Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 45.1

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 Chapter 45.1 - Sold into prostitution

Lou Qingwu left the side wing and returned to her own room .

Just as she walked in, as expected, she saw Thousand Face’s haggard and tired silhouette.

When he heard the door opening, he turned around, wearing a stranger’s face.

But that smile was definitely Thousand Face’s.

“Master, I’m back! I’ve already investigated that affair.”

“Oh? How was it?”

“That Mu Yunqing did have a lover who he was engaged to at birth at Jiangyin. It was only a pity that after he finished his studies, he didn’t get back to his hometown before his fiancee’s dad forced her to marry someone else. When he returned, she was already married off far away and no matter how hard he chased, he couldn’t chase her back. Furthermore, she was married off hastily too, they randomly found an out-of-town businessman and married her off.”

“A businessman’s daughter?” The centre of Lou Qingwu’s eyebrow twitched, this was a bit different to what she thought.

“Yes, it’s apparently a well known and prestigious family in that town.”

“...” Lou Qingwu became silent, there was something fishy about this.

If that girl in the side wing was a business man’s daughter, then how did she end up in prostitution?

Even though the embroidery shop’s shopkeeper was a bit inappropriate and his words were harsh, there was a hint of truth in his words.

No matter how hard the girl tried to hide it, there was always an air of something that followed girls who had entered prostitution.

After they passed through training in that area, their auras and demeanours change.

Lou Qingwu thought and uncertainty asked, “Then what was the business man’s daughter’s name?”

“Su Sheng. Reed and song in the moonlit night, that ‘Sheng’ [reed].”

The name was right and with the “Sheng” on Mu Yunqing’s rosary beads, that definitely was Su Sheng’s ‘Sheng’.

But if she had already been married off, how could Su Sheng fall into prostitution?

“That’s right, I’ve also brought a painting of Su Sheng. I heard that she was well known in the town for her beauty and when I entered the Su residence, I wasted a lot of time and effort to get her painting. Furthermore, there was something strange, that is, when I entered the Su residence, everyone was tight-lipped about Su Sheng. It was only after I heard from an old housekeeper that back then, when Miss Su was married off, Su laoye had driven her away and cut off their father-daughter relations.”

Thousand Face spoke as he unfurled the painting scroll, revealing a beautiful girl with a light purple brocade silk robe, holding a reed pipe to her mouth. The bamboo forest behind her seemed to sway and it was so life-like that it seemed like she’d walk out of the painting any moment now.

The painting’s girl was extremely beautiful, and in just an eye, Lou Qingwu confirmed that it was the girl in the side wing.

Even though half of her face was disfigured, her eyes, eyebrows were the same, apart from the look in her eyes.

Lou Qingwu looked at the painting and became silent.

The girl was obviously Su Sheng but she still didn’t know why she had fallen into prostitution.

“Master, I heard you brought a girl back?”

“En, she should be Su Sheng.”

“Ah? How could that be?” Didn’t they say that Su Sheng had married someone?

How could she appear in the capital? Would that Su Sheng really be the Miss Su that he was investigating?

“It should be her. But, her circumstances and what you found out, are different. Back then, she hadn’t been married off, but had been sold into prostitution.”

“....” Thousand Face’s whole body was shocked.

He looked at the girl in the unfurled painting, then rubbed his ear lobes, confirming that he hadn’t misheard her.

His facial expression changed, “How, how could that be?”

A young miss who was naive and unknown to the ways of the world, how could she sold into that type of place?

Just thinking about it filled him with feelings of despair and pain.


TL note:

Who could’ve sold off that pretty girl into prostitution?

I really should be translating more orz

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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 45.1

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