Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 43.1

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Chapter 43.1 - Girl with a disfigured face

The Ruan family’s head’s breathing got a lot heavier because of her laughter, his fists curling around a nearby tea cup.

Suddenly, he violently threw it on the ground and it shattered, splintering into four or five fragments on the floor.

Some parts even flew towards Ruan Zhen’s feet but she didn’t move an inch, her heart was completely sure of itself that he would definitely agree to her requests.

Indeed, in only a few more minutes, Ruan Xiuren’s face would still be as solemn and stern, but slightly nodded, “You can leave! I’ll deal with those two things and if there is a next time, I won’t deal with it, you’ll have to deal with it yourself.”

She had a hold on him but if she forced him too much, she wouldn’t be able to blame him for not taking mercy on her.

“Of course, as long as big brother nods his head, then everything’s okay. Then, your little sister will wait for big brother’s good news.” Ruan Zhen then finally was able to feel relieved as she stepped over the broken shards.

She didn’t want to see his dark face any more, that face that wanted nothing more than to strangle her because she really was scared that he would.

She twisted her hips as she turned around, but just as she opened the door, she saw a girl holding a tray not too far away.

Her smile disappeared as her face became mocking again, generously opening the door as she leaned on the door frame to watch the beautiful married woman walk closer.

When she was in front of her, she dramatically waved her handkerchief, raising her voice, “9th sister-in-law, are you well?”

Ruan family’s head’s mood originally wasn’t good and seeing that Ruan Zhen still wasn’t leaving, his brows furrowed even more.

But hearing Ruan Zhen’s phrase, his originally tightened face flashed a hint of gentleness.

He immediately stood up and walked towards the door and indeed, saw the person he wanted to see.

He took over the tray in her hands and couldn’t help but say, “You should just let the servants do this. What will happen if you get tired?” As he spoke, one hand held the tray and the other wrapped around her waist.

He brought her to the seat he was originally seated at and coaxed her with his warm and gentle voice, his previous coldness completely disappearing.

The beautiful married woman’s face reddened, seemingly unaccustomed to being so intimate in front of strangers.

She pushed at him and courteously stood to the side. “I heard them say that Zhen’er came so I came to see her.”

They then only seemed to notice that Ruan Zhen was still standing at the doorway, the beautiful woman’s face reddened even more, “Zhen’er, you should come here too.”

Ruan family’s head looked at Ruan Zhen warningly as Ruan Zhen’s perfect face showed a crack.

Her eyes unnaturally looking at the arm that Ruan Xiuren wrapped around the woman’s waist, slowly taking back her words, “9th sister-in-law, I just remembered that there was something for me to do at the residence. I won’t disturb you and big brother.”

She left that and turned around to leave.

As she left, she heard Ruan Xiuren’s unsatisfied voice behind her, “Why are you even bothering with her? If she wants to leave, let her leave. Don’t worry about it, the doctor says that your health isn’t good either and it’s cold today, so don't’ …”

His completely demeanour when facing Ruan Zhen and that woman made Ruan Zhen’s footsteps pause.

Her mouth curled up in a mocking smile as she walked a few steps but couldn’t help but turn back, just coincidentally seeing the warmth in Ruan Xiuren’s eyes as he looked at that beautiful woman.

Ruan Zhen watched as a darkness flashed in her eyes.

In the next few days, like Lou Qingwu said, the Ruan family started privately selling off its stores.

Tang Er used a fake identity to buy them and in the end, moved them all under Lou Qingwu’s name who then used some people she’d been training secretly.

After Ruan Zhen came back from the Ruan family, she didn’t leave her rooms again, letting her senior servants manage the Lou residence’s affairs on her behalf.

Lou Lianxin had also been restricted by her to her rooms.

As these two people didn’t run around, the rumours surrounding them slowly died down.

Lou Qingwu was clear about Ruan Zhen’s plans, how she wanted everything to die down by lying low, because after all, even if the rumours swirled around them viciously, they’d have to die down eventually.

Just like her affairs all those years ago, time was the best medicine.


TL note:

Too much GOT lately makes me suspicious of incest between Ruan Zhen and Ruan Xiuren. That’d be a fun plotline.

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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 43.1

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