Ze Tian Ji Way Of Choices Chapter 462 - Three Swords Break The Divine Armor

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Chapter 462 - Three Swords Break the Divine Armor

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

With a buzz, a stream of turbulence abruptly appeared around the forward part of the black spear, the result of the spear tip shaking so quickly that it deformed the air.

With a whistle, the sharp spear tip pierced through the turbulence. Imbued with an unimaginable strength and speed, it stabbed at Chen Changsheng.

Truly worthy of its reputation for being sinister and harsh, Mu Laoban's attack had actually struck out without the slightest warning and was exceptionally strange.

‘Strange’ did not mean it was lacking in strength. Countless petals were lifted up from the ground by the Qi and rushed towards the stone steps along with the spear. The area in front of the Orthodox Academy was filled with pink and white petals, blocking Chen Changsheng's vision and also blocking the view of many spectators.

The crowd only knew that the short spear was behind that sea of flowers.

The petals dancing in the air were rapidly blackening, signifying that the poison on the spear had contaminated them.

In a flash, this so-called martial exhibition had become incomparably dangerous. Everyone's hearts leaped into their throats.

The spear stabbed through the sky of raining petals, its strange movements charting out a slender and speckled snake shape in the sea of flowers.

Yet no matter how strange the trajectory or movement of this short spear was, it was incapable of breaking through Chen Changsheng's sword.

Because it was the Stupid Sword that not even Su Li had been able to successfully train in.

Only a clumsy swordsman could successfully train in the world's number one defensive sword technique.


In fact, the sharp spear tip coated with poison had already struck Chen Changsheng's sword innumerable times.

Back in Xunyang City, not even Painted Armor Xiao Zhang's spear had been able to overcome this technique, let alone this spear.

But the tip of this short spear was coated in a terrifying poison. Could this poison be transferred to Chen Changsheng's body through the sword?

Mu Laoban thought so. In these many years, he had been able to obtain victory over so many opponents who were not all inferior to him precisely because as the battle continued, the cold poison coating his spear would be carried with the wind and scattered at random. Noiselessly, it would destroy his opponent's weapon, and then through the weapon and even the air, it would intrude into his opponent's heart and meridians. Ultimately, his opponents would find themselves without the strength to continue the match.

Today, none of this would occur.

Chen Changsheng's seemingly ordinary sword that just seemed a little bright actually contained the unimaginable might and energy of a dragon! How could it be damaged by human poisons?

The sword was named Stainless and it was naturally for a reason.

The sword had no problems and the person would also have no problems, because the person was also stainless.

Chen Changsheng was an expert in the medical arts. Yesterday, upon receiving the report from the Bureau of Ecclesiastic Education, he had made the appropriate preparation. Even if he had not taken medicine beforehand, the poison on the spear would still be incapable of injuring him in the slightest. His body had once been the dwelling of the Black Frost Dragon's spiritual soul, and it also had been bathed in that Black Frost Dragon's true blood and its strength now far surpassed that of a body obtained through perfect Purification. From a certain standpoint, rather than comparing his physique to that of a powerful human, it would be better to say that it was like the body of an actual dragon…

Unless it was a poison on the level of Nanke's Peacock Plume, how could this supposedly highly toxic poison from Youling in the south possibly be a match for him?

The petals rained down, the spear and sword parted, and Mu Laoban revealed his shocked and perplexed eyes.

Chen Changsheng used the Yeshi Step, transforming into an afterimage and arriving before him.

With an explosive cry, Mu Laoban retreated backwards. Simultaneously, his black short spear pulverized countless petals. A barrier formed of pink, white and black appeared before him.

This was his Star Domain.

After the battle with Zhou Ziheng, the entire continent knew that Chen Changsheng possessed the ability to surpass cultivation levels and battle with Star Condensation cultivators. Mu Laoban did not dare to hold back. It was very obvious that he had derived the lesson from Zhou Ziheng's battle to retreat firmly and resolutely. Even more importantly, he had displayed his Star Domain extremely early and extremely quickly. Before Chen Changsheng had even taken out his sword, Mu Laoban had already enveloped himself in his Star Domain.

