The Wizard World Chapter 382

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Angele rubbed his teeth with the right hand and it felt like touching the blade of a saw.

‘I don’t even know what my true form will look like. The true form is the basis of all the inheritor’s secret techniques. I have the scorpion woman’s bloodline, the single-eyed giant’s bloodline, the tree elf’s bloodline, and my soul that is from the earth… I wonder what will happen if I combine all of them together…

Angele waved his right hand and the mirror disappeared; he then quickly created a black mask on his face.

Turning around, he opened the door and left the reading room.

Angele noticed that it seemed like Orphie and Freia had an argument. They sat far away from each other and no one was talking.

He glanced at the two girls and walked to them.

"Orphie, tell me if there’s an area full of large creatures around here." Angele was not sure how strong he was after his body was upgraded. He wanted to test his power on the creatures of the Nightmare Realm.

Orphie quickly stood up as she saw Angele walking to her, however, she hesitated after hearing the question.

"Master, I’m not familiar with the surroundings, but I know that there was a creature called the Water Devil in the rivers around the Dark Cloud City. It was a strong creature and you can go have a look."

"Dark Cloud City, huh?" Angele’s brow furrowed, he did not want to travel that far. "Well, it’s fine, I’ll try to find some in the areas close to the mansion."

Freia walked to Angele and jumped into his arms. "Green, why are you wearing a mask?" She questioned curiously. The girl was over 20 years old; however, she stayed in the mansion for so long that her mental age was still very young.

"There’s a problem with my face and I don’t want you to get scared," Angele rubbed Freia’s hair softly and responded gently. "Alright, you two should stay in the mansion, I’ll be back before you know it."

Angele calmed Freia down and assigned a room to Orphie, he then quickly left the mansion.

He stood outside the barrier and looked around.

On the left, there was the Ness River, and on the right, there was the forest that led to the Dark Cloud City.

He hesitated for a second and walked to the pass between the river and the forest.

The path led to an empty ground that looked endless. Angele’s sight was blocked by the thin gray mist.

Angele walked along the path and passed by several dark green willow trees. The trees’ long green branches were swaying in the wind.

He heard something vibrating in the air after walking for a while.

Angele slowly stopped and looked around. Everything was coated by the mist—the further away he was from the mansion, the thicker the mist would be.

He could barely see the green surface of the river and the only thing that was clear in his sight was the mud under his feet.


The noise was getting louder and louder, it sounded like there was a group of bees approaching.

Angele chanted an incantation in a low voice and countless flaming eyes appeared around his body. The eyes vanished into the air after about one second.

He raised his right hand and released a lava ball in the direction of the noise.

The dark red lava ball slowly blew the mist away with the heat wave it was releasing.


A blurry eye appeared in the center of the lava ball and was observing the surroundings.

A red light screen appeared in front of Angele’s body—it showed the scene the eye on the lava ball was seeing.

The left side and the right side were engulfed in the white mist and the mud on the ground was moving backward. Angele could hear the wind blowing from the light screen.

Suddenly, an enormous shadow appeared on the light screen.

Angele’s pupils constricted.

The creature that appeared in front of him was a humongous black dragonfly.

The dragonfly was more than ten meters long and the translucent wings behind it were vibrating. Also, the way the dragonfly was flying looked identical to a bee’s.

The dragonfly was slowly flying on above the surface of the river—it seemed like the dragonfly was looking for food.


The mouthpart of the dragonfly moved slightly, the lava ball was already inside its sight.

The Wizard World Chapter 382

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