Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 35

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When we ran to the source of the scream, a single carriage was being attacked by a group of wolves.
“I will help! Lilia !!”
“I will support you!”
I ran to the wolf which approached the carriage with a frying pan.
“Now, let’s go!”
A wolf seems to have noticed me and it starts running toward here!
Again, the world became slow.
I can see that wolf put power on its legs in order to jump.
Avoiding jumping wolf by moving to the left, I try to hit its head with frying pan.
Miss !! Uh, frying pan hit it.
With that, the wolf rolls on the ground and finally it solidified like a jewel and broke into polygon
“I will grant you the power of fire!”
The moment Lilia drew both hands towards me while saying that, the frying pan become red and hot.
Did she notice that one more wolf running towards me?
“Like I said, so slow!!”
Avoiding it with paper thin, I hit its chin with frying pan this time.
This time the wolf dancing in the air
And as it falls to the ground, scatters to pieces .
“Roger that!!”
Follow the instructions of Helena, I swing the pan to the left and clean hit the face of the wolf that was trying to attack me from behind.
Even before collapsing, its face turned into polygon and disappear.


“All right!!”
I held frying pan like a sword, stopping wolf attack to horse carriage, I run toward the wolves that running as targeting me.

First scoop up the closer wolf and blow it away.
When it blows away, the body hits another wolf and breaks the regime

I will hit the other one in that gap
"I don't know who are you and where are you come from, but you saved me!!"

"It's fine! We help each others when we need to!"

Jump off the carriage, a man stands behind me
"We are close to the town!! If we got closer, the town's defense team will help us!"

“Let's hold a bit longer!! Let’s do our best !!”

Protecting horse carriage, I stand on left side and beating any wolf that come closer.
Little by little, wolves attack comes down
Apparently they seems to give up
However, there are some that still try to attack.
“I'll grant you the power of fire”
“Oh, this is …”
Lilia give fire element to men, and for a moment the man opened his eyes to surprise, as if he doesn't know such thing, he fix his grip.
“A little more !! Let's do our best!!”
“Roger that!!”
I fight back to back with that man, but unexpectedly it doesn't seems real.
I took a frying pan and ran towards the wolf.

Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 35

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