True Martial World Chapter 770 - Spirit Cruiser

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Chapter 770: Spirit Cruiser


The black hole's gravitational strength was too strong, and it sucked them in silently. Yi Yun immediately grabbed Lin Xintong's hand!

Lin Xintong's understanding of spatial dimension laws was weaker than Yi Yun, so it was naturally impossible for her to resist the black hole's gravitational pull.

Now, they were truly at the end of the rope. Hiding inside the God Advent Tower led to a dead end as well, as they would be sucked into the black hole, along with the God Advent Tower.

"Yi Yun, let's try to move backwards again!" Lin Xintong turned anxious. At this moment, she could only inject all her Yuan Qi into Yi Yun's body. By combining their strengths, they could use Yi Yun's understanding of spatial dimension laws to break free from the bondage of the black hole.

With their lives on the line, Yi Yun's mind churned quickly. They were like swimming in rapids, and behind them was a waterfall. The water flow was too fast, so regardless of how they swam, they were only sliding backwards.

If this went on, it would be disastrous! Yi Yun clenched his fists. In about half a minute, they would be completely be locked onto by the black hole, and their deaths would be ensured!

But what if… he tore the void?

Yi Yun's mind lit up with a flash of brilliance. They were still in the midst of the spatial dimensional turbulence, but the space here could still be torn open. However, in the vicinity of the black hole, due to the severe distortion of space, Yi Yun had no way of predicting what would happen when he teared the space open.

But at this moment, he no longer had time to consider any of the his options. He could only try his luck.

"Xintong, give me your strength... all of it!" Yi Yun shouted. Without any hesitation, Lin Xintong immediately circulated the 'Great Empress Heart Sutra'. All her Yuan Qi surged into Yi Yun's body like a torrential flood!

Yi Yun felt his Dantian swell instantly, as though it was going to explode.


The Golden Crow and Nine Neonate's phantom image appeared behind Yi Yun's body simultaneously. At the same time, the Black-armored Demon God and the Draco First True Gold avatar were summoned by Yi Yun as well.

In a combination of avatar, puppet, along with all of Lin Xintong and Yi Yun's strength, Yi Yun threw out the God Advent Tower!


The God Advent Tower struck the void. This was Yi Yun's strongest attack!

Ka Ka Ka!

The space in the vicinity of the black hole contained greater amounts of energy. If this was the Tian Yuan world, Yi Yun's strike would have caused the space to collapse. But now, it only resulted in tiny fractures and they were even quickly mending themselves.

"Demon God puppet!"

Yi Yun roared. The Demon God puppet, which had already spent a great deal of energy in the previous strike, struck the void with its lance in hand like a meteor bombardment!


The fractures expanded once again. However, they did not completely crack open. Yi Yun's pupils constricted. And at that split second, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence and burned it.

Suppress it again!

The God Advent Tower's second strike was augmented by the strength that Yi Yun obtained by burning his blood essence.

Time was too tight. In that short time window, be it Yi Yun, the Draco First True Gold avatar or the Demon God puppet, they had used a strength that their bodies could not withstand.


Space finally completely shattered. Endless spatial storms swept up as Yi Yun held onto Lin Xintong's hand. Using all their strength, they charged into the spatial turbulence!

As to what there was behind the spatial turbulence, Yi Yun did not know. But it was definitely better than falling into a black hole.

Yi Yun clenched his teeth while enduring the storm's engulfment. He felt like his body was about to crack apart, while he put his Draco avatar and the Demon God puppet away.

The Draco avatar moved through Yi Yun's will. If Yi Yun's consciousness turned dull, he would not be able to move himself easily. So the Draco First True Gold avatar would naturally be useless as well.

As for the Demon God puppet, its body was extremely strong. Despite the impact from before, it could still move freely. But Yi Yun could not let the Demon God puppet stay by his side.

The thing controlling the Demon God puppet was actually the evil energy. In an extremely weakened state, he would not be able to control the evil energy. He needed to keep the Demon God puppet in his Dantian, sealing the evil energy in the Purple Crystal. Only then would it be  safe.

Yi Yun desperately held onto Lin Xintong's soft hand, as he felt like he was a leaf, drifting in the storm.

The storm grew in intensity, while Yi Yun's energy quickly depleted. He had just burned a large quantity of his blood essence. Being weak in both blood and Qi, it was very difficult for him to withstand the terrifying forces.

As his consciousness turned blurry, Yi Yun bit his tongue, using the pain to keep him awake. However.. .he still was unable to fight against the powers of the universe...



After an unknown period of time, as though he had a lengthy dream, Yi Yun opened his heavy eyelids with great difficulty. He felt like his eyelids were as heavy as lead, making it extremely difficult for him to open them fully.

His vision was still in a blur. He felt like he was still drifting through the void, and his body felt weightless.

In his stupor, he suddenly thought of something. His eyes opened up widely immediately as he broke out into cold sweat.

His hand was empty!

"Xintong! Xintong!"

Yi Yun subconsciously stretched his hand out to grab something, but all he caught was nothingness. Lin Xintong, who he was desperately holding onto before going unconscious, had disappeared!

Yi Yun turned his neck with great difficulty to survey the surroundings. However, he saw nothing as far as his vision could go. It was just black nothingness. There was nothing at all. He had been separated from Lin Xintong!

After being swept into the spatial turbulence, the both of them lost consciousness, and they must have been separated by the chaotic spatial dimensional forces.

How was he going to search for Lin Xintong in this vast emptiness?

And his body was now in a wretched state. Not only were his organs ruptured, many of his meridians had been severed. His body's energy was nearly completely depleted.

It was difficult for him to fly, much less talk about Void Tearing.

This endless sea of stars made distances between every world extremely far. In Yi Yun's situation, trying to cross this sea of stars to another world was nearly impossible.

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun's heart turned cold. Now, trying to extricate himself from this spatial maze was a huge problem, much less find Lin Xintong.

Yi Yun felt hatred. These hidden black holes in space were relatively few in the endless void, but yet he had the bad luck to encounter one.

Being pulled into the black hole's gravitational pull was something that he could do nothing about. Even warriors from the 12 Empyrean Heavens would be lost in it if they were not careful, much less him!

Having been separated from Lin Xintong, and his body severely injured due to the spatial turbulence, he floated in the void without any form of resistance. The only thing that still had its strength conserved was the Demon God puppet, but Yi Yun did not dare to summon it easily so as to prevent him losing control of the evil energy.

At this moment, the only thing Yi Yun could do was rely on the Purple Crystal to absorb the minute amounts of Yuan Qi in the void, supplementing his exhausted energy.

But tragically, Yi Yun's meridians and pores were like a sieve, making him lose 99% of the energy he absorbed into his body.

Trying to keep this energy required mending his meridians. But to mend his meridians, he needed even more energy. This made him fall into a vicious cycle. If this went on, Yi Yun did not know when he would be able to mend his body.

He had to find an area with rich Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and slowly nurse himself back to health. However, where was he to find such a place?

Just as Yi Yun felt like he was at the end of the rope… he suddenly saw a red beam of light shoot at him. He could tell that it was a spirit cruiser.

True Martial World Chapter 770 - Spirit Cruiser

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