World Record Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

66. The man who does not fight

The shout resounded, and Iwato nodded.

[Must……I tell you why?]


He thinks a little and says so.

Stepping back a few steps, and put her hand on her head.

『So you’re telling that……it’s unnecessary to fight me seriously…….』



However, the man is–just a fiend.

『I wanted to fight…… But you knew that, and yet, you haven’t attack me even once! What can it be called other than scorning!? I’m disappointed of you, Black Pandora !』


She shouted so, and glared at Iwato.

Upon seeing that, she–gave up on everything.

『I don’t care whether you’re the Black Pandora or the Black King…… There’s no point of keeping you alive anymore』


Now at this point in time, he still corrects the mistake of his other name.
That’s clearly an act of contempt, and her store of patience–broke completely.


『Transform・Nine-tail mode!』


The next moment, a vast aura blows violently from her body.

The tails that grew similarly to the limbs, multiplied to 9 tails, and the surging intimidation air distorted the sight. As if a blazing golden flame.

Those eyes are telling–If you want to apologize, now is the time.

However, Iwato who received that, yawns–


『I won’t wish for anything from you anymore』


At the next moment, her figure appeared behind Iwato.

She felt nothing by the 『visible』 fact, and as if to vent all those to his body, she kicked him up.




The impact spread through Iwato’s body, and a few seconds later, his body blows off like a missile.

She looks upwards, and shorten her knees–and jumped up.
She realized too much that–this man will not die with this much.



Dead or alive. Conscious or unconscious.

She thought so, and without confirming, she unleashed a drop kick, and just as she thought, she can feel that her attack was guarded.


A loud sound resounded, and Iwato’s body blows off higher and higher.
When Tamamo Gozen landed on the nearby penetrated floor, she looks upward unpleasantly.

『Still……not dead–!』


She kicks the floor, and chases Iwato.

Then, as expected, she jumped up to the rooftop a few seconds later.
And, Iwato looks up at her.

『Ku……as expected!』


She landed on the rooftop, and looked at the usual him.

His tr

ousers were torn until the knee, and his shoes were stained.

『With such tattered state……you still want to continue?』


Upon reaching this far, Tamamo Gozen has launch countless attacks on Iwato. Half of it being direct hits or guarded.


[Tattered?……you mean the jersey, right? Look properly. I’m still lively]


He said so with his usual state.
Tamamo Gozen was shocked by that.

(E-Even after receiving that much damage, he’s still fine……!? N-No, such thing is impossible! After all, after all, I’m……)


Upon thinking that far, she looked at him.

That’s certainly the truth.

When thinking like that, she gave up thinking, and can’t help to want to know about it.

The distance between he and I is 10 meters.

And, as expected, Iwato has no sign in attacking her at all.
Upon seeing that, she snorted, and opened her mouth bluntly.

『You……what’s your name?』

[……Nagumo, Nagumo Iwato]


A sudden question.

–The next moment, he was grabbed by the collar.

『I ask of you! Nagumo Iwato! Why you won’t attack! Despite the fact that I wished for a fight so much! Why are you so obstinate to not clench your fist!? What sort of reasons do you have to do so!』


No matter what he answer, I probably will never understand.

However, I want to fight against this man no matter what.

Has he showed his power or he’s concealing it.

I don’t know anything about him–exactly a unidentified black .

That’s why, she asked so, but–

[You know……you seem to have misunderstood various things]


Iwato muttered that first, and he grabbed the her hand that’s grabbing his collar.


[I won’t hit a woman! No matter you are a human or an Unknown, I won’t hit you if you look like a woman!]


By those words and eyes, Tamamo Gozen somehow felt hot on her face.
When she realized it, she has already released him and stepped back. She put both of her hands to her cheeks as if she’s trying to confirm something.

(S-Something like being treated as a woman……i-it’s the first time in my life……)


Doku, doku.

It’s different than the 『hunch of battle』 when she saw Iwato for the first time. It’s as if–

『N-No way!?』


The thought pass her mind.

She looks at Iwato.
Iwato seemed to be thinking of something, and he leaked a groan.

[T-There’s a correction. It’s most of the time, I won’t hit woman]


Various scene passed through Iwato’s mind.

The man who hurl Karen and iron-clawed her.

Taking into account of all of that–Un, it’s most of the time.
However, those words didn’t reach her, and she coughs a few times unnaturally, and then, opens her mouth.

『C-Certainly, you have a point…… It’s a good attitude…… Un』



She said so, and breathe out the air in her lungs. After a few deep breaths, she opened her eyes wide.


『I wish for a fight. Your way of thinking is wonderful. However, I have a request. I still–want you to fight me』


Iwato looks at Tamamo Gozen.
Her blue eyes are blazing with resolution, and bearing in mind about the offense and defense, he can understand that she will never surrender that.

[……No matter what?] 
『No matter what』



Iwato somehow think up those words, and she replied instantly.
Iwato smiled wryly by that, and sighed tiredly.

[Ah~dammit. People will definitely start calling me a 『trash who raised a hand on a woman』after this. I don’t think I can recover from it]


Muttering so, Iwato leaks a sigh.

By that, Tamamo Gozen smiled delightfully, and she took a distance by jumping backwards.
And, upon seeing that, Iwato said this.

[I don’t want to hit you so much. Therefore, I will end it quick]


He lowers his waist after saying that.
She smiled more upon seeing his state, and she lowered gravity with both her hands pointing at Iwato.

『Finally, you feel like it! I would be troubled if you change your mind! Let’s decide it the next blow!』


–Whether you are suitable to be my Master or not.

The next moment, a huge light ball forms in front of her palms.

However, it’s clear that it’s not an 『electrification』 with just one look. The after-effect causes this solidly built building’s ceiling blown off easily.
What kind of principle is that? The fragments float ignoring the gravity. Iwato who only seen this supernatural phenomenon rarely in manga, opened his eyes wide.

[Well……this is unexpected]


Iwato express the light ball as 『unexpected』.
Tamamo Gozen raised her voice in delight upon hearing those words.

『As expected of the man who I chose! This technique is the strongest attack technique that I worked out! Before this technique, even the sea will dry up, and even the star will break! Now, show me your power!』


And, she unleashed her technique.


『Renard Apocalypse!!』


The next moment, the light ball swells up instantly, becoming a small sun, and attacks Iwato.
Before the sun, the water vapor in the air evaporates in an instant, and it can be seen that the surroundings of the sun is distorted.

(Now, what will you do!?)


Tamamo Gozen muttered so in her mind, and looks at him.
The 『Renard Apocalypse』 has reached close by, and he who looked at the sure-kill attack–




–kicked it up will all his strength.

『Wha!? I-Impossible!』


The 『Renard Apocalypse』 unleashed by Tamamo Gozen, rises to the sky, and when she’s chasing it with her eyes, she didn’t realize his approach.

[Even if you say that it’s impossible, I did it so it can’t be helped]


When she realized it, Iwato is already in front of her, and he clenched his fist tightly.

Upon seeing the fist, every cell in Tamamo Gozen tells that–Absolutely, don’t receive the blow.
While having such intuition, Iwato swung his fist without hesitation.


[You more or less tried to attack the town. So come again after cooling down]


The next moment, a loud sound resounded through the whole town—-and the person left on the spot was only Iwato.

World Record Chapter 66

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