He and many people continued to insist that the iron law of the cultivation world was an iron law. Chen Changsheng had been able to break through Zhou Ziheng's Star Domain in one stroke because Zhou Ziheng's mind back then had been in chaos, or perhaps because Chen Changsheng's sword had been too sharp, his luck too good. He believed that his Star Domain was firmer and more powerful than Zhou Ziheng's. Crucially, he believed that as long as he was prepared, he would not panic. As a result, he did not believe that Chen Changsheng would be able to so easily break through his Star Domain today. However, how could he and those people that continued to cling to the so-called iron law possibly understand Su Li's genius? That it was simply impossible to tie down his ingenious and profound thoughts? How could they possibly know what the so-called Intellectual Sword was?

The Intellectual Sword truly was not a sword technique, but a method of fighting.

When the petals on the floor in front of the Orthodox Academy had risen up to the sky like a waterfall in reverse, when the sinister spear had thrust through the rain of flowers, when Chen Changsheng had raised his sword to confront—

He had already displayed his Intellectual Sword.

This sword had risen up with the calculations he had performed last night, and now it fell amidst this rain of flowers.

A flash of light appeared in front of the Orthodox Academy, like a bolt of lightning.

The Stainless Sword seemingly stabbed at the sky above the rain of flowers, but it ultimately pierced through a soft petal.

But behind that soft petal about the size of a fingernail was Mu Laoban's eye.

Just like that, Chen Changsheng had easily found the weakness of his Star Domain.

The technique Chen Changsheng had used was the simplest True Sword of the Orthodoxy, but at this moment, it was the most suitable technique.

The dagger pierced through the petal and stabbed at Mu Laoban's eye.

In the eye appeared an expression of shock, but he did not notice it. Even deeper within, there seemed be some other emotions.

With a harsh howl, he rose up.

With a soft squelch, the Dragoncry Sword plunged into his abdomen.

Yet unlike the fight with Zhou Ziheng, the incomparably sharp Dragoncry Sword could not pierce through his body, but was rather blocked by some object.

Feeling the peculiar reaction from his sword, Chen Changsheng narrowed his eyes.

Mu Laoban's clothes concealed a flexible armor.

The problem was, what sort of flexible armor in this world could block his sword?

 He was still lacking in experience. If it were Tang Thirty-Six, he would have already guessed that the flexible armor under Mu Laoban's clothes was one of the Tianhai clan's closely guarded treasures, the Six Protections Divine Armor.

The Six Protections Divine Armor was a divine artifact ranked seventy-ninth on the Tier of Legendary Weapons. It was rumored that it had been a treasure of the Tianliang Wangs, but was later on brought into the palace by Emperor Taizu. After that, it was said that Emperor Xian, worried that the Tianhai Empress's enemies were plotting against her in the Hundred Herb Garden, sent her the armor to protect her. When the Empress cultivated to the Saint Realm, she no longer needed any defensive measures, so she sent it to her father, who back then had not yet returned to the sea of stars. From that moment on, the Six Protections Divine Armor had been stored in the Tianhai estate. Now, it was probably being worn by Mu Laoban.

It must be said that the Tianhai truly had invested massive capital this time. No wonder Tang Thirty-Six's thick stack of silver banknotes had been unable to entice the avaricious Mu Laoban.

Worthy of being one of the divine artifacts on the Tier of Legendary Weapons, the Dragoncry Sword had been unable to pierce through it one stroke. Chen Changsheng's sword technique had been halted halfway.

The terror in Mu Laoban's eyes instantly transformed into a berserk killing intent.

With a howl, his short spear fiercely thrust out at Chen Changsheng's throat.

Even more frightening was that as his spear energy violently rose up, it was able to swiftly reconstruct his Star Domain, trapping Chen Changsheng within.

Logically, the most important technique of a Star Condensation expert was the Star Domain. It was normally absolutely impermissible to allow one's opponent entrance into one's Star Domain, but the situation now was very unique. Yes, it must be admitted that the iron law of the cultivation world was invalidated under Chen Changsheng's sword. So he might as well use the Star Domain to trap Chen Changsheng and fight him head-on.

