The Wizard World Chapter 383

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There was a red string rotating around the granite golem beside the river; a large piece of black granite would fall to the ground every time the red string hit the golem.

The two wind golems were already destroyed after being penetrated by the red string.

The granite golem was still trying to fight back but its body size was shrinking at a fast rate.

Angele released multiple binding spells and a level-2 illusion spell; however, none of them worked on the dragonfly.

Several minutes later, the black dragonfly jumped out of the river again; the dragonfly took the Pyroblast directly, but it was just slowed down and there was no visible wound on its body.

Angele stood on the side and stopped moving. There were blue light dots flashing in front of his eyes.

‘Data collected, new creature profile created, please name the creature.’ Zero’s voice echoed in his ears.

‘Red Dragonfly and Black Dragonfly. Show me their data,’ Angele ordered.

The spinning holograms of the black dragonfly and the red dragonfly were displayed in his sight as he finished commanding the biochip.

‘Black Dragonfly: Estimated Power Level – Rank 2 wizard. Strength 6, Agility 6.3, Stamina 17, Mentality 13, Fire Resistance 200, Wind Resistance 150-200.’

‘Talent Ability: Defensive Buff, Resistance Buff, Fast Recovery, Energy Barrier (draw energy particles from water resources, maximum defensive power is 294 degrees).’

Angele’s expression changed after checking the black dragonfly’s information. The black dragonfly was the shield of the "two-men" army and it could easily soak up the damage.

He then looked at the information of the red dragonfly.

‘Red Dragonfly: Estimated Power Level – Rank 3 wizard, Evolution product of Black Dragonfly. Strength 12.5. Agility 11.7. Stamina 16.5. Mentality 15.1. Resistance: Fire Resistance 300, Wind Resistance 200. Talent Ability: Defensive Buff, Resistance Buff, Agility Buff, Fast Recovery, Energy Barrier (same as the one Black Dragonfly has, with counterattack as passive ability).’

Angele finally understood why the two dragonflies were so hard to deal with.

The black dragonfly he slew not so long ago was a bit larger than the two dragonflies in front of him. However, it was killed by Angele’s bloodline ability within seconds.

Angele nodded his head and he looked satisfied.

‘How much data of the wizards have I collected in the database?’ he questioned.

‘1432 cases have been collected.’

‘What about the wizards over rank 2?"

‘Rank 3 wizards: 5. Rank 4 wizards: 3.’ Zero reported back immediately.

‘Scan the data and simulate the battles for me, use my current power level as a reference.’ Angele was not sure if the order was going to work.

‘Need more data. Your Talent Ability hasn’t been activated yet.’

‘Talent Ability?’ Angele rubbed his chin as he watched the black and red dragonflies destroying the granite golem. The dragonflies switched their target and were charging toward him.

‘Well, let me give my Talent Ability a try then…’ He gathered all the bloodline power of the scorpion woman at the horn on top of his head and the bloodline power of the single-eyed giant on his extra pair of eyes.

Angele tried to activate the horn with the mentality; for some reason, he opened his mouth and it looked like he was about to roar.


A translucent sound wave was released from Angele’s body.

The two dragonflies dropped to the ground, struggled for several seconds, and died.

All the trees, flowers, and grass started dying in the area around Angele; the effective range was more than thirty meters.

The brown tree trunks turned black, then twisted and cracked. The tree leaves turned from green to yellow, and yellow gray before falling to the ground.

The grass turned from green to yellow, and yellow to gray as well; it looked like they were burnt by flames. The grass was blown away by the gentle wind like ashes.

Angele stood there and stopped releasing the soundwave as his face turned pale. It was the first time he fully activated the bloodline power of the scorpion woman. After merging the bloodlines, the only thing he needed was the mentality, and the bloodline of the ancient creatures would no longer be consumed.

However, the sound wave cost him a third of his mentality.

Everything inside the effective range was turned into gray ashes and blown away by the wind.

‘Let me name this ability as Ash Bluster, the area damage is around 500-600 degrees. It’s a strong ability. Let me try the bloodline of the single-eyed giant as well…’ Angele took a deep breath and focused on the second pair of eyes above his eyebrows.

Angele blinked his eyes.


The golden eyes on his eyebrows slowly opened; the pupils looked like the ones the cats had and the eyeballs were rolling.

Angele could see more things in his sight with the four eyes and his vision radius was greatly expanded. It felt like looking at a different world.

It would take him some time to get used to the four eyes he had.

Suddenly, Angele could feel that his body was filled up with a violent power.

The objects around were sinking slowly.

‘Wait… My height is increasing…’ He suddenly realized what was happening.

Angele lowered his head and looked at his body. The muscles in his legs and arms were growing. His body size was increasing like crazy.

Raising his right hand, a silver metal mirror appeared in front of him.


The Wizard World Chapter 383

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