Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 538

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Among the four, one was the mighty Lord, one was the Overlord of the Tianwen clan, one was The Lord’s disciple, and one was a prince. Gu Xijiu felt sorry for Rong Che. He came all the way to deliver her pet, but he was wronged and asked to make the tea. She was the host here. Hence, she should be the one making the tea. Therefore, occasionally, she helped to pass him the teacups.

Rong Che was quite relaxed about the situation. He smiled as usual, just like a polite man. There was no annoyance on his face, and every single movement he made with the tea was as nice as a dance.

Long Siye seemed to be bothered by something. He did not focus even when he was drinking the tea. Occasionally, he took a glimpse at Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu responded accordingly and drank the tea mindfully. While they were enjoying the tea, Long Siye asked, "My Lord, since you’re staying here, why not ask Headmaster Gu to arrange another place for Miss Gu, so that you can focus on your practice and also…"

Before he could finish, The Lord interrupted, "She stays in the courtyard behind this one." He had already made all the arrangements, the four messengers would stay in the front courtyard, the middle courtyard would be his temporary accommodation, and Gu Xijiu was arranged to stay in the back courtyard. Therefore, all three courtyards were occupied.

Long Siye stopped and continued, "Since My Lord decided to stay here, why not I be your custodian?"

Rong Che also quickly offered himself, "I’m willing to be your custodian too, My Lord."

The Lord remained silent for a short while and then asked, "What are you worried about?"

Long Siye and Rong Che could not say a word. Both of them wanted to explain, but The Lord had issued an order, "It’s late. Get out."

No one would dare to disobey The Lord’s order. Therefore, Long Siye and Rong Che made their move even though they were not willing to leave. As it was already nightfall, Rong Che could not leave so he stayed over with Yan Chen again. On the other hand, Long Siye went to the house which Gu Canmo prepared for him. The Tianju Hall had finally returned to its silence.

"My Lord, are you still suspecting Rong Che?" Gu Xijiu asked.

"Uhh, why say so?"

"You kept staring at Rong Che when he was making the tea. You paid so much attention, did you try to see whether he was hiding any skills?

"You’re really smart." The Lord did not deny.

"Then, have you found anything? I did observe his movements too, everything was normal."

Gu Xijiu had tea together with Rong Che a few times; she knew his usual procedures. It was difficult to change one’s habits for making tea, and everyone had different ways to make tea so it would be obvious.

"Are you very close to him?"

"We’ve met a few times for tea together when we were still in the capital city. He was quite nice to me and helped me a few times." Gu Xijiu did not hide the relationship between Rong Che and her.

The Lord looked at her for a short while and casually said, "You wouldn’t know."

Gu Xijiu had no idea what was wrong with her as her blood was boiling. She would not allow anyone to backstab her friends.

Gu Xijiu said, "I trust him!"

The Lord’s finger knocked on the tea plate and asked, "So, you don’t believe me?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She pondered and then refuted, "I trust you, but I also believe my friend is innocent!"

The Lord seemed to be tired. He waved her hand, "It’s quite late already, go back and rest. I need to meditate and gather Hu Qingqing’s souls tonight."


Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 538

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