The Wizard World Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: Moving Forward (2)

Angele pursed his lips. He tried to find the green string but nothing could be traced.

Stigma narrowed his eyes and shook his head. "We need to find another route. I don’t even know what’s on that cliff. There’s a town called White Mist around the canyon. We can find human beings living there. We should go ask them about the situation."

Good thing was that the team carried enough food and water. They could stay on the plains for about two more months.

Angele did the test. The leopard’s fur could easily block the physical damage dealt by a person with Strength points lower than seven. The fur could only be damaged by extremely sharp metal weapons.

Hikari was almost injured by those leopards. Morrisa and Hikari’s spells needed time to prepare. Morrisa was a good healer but could not fight and her summoning potions took too long to prepare.

After several battles, Angele had killed more than ten mutated leopards and he had successfully extracted some more life essences.

17 points of Strength brought Angele incredible power. He missed a slash once and the cursed scimitar left a deep crack in the ground.

The mutated leopard had a Strength of 6 but they could barely do any damage to Angele. His Metal Mastery was also improving as his attributes rose in digits.

He concluded after doing many tests that the metal forcefield would be more powerful and easier to control if his Strength and Stamina increased. The amount of mentality and mana he had would only affect the metal creation ability.

It took the five wizards about half a month to reach the White Mist Town Stigma had mentioned.

On the edge of the Abyss Canyon, there was a small forest with yellow trees. Tiny grey bushes filled up the gaps between the gaps between those trees.

White Mist Town was surrounded by some yellow trees and there were more than 100 old houses in the town. The view of the place was blurred by the white mist

in the air.

The walls were covered with black marks and cracks. It almost looked like the houses got burnt.

It was getting dark.

Black rusty iron fences lined up around the town and they were connected by large grey piers. It looked like a long black string with grey dots on it.

The town was empty. There was no one around and it was deadly silent.

Stigma was walking in the front of the team.

He peeked through one of the broken wooden windows on a house but the only thing he saw was darkness.

"Let’s go to the biggest house then. You can probably find a nice bathroom there." Reyline knitted his eyebrows. "I need to take a good shower with some real water too."

Reyline would only talk when it was absolutely necessary. He liked to keep the things to himself and he would not ask for help even when he was in need. That was the reason why people in Nola thought that Reyline was a short-tempered person.

The situation with Morrisa was different. She was the weakest wizard in the group and she relied on others’ protection. Although she wanted to join the conversation, she knew that it was better to let the other wizards make the decision.

The five walked to the tallest building in the town quickly.

The building was protected by some rusty fences but most of them were broken.

Hikari pushed the door open.

The wooden door fell to the ground and blew the dust on the floor to the air.

"Let’s do some cleanings first." Angele shook his head.

Angele stood in the living room and observed the surroundings while talking to Stigma.

"You’re returning to your family?" Angele asked.


"What’s going on?!" Angele and Stigma’s expressions changed. They rushed to the direction where the scream was coming from and saw Morrisa ran out of a room with a pale face.

"What happened? Morrisa?" Angele patted Morrisa’s shoulders and asked her.

Hikari ran down the stairs from the second floor quickly after hearing the scream.

Reyline entered the building from outside, looking confused.

Morrisa pointed at the bedroom she entered and started explaining in a shaky tone.

"How is that even possible? I didn’t…" Angele was surprised. "Let’s go check the bedroom. Stay alert!"

The room was relatively small. On the bed, the yellow blanket was moved to the side and some dark marks were left on the surface of the sheet.

"It's blood." She nodded.

"What do you think?" Stigma asked. It seemed that he did not know how to deal with the situation.

"Let me help you." Hikari stepped forward. "Ghosts are hard to deal with. We need to check the area immediately. I’ve encountered a similar situation in the Dark Red Highland, so I have an experience fighting against specters."

The ghosts in this world were mysterious and strong. An average wizard could easily be killed by a strong curse. Only the souls of strong or special individuals could stay in the world.

The Wizard World Chapter 273

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