Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 44.1

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Chapter 44.1 - Sickness beyond cure

The girl called Little Bell also froze and suddenly, threw a violent fit as she lunged at the shopkeeper and yelled, “What nonsense are you spouting? My family’s miss won’t sing a song for you! What do you think my miss is? You, you’re shameless!”

“Hmph, she’s clearly from a brothel, don’t think that I can’t tell! Just letting you sing a song is letting you off cheap. If you don’t want to sing then get out, stop disturbing me from doing business. Come, shoo these people away!”

The shopkeeper was angered by being humiliated as he saw the bystanders pointing at him.

He became even more impatient and almost immediately, two helpers came out from behind and viciously pushed at the servant girl.

She wasn’t paying attention and fell backwards, falling on the girl in the wheelchair and in a moment, the wheelchair flipped as the two people crashed on the ground.

The girl fell heavily and was quite obviously injured, her face became even paler.

The servant girl was scared to death as she hurriedly rushed up to help pick the other girl up.

But she kept trying and trying and still couldn’t help her up, her tears began to fall down, “Wuwuwu, miss, I didn’t do it on purpose, did you get hurt anywhere? Little Bell’s going to help you find a doctor …”

The girl struggled and finally, just barely, propped herself up with her palms on the ground before suddenly violently coughing.

She took out a handkerchief to cover he mouth as the painful coughing sounds made the bystanders’ expressions all change.

They couldn’t help but mutter amongst themselves.

The shopkeeper watched and suddenly changed, don’t be infected with tuberculosis, what bad luck!

“Go away, go away, hurry and leave!”

But this time, didn’t get anyone to push them away.

The shopkeeper disdainfully hmph’ed and waved around his sleeves as he watched the girl.

The girl’s coughing finally stopped but she didn’t take down her handkerchief.

In the end, she folded it and placed it inside the sleeve, but even then, Lou Qingwu saw it was stained with blood.

Blood? It seemed like this girl was about to die.

But as her eyes carelessly fell on her again, the fallen girl’s wrist lifted up and revealed a string of rosary beads.

The old fashioned colour and design, its faded sandalwood, was especially familiar …

Lou Qingwu’s eyes suddenly stopped, her wet eyes darkening until they appeared unfathomable.

Little Bell half knelt in front of the girl and was crying and gasping, “Miss, it … it’s all because Little Bell’s useless, not even able to buy a wedding gown for you …”

This was the miss’ final dying wish, but she was so useless, and she even made her miss suffer along with her, she really was useless!

The girl rubbed Little Bell’s head and shook her head, placing the handkerchief into her bosom as her voice was still just as gentle and wispy, “Don’t buy it. It was just for a memory. If I have it or don’t have it, there’s already no difference.”

Everything’s the same but the people have changed, so even if she wore that wedding gown, she already wasn’t the her from back then.

“But ..”

“Let’s go back.” She only hated, hated that that person didn’t kill her. She hated that even though she was already at this point, she could still remember that year’s promise.

Hahaha, she really … really was dumb.

The girl calmly lowered her lids, hiding the hatred in her eyes, because even if she hated and resented, what use was it? What use was talking about revenge?

It would just be making other people suffer with her.

But, she really was resentful … resentful that if she died like this, that person would still be living happily and carefree!

Before her eyes, a dark figure suddenly appeared, hiding the last bit of sunshine.

The girl slowly lifted up her head, looking at the person in front of her.

She wore all white, as if even dust didn’t dare to touch her, and clearly, despite appearing like a gentle and weak girl, gave off a dark and underworld-type of feeling.


TL note:

That crying scene was really depressing. Whoever hurt her was a horrible person.

LQW’s aura is too scary ha

Leave a comment and to see Lou Qingwu take advantage of a poor girl in need xx

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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 44.1

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