World Record Chapter 63

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63. One who desires to fight

The warp hole warning stops, and at the same time, numerous roar can be heard from the entrance.
And, the girls finally recovered from frozen.

[Why you’re moving so slow even though you knew all of it!? If you knew it, you should have called the Special Forces……]


Iwato said those merciless words to the three–Ayame, Tsukie and Secretary-san.

With this much of strength, if a C rank joined, he would only be a hindrance.

Those words extinguished the flustered flames in their hearts, and they regained their composure.

[……Ahem, so Iwato. You said that you don’t know the identity of the researcher, but he chose the time when no one is in the building means that the researcher must at least be in there, right?]
[Ah, in that case, I can check it up. However, it may take some time to find him……]

Secretary-san replied so to Tsukie’s words.

Then, it’s for sure that the only person who stayed behind is the researcher, but–

[Well, even if you don’t do it, we will know soon]

Iwato muttered so, and he looked at the building at the back.

In such situation, Iwato looked straight towards a certain place.

[I didn’t expect someone that 『strong』 entered]

Upon hearing his words, the girls frowned.

Iwato who crushed every single enemy as if he’s playing with a toy up until now, said the word 『strong』.
That means–

[Divine Beast class……]

In his eyes, he can see the devastating aura from that place.

—Divine Beast class.

That Iwato surely plans to go there by himself.

That’s why, she’s worried.

How far can the current Iwato stand against a Divine Beast class.

Against such opponent–

(Iwato…… Can you really stand a chance against……a Divine Beast class…humanoid?)

She knows about the Iwato three years ago.

No matter what, she couldn’t affirm it.
And, above all–

(I can’t let my own son…take the same 『responsibility』 as three years ago)

She smiled, and mana wells up–inside her body.

[『Shadow Clone』]

At the next moment, the mana overflowing from her body formed a figure, creating a 『Shadow Clone』 that looks the same as Tsukie on the spot.
Karen, Ayame and Secretary-san opened their eyes wide upon seeing that, but Iwato’s reaction was–a wry smile.

[Kaa-san, you plan to follow me?]
[Of course. I myself will stay here, but at least, take along my shadow clone]

Iwato tried to refuse her, but–he stopped.

There’s a definite resolution in her eyes, and Iwato knows the best that anything he says is useless against such resolution.
Iwato leaks a sigh, and looks at Tsumugu and the girls.

[Tsumu, Karen, Ayame. Can I leave this place to you?]

Upon hearing those words, the girls hesitated.

They couldn’t leave their loved one to go to a dangerous place purposely.

[……Haa, understood. At any rate…the current Nii-san…will not listen to me–]

[I understand…… Please don’t be reckless, okay?]

Iwato’s expression loosens upon hearing those words, and he turned back and started running along with Tsukie’s shadow clone.
Upon seeing his back figure, Tsumugu muttered the words she didn’t say softly.

[Nii-san is not weak…to the extent of needing to worry]

The girl who saw the image, stood in front of the screen without doing anything.

(That person……was definitely looking at me)

That’s right. At that time, Iwato was looking at her direction.
Since seeing the image, the girl was convinced.

『I don’t care whether he’s pandora or king……but he’s strong. To the extent that he can fight me』

Those thoughts can be called as wishful thinking or desire.

He wants to fight against me, a thrilling battle. Above all–He wants to win.
The long-forgotten feelings start appearing inside her, and the flames spread gradually.

『Good, this is worth it……』

I want to fight.

Come faster.

Before she knew it, she’s smiling in delight and excitement, and she puts her hand on her beating heart–

[Kukuku…… I didn’t expect Kanekura-san to come as well, but……with this, it’s 2v2. We will defeat you completely! Not to forget, that failure also!]

–She remembered the nuisance existence.


The girl looks at the man–the researcher.

『I desire a 1v1 against him. You have no turn in this』

[Nn?……Kukuku, have you become fond of that black-haired? I understand, let’s leave him alone alive. Well, perhaps I should at least break his bones]

She’s convinced that–now is the time.
She sighs once, and walks towards him.

『Bringing me here and giving me this device. I’m grateful for these two』

At the next moment, her arm came out of the researcher’s chest. He opened his eyes wide by the sudden situation–and coughed blood.

[W-What are……]
『To be honest, you’re an eyesore from the beginning. You attempt to sexually harass me, your eyes are obscene, and you smell bad. Above all. I was curious–about why you act so high even though you’re weaker than me』

She only obeys to the one who defeated her.

At the same time as she pulled out her arm, she threw his body forward, and


At the next moment, light wraps the arm that’s stained with blood, and immediately after that, the stains were purified.

[Ku……so that’s your 『Curse Cleansing Eye(呪祝眼)』, huh]

The researcher somehow stands up, and said those words.

As the evidence–

[Kukuku……I never thought that you would betray me now, but even if you regret that you didn’t finish me off……it’s a bit late]

Guchuu, guchagucha, gucho, gucha.

And–a further change occurs.

[Kukuku, I can’t believe that I reached the same conclusion as that pseudo-researcher, Albert]

The next moment, his flesh swelled from the inside, and a grotesque figure starts appearing, piercing his skin.

Just like the time when Iwato confronted 『Unknownified』 Albert, he also turns into an Unknown. The 『researcher』 who became such figure, speaks.

『Kukuku……Unfortunately, I couldn’t be《the chosen one》similar to them. However, don’t think that I’m the same as that Albert……』

The girl who saw that, squints, and she throws a question on his absurd change in Battle Rank.

『……Why, a weak human…became a Divine Beast class?』

That’s right. His strength is quite powerful, and she somehow guessed that his strength is stronger than a Sacred Beast class and close to Divine Beast class.
Upon hearing that, he felt pleasant.

『Kuhahahaha! The answer is obvious! I am the chosen one! Although I didn’t reach the top, still, I’m a higher race than those foolish humans who dominated this land before! A ruler rank! That’s why, we draft Fantasia, and as a result, although it may have failed, this world has transform into a better world than before! The figure of people who live pridefully, turned their expression into fear and die, is too wonderful to the extent that tears would come out of my eyes!』

Upon hearing those words, she frowns.


『Even such enemy……when compared with a trash like you, they are better than you』

The researcher sneered by those words–

『Shut up』

The next moment, her figure moved to his back in an instant, and at the same time, the researcher’s head flew midair.

–One hit.

Footsteps can be heard from afar.

『Even if you’re a Divine Beast class, you’re no match for me, after all…… I hope that you don’t disappoint me』

The girl muttered so with a smile.

World Record Chapter 63

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