War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 509

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At this moment, besides the 1,500 ancient mammoth silhouettes that a Half-step Void Stage martial artist possessed, there was another 720 ancient mammoth silhouettes in the sky. It formed an extremely great contrast to the extra 570 ancient mammoth silhouettes that were above Ji Feng.

This was the difference between a grade five spirit weapon and grade six spirit weapon!

An ordinary grade five spirit weapon was able to amplify strength by 48%.

Whereas an ordinary grade six spirit weapon was only able to amplify strength by 38%.

The difference was an entire 10%!

To a Half-step Void Stage martial artist, 10% was equivalent to the strength of 150 ancient mammoths!

"So what if it’s a grade five spirit sword, I’ve comprehended a Sword Force Seed and I’m not much inferior to you!" Ji Feng’s face became slightly grim. He instantly concentrated and his body moved to fly out, choosing to strike first and gain the advantage.

After all, even if his Sword Force Seed’s fluctuation in strength hit the limit, it would still be inferior to the Flute Fairy by the strength of over 10 ancient mammoths…

If he wanted to win, then he had to take her by surprise!

But would Ji Feng be able to succeed?

Suddenly, the spirit flute that lay horizontal before Flute Fairy’s scarlet lips emitted a melody that became more and more hurried, and the Origin Energy within it even became completely material.


As Ji Feng’s figure moved, a sword flashed out, seeming like a meteor that flashed in the night sky, and it went straight for the spirit flute in Flute Fairy’s hands.

As far as he was concerned, so long as he struck down the grade five spirit flute, it would be sufficient for him to firmly grasp victory!

In this way, he would also not injure the Flute Fairy.

Right at this moment, the melody that Flute Fairy played and originally contained the tune of slaughter abruptly changed to become exceedingly exalted.

Whereas at this instant.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Flute Fairy blew gracefully as Origin Energy condensed on the spirit flute on her hand before pulsating according to the tune, and numerous light blades that were condensed from Origin Energy whistled as they flew out to greet Ji Feng.

The following scene caused everyone to be dumbstruck.

The Flute Fairy is actually condensing Origin Energy into blades and executing attacks via the spirit flute? Duan Ling Tian’s heart couldn’t help but shake when he saw the scene before him.

Before his eyes, the Flute Fairy stood there with her violet clothes that fluttered without the wind, and the tips of her fingers on her delicate pair of hands ceaselessly pressed onto the spirit flute.

Numerous light blades condensed from Origin Energy whistled as they flew out to flash directly towards Ji Feng.

These light blades seemed like a rain that wouldn’t stop forever, and they ceaselessly descended onto Ji Feng.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

The grade six spirit sword in Ji Feng’s hand had swung out for an unknown amount of swings, and every time it swung out, it would destroy a light blade.

But the light blades were truly too numerous.

Later on, his movements seemed to be in slightly difficult state.

Whereas Flute Fairy on the other hand stood there with a composed expression, and she gracefully blew in the spirit flute. Along with a deafening tune of slaughter sounding out, the numerous light blades that flashed out became even more fierce, swift, and peerless.

"AH!" Suddenly, Ji Feng shouted out explosively, the Origin Energy on his body skyrocketed, then the grade six spirit sword in his hand returned to revolve around his body, and his Origin Energy transformed into numerous sword lights that twined around his body.

Subsequently, Ji Feng’s body flashed out, and he actually relied on the protective barrier formed by these sword lights to charge towards Flute Fairy.

Those light blades descended in patches onto the protective barrier around Ji Feng’s body, and then transformed into nothingness.

"It’s the Li Clan’s Earth Rank defense martial skill, Ironwall Sword Body!" Instantly, many people had recognized the martial skill Ji Feng executed.


War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 509

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