True Martial World Chapter 1144

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"It can be bought directly?" Yi Yun was surprised. "Where can I buy it?"

"In Myriad City, there are three big medicine clinics. The biggest one is Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. It has alchemists that are proficient at refining Soul Restoring Relics. If you need them, you can buy it from there."

"In that case…" Yi Yun pondered slightly. Buying it directly may sound simple…

"Yi Yun, are you lacking in Myriad Runes?"

Princess White Fox could guess from Yi Yun's expression. The Myriad Runes of Myriad City could only be exchanged using treasures. It was likely that Yi Yun had just arrived in Myriad City so he probably did not have much to spare.

Yi Yun smiled bitterly and nodded.

Princess White Fox thought for a moment before saying, "Young Master Yi, please stay here for a moment."

With that said, Princess White Fox's figure flashed as she vanished right in front of Yi Yun.

The City Lord Manor was filled with restrictive arrays. Princess White Fox had been instantly transported to another spot.

Soon, Princess White Fox's figure appeared once again. This time, a middle-aged man with sword-like brows, starry eyes, and extraordinary bearing, appeared with her.

"City Lord Qin…"

Yi Yun had seen the middle-aged man back in Heavenly Treasures Arch.

"Uncle Qin. This is my friend, Yi Yun." Princess White Fox said as she bowed slightly.

Princess White Fox's trip to the Myriad Divine Territory was for her to train her soul and Zither Dao. There were definitely some expenses that could not be avoided. Her master, Qin Wuyin had instructed her before that if she needed Myriad Runes, she could request it from City Lord Qin. Of course, Qin Wuyin would return it in the future.

Princess White Fox knew that her master had very friendly relations with City Lord Qin. It was not a problematic request. However, her own expenses were one thing while Yi Yun's expenses were another.

In order to help Yi Yun, she had to borrow a large sum of Myriad Runes, something that even Princess White Fox felt a little overboard.

"Young man, we meet again."

City Lord Qin looked at Yi Yun with interest. Back in Heavenly Treasures Arch, he already had his curiosity piqued by Yi Yun. He appreciated Xue Wuxia greatly and thought very highly of a junior like her. Moreover, Xue Wuxia treated Yi Yun very nicely and even made a rather impetuous request because of him.

City Lord Qin sized up Yi Yun and said with a nod, "Your talent is very good. You are Wuxia's friend and she has requested for me to lend you 800,000 runes. I will not disagree but I wanted to meet you. I wanted to see what's so special about you that Wuxia treats you so well."

City Lord Qin took out a dark red jade slip and handed it to Yi Yun.

By the side, Princess White Fox said, "Young Master Yi, I remember that the price of Soul Restoring Relics cost 500,000 runes. It should be enough. I came to Myriad City with not a lot of runes, so I can only ask Uncle Qin for help. I had made the bold decision for you in light of your extreme anxiousness…"

Yi Yun took a deep breath. He knew that Princess White Fox had said that because she was afraid that his pride could not accept the favor. However, now wasn't the time to be proud. This money was absolutely needed by Yi Yun. He took the jade slip over and said, "Thank you, City Lord Qin. I will repay it in three months!"

Three months?

City Lord Qin was stunned. To repay 800,000 Myriad Runes in three months was not something even an old person would dare claim, much less a junior.

City Lord Qin frowned slightly. Did he read this young man wrongly? This punk was actually an arrogant kid that spoke without any pragmatism?

In fact, City Lord Qin was a rather frank and open person. He did not think too much about matters concerning wealth, especially money he lent out. To him, it was like spilled water. If he could get anything back, it would be a pleasant surprise as if he had picked it off the ground. If he could not get it back, it was only normal. He was mentally prepared and could ignore it.

Everyone was of value in City Lord Qin's heart. Some friends of City Lord Qin were worth it for him to go all out. However, those of ordinary value was at best tens or hundreds of thousands of runes worth. He would not lend it if they exceeded their values.

Under such circumstances, Xue Wuxia had asked to borrow 800,000 runes. It was naturally not a problem. Even if Yi Yun vanished from then on, he would not pursue the matter. He would treat it as using 800,000 runes to show to Xue Wuxia what sort of friend Yi Yun was, so as to prevent her from suffering in the future.

However, City Lord Qin never expected for Yi Yun to mention returning in three months so seriously. Such promises did not sound believable at all.

"Young man, you just need to cultivate earnestly with your feet planted firmly on solid ground. I lent you the Myriad Runes because of Wuxia. You should cherish your friendship with her. I wish that you can return the runes. As for the amount of time, there's no requirement. Just do your best."

City Lord Qin's words were rather minced. From his point of view, with Yi Yun's age and strength, it would be rather impressive if he could repay the debt in fifty years or even a hundred years.

Yi Yun could naturally tell what City Lord Qin meant. However, Xie'er's life was in danger. He did not have time to explain further.

"Thank you, City Lord Qin. Thank you, Fairy Wuxia."

Yi Yun cupped his hands and said. He did not say anything extraneous. He took note of this favor that was bestowed on him.

"I have matters to tend to. I'll bid you farewell first!"

"There's no need for all these superfluous niceties. Go if you need to." City Lord Qin said as he waved his hand.

"Young Master Yi, make haste." Princess White Fox could tell that Yi Yun had something very important to deal with.

Once out of City Lord Manor, Yi Yun rushed straight for Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic.

Myriad City was extremely massive. It was the size of a small mortal country. Since flying was forbidden in the city, Yi Yun ran all the way.

"Xie'er, hold on!"

Alongside City Lord Manor's mirror-like lake, City Lord Qin looked at Princess White Fox and said, "Wuxia, your master is my best friend. Since she sent you to Myriad City to train, I should take good care of you. Your friend has a converged aura and outstanding talent. He is a genius."

"However…he speaks in a way too full of himself. It will only make others think lowly of him. If he doesn't let down your trust, I can give him some pointers. However, if he were to disappoint, you just need to distance yourself from him. You can also treat it as a lesson not to believe in others easily."

City Lord Qin earnestly advised Princess White Fox. From his point of view, she was too naive and could suffer as a result.

"That won't happen. Yi Yun is not someone that will offer what he can't do." Princess White Fox said with a smile. Years ago, be it in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven or to become Felicitous Rain Lord's disciple, Yi Yun's performance had been astounding.

For Yi Yun, what seemed like miracles were not called miracles.

"If you believe him that much, I won't say anything more. By the way, your master sent you to Myriad City but did she mention that she will be participating in the exchange three years later?" City Lord Qin asked as his eyes flashed with a look of warmth.

Princess White Fox shook her head and said, "About that…I do not know as well. After sending me here, she left on her travels. I do not know if she will come or not."

"That's quite her character…" City Lord Qin looked out at the mirror-like lake. White clouds were reflected in it and there was a gentle refreshing wind that blew at the people along the bank. City Lord Qin sighed and did not speak another word…

True Martial World Chapter 1144

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