Ze Tian Ji Chapter 1010

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Chapter 1010 - I Just Don't Want to Make That Judgment

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Demon Lord calmly gazed at Chen Changsheng, his stare dragging on and on, until suddenly, he smiled.

The gums revealed by his smile and his pale face made Chen Changsheng recall the phrase 'white snow, red blood'.

In the end, the Demon Lord gave no explanation, only saying, "All you need to know is that I was born on this continent, grew up on this continent."

Chen Changsheng thought of that sentence in Wang Zhice's notebook.

Position is relative.

The Demon Lord's meaning was crystal-clear. Since he was born on this side, he was not part of that side.

This sounded like nonsense, but it was actually the most important declaration of his stance.

Chen Changsheng saw endless ambition and almost divine cruelty in the Demon Lord's eyes, saw serenity and indifference, but he did not see deception.

He was quiet for a while, then said, "I have a few thoughts with regards to the Sacred Light Continent."

A hint of admiration flashed in the depths of the Demon Lord's eyes, but it quickly turned into ice.

He understood what Chen Changsheng meant, and he also had his thoughts on this matter.

It was precisely for this reason that he was even warier of Chen Changsheng.

Whether it was Shang Xingzhou or the White Emperor couple, Black Robe or the Demon Commander, the Demon Lord had never cared too much about them, no matter how foresighted or invincible they were.

He was still young, still had enough time to mature. Moreover, it was precisely because he was young that he had a few special characteristics that many old people had already lost.

But now, he was facing the similarly young Chen Changsheng, and he had also seen those special characteristics in him, which made him feel slightly uneasy.

But it was still not the moment of life and death, because this conversation had not concluded. It might have even only just begun.

If Chen Changsheng was still unable to give an answer that satisfied him by the end, he would reconsider.

"Did you ever think about working with me on a few things?"

The Demon Lord had used a casual tone to bring up the truly important question today.

Chen Changsheng did not think for too long before giving an answer. "The hatred between the two sides is too deep. No one has the right to negotiate peace, not even to consider your proposition."

The Demon Lord shook his head. "A person like Tang Second naturally doesn't have the right, because people like him are subjects. Having such thoughts will lead to disloyalty, but we are different. We are sovereigns, the guides who will lead our people forward. We have the right to choose the path."

As he watched snowflakes instantly melt as they touched the tea pot, Chen Changsheng recalled that conversation from not too long ago at Wenshui City, in the Tang clan's old estate.

The snowfall that day was also rather heavy and the topics discussed were rather similar. It had not been particularly quiet, but the cold had pierced into their bones.

Just what should the future continent look like? Just what should be the relationship between the three races? These questions had been pondered by countless sages and Saints.

Although it was rather difficult to say the answer, there was no need to explicitly state it. Everyone knew that it should be peace.

But in the Tang clan's old estate, the Tang Old Master had said a few words that indicated that such a thing was impossible for now.

It was impossible even if one looked several centuries out.

Chen Changsheng recalled the siege of Luoyang and said, "Demons eat humans."

The Demon Lord looked into his eyes and responded, "I don't."

Chen Changsheng said, "Hatred can't disappear just like this. Your people will also not forget what happened on the northern expedition just because I never massacred your tribes."

The Demon Lord argued, "The demi-humans could forget their past hatreds, so why can't the humans? In the end, it's just a question of time."

Chen Changsheng said, "Perhaps after many years, the Human race might be able to forget the hatred from back then, but it's very difficult now. I myself cannot do it."

The Demon Lord arched his brow. "You never experienced my race invading the south. You live in the most glorious generation of the Human race. I do not understand where your hatred comes from."

"I've read many books, and the books record the stories from that era. One of these stories has left the deepest impression on me."

Chen Changsheng remembered the histories of the previous dynasty he had read in the Orthodox Academy's library, falling quiet for a while before continuing, "Back then, the demons began their southward invasion, their momentum like a fire. The humans just happened to be in the middle of a civil war and were powerless to resist. Divine General Li Xun of the previous dynasty led three thousand elite cavalry to Snowhold Pass. Isolated and without help, they still managed to staunchly defend for one year until Chen Xuanba appeared."

The Demon Lord slowly narrowed his eyes, a cold glint flashing in them.

No one on the continent did not know of this famous defense, and it had generated a massive controversy in its aftermath that was even now being debated. Even the rhetoricians of Xuelao City would often bring up this matter for discussion. Just what did Chen Changsheng intend by bringing up this matter?

"It was not a staunch defense, but a defense to the death…"

Chen Changsheng took the tea pot from the stove and poured himself a cup.

And then he stared into the melting snowflakes in the cup for a long time.

Back then, cold snow like this might have fallen over Snowhold Pass every day. Did those soldiers and ordinary people have a cup of hot tea to drink?

Naturally not, because they did not even have rations and the trees had been shorn bare of their bark. It was even more desperate than the siege of Luoyang.

When Chen Xuanba led the cavalry to drive back the Demon race's wolf cavalry and entered Snowhold Pass, he saw hell on earth.

Of the three thousand elite cavalry, one thousand four hundred remained, but many of the common people in the city, the women and the children, had died, and it was said that many had been eaten.

And the one who had executed his concubine with one slash of his sword and distributed the meat to the soldiers was that man always famed for his compassion, Li Xun.

This matter had ignited such a massive controversy that it was still being debated, even after a thousand years.

Those people from back then probably did not know even now if they were right or wrong, right?

Snowhold Pass had to be held, or else the wolf cavalry could rush through and menace the heartland of the Human race.

Tianliang County would have no time to rest and the Human race would never be able to last until things turned for the better.

But was this right?

Even the scholar with the most venomous hatred for the demons, even Chen Xuanba, who was Li Xun's most ardent admirer, remained silent on this question.

But most of the participants no longer needed to know the answer.

When the siege of Snowhold Pass was relieved, Li Xun committed suicide on the spot, while the thousand-plus remaining soldiers, from the deputy general to the lowest soldier, eventually died on the battlefield.

Chen Changsheng said to the Demon Lord, "I do not know how I should judge them. Demons eat humans, and those humans also ate humans, and these were their compatriots. But if they did not guard Snowhold Pass? Many more humans would have been eaten by your race."

The Demon Lord asked, "So you have such a deep hatred of my Divine race?"

"I didn't speak clearly just now. This is not hatred."

Chen Changsheng thought for a few moments, then said, "I just want to strive for a time where such a tragedy will never again happen to the Human race, where there will no longer be a need to pass judgment on such things."

The meaning of this statement was exceptionally clear.

If such an unjudgeable tragedy had to take place in the future, he hoped that it would only happen in the Demon race, not the Human race.

Ze Tian Ji Chapter 1010

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