with another message.  “Usually people’s first reaction should be that I like Sagittarius.”  She sent a customized sticker she used frequently right after.  It was a flirtatious alpaca.

Xu Jimo replied with an ellipsis.

Ah, this disgusting conversation ending punctuation.  It was almost equivalent to “oh” and “hehe”!  Qianxi sent another sad alpaca out.

This time, she received written words in response.  “Are you looking for someone to talk to?”

Qianxi lied on a strange bed and couldn’t fall asleep despite being tired.  Usually she would find a close friend to chat the night away. But, this time, she didn’t want any of her close friends to know that she had run away from home.  So she could only…...find another new close friend.

She felt a little bit guilty.  “ you figured it out.  Do you still have competition tomorrow?”  It’s already so late, so her behavior seemed a little bit unethical.



“No competition.”

“......”  Qianxi suddenly had nothing more to say.  She couldn’t find a proper alpaca expression, so she could only say softly.  “Then you go to sleep early.  Good night!  Thanks for offering to shelter me!”

But he said.  “I should be the one saying thank you.”

Qianxi couldn’t understand it.  “Why?”

So the conversation wasn’t successfully concluded. The content of their conversation didn’t amount to anything meaningful and went cold from time to time, but it was rather baffling that they chatted for more than half the night.  Finally, it ended when Qianxi couldn’t hang on and fell asleep with the cell phone still in her hand.

Next day, members of KG routinely checked the work notices on their team group chat on WeChat after waking up.

What they found was that their usually serious spoken boss, who had never used any sticker or emoji before, not even as an interjection…...suddenly send out a smiling alpaca.

------Damn, it’s too blinding.  Did boss get hacked? !

The Most Majestic You Chapter 10 Part2

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