The people that had come to challenge the Orthodox Academy in the last few days were all extremely well-researched on Chen Changsheng, especially pertaining to his first match with Zhou Ziheng. Everyone could see that the sword intent he had received from Su Li was incomparably exquisite, his swordplay enormously complex, as vast as the ocean. Although his Yeshi Step was incomplete, it was enough to help his body move like a flash of lightning. However, Chen Changsheng had a massive weakness.

He was still not fully sixteen and only a youth. He had fixed his Fated Star and begun to cultivate barely a year ago. Even if he were the reincarnation of Zhou Dufu, the amount of true essence in his body could not compare to those experts that had cultivated for several decades, or even several centuries.

And this was without anybody knowing that his meridians had problems, their efficiency at outputting true essence incredibly disastrous.

In brief, Chen Changsheng's greatest weakness was his lack of true essence.

Yet there was one thing Mu Laoban did not know. At the same time, he had also forgotten a few things.

In Xunyang City, Liang Wangsun had used a similar method to deal with Chen Changsheng. If Chen Changsheng was really so lacking in true essence, how was it in the Grand Examination that he had been able to withstand the storm of blows from Gou Hanshi? In Xunyang City, how had he been able to break through Liang Wangsun's Star Domain? If Liang Wangsun's Star Domain could not hold, was there anyone at Star Condensation and below that could hold him?

There were many people under the awning that believed that Chen Changsheng might lose this battle. One by one, they stood up in shock.

The people in the tea house, as well as the people in those carriages quietly sitting on both ends of the street, did not think this way. They knew and would not forget Chen Changsheng's feats in Xunyang City. They were keenly aware that Chen Changsheng possessed the ability to escape this trap. This battle was still far from over, and the winner and loser had yet to be decided.

However, what happened next was something that not even they had imagined.

Chen Changsheng did not choose to use the Intellectual Sword to break Mu Laoban's Star Domain. He did not choose to retreat and then plan.

His Stainless Sword was still pierced into Mu Laoban's abdomen, and then it continued forward.

It was as if the idea of escaping had never been on his mind, as if he did not care that under Mu Laoban's clothes was the Six Protections Divine Armor, a divine artifact of the Tier of Legendary Weapons. It was as if he only thought of victory.


A blazing Qi suddenly appeared in front of the Orthodox Academy. Mu Laoban's cold and sinister Qi was like ice and snow encountering the fierce sun, instantly vanishing without a trace.

The petals dancing in the air actually began to blaze, transforming into a dazzling light.

Mu Laoban's face was pale under the light. Surrounded by it, he could vividly sense that intense and blazing Qi…Chen Changsheng was incomparably boundless.

His true essence was insufficient…this fact had turned out to be a facade.

His expression abruptly shifted. Now it was filled with an absolute terror. With a terrified cry, he no longer had time to attack with his spear, instead swiftly retreating backwards like his life depended on it.

But Chen Changsheng would not give him any chance. The Stainless Sword in his hands pierced through the abdomen and emerged through the other side.

The intense sword intent completely annihilated any fighting spirit Mu Laoban had. That terrifying power directly shot him away from that sharp dagger.

A muffled boom like thunder resounded through the area in front of the Orthodox Academy.

Mu Laoban, a black silhouette, flew backwards several dozen zhang.

The awning on the street had an array in front of it to serve as a barrier.

He rammed against this array, then slumped to the ground, no longer able to stand up.

The air in front of the awning faintly began to give off blue rays of light, and it was even possible to hear the sounds of tearing. Dust fell from the beams of the awning, caking the heads and faces of those sitting below.

Mu Laoban sat paralyzed on the ground, incessantly vomiting blood, his eyes brimming with terror and shock.

Just what was going on here? How could Chen Changsheng's true essence have become so powerful and explosive in such a short time?

The people under the awning were similarly shocked to the extreme. Without any concern for the dust on their bodies, they stared at Chen Changsheng with mouths agape.

His single attack had almost shattered the protective array!

Ze Tian Ji Way Of Choices Chapter 462 - Three Swords Break The Divine Armor

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