Zombie Evolution Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Fight Between Elites

The bright moon soaring the skies brings the needed moonlight into the concealed forest.

"Dong! Dong! Dong!"

A wave of smashing and pounding sounds filled the area and killed the quiet ambience.

Two zombies were jumping forward with no worry, one zombie 30 meters ahead of the other.

For three days, Zhang Yang has been taming the zombie puppet, completely grasping control. In these past three days, he's closed himself within the tomb to recover from the recent toil of upbringing his zombie puppet that ultimately ended damaging his body.

His recuperation was abruptly ended as Zhang Yang was like a kid excited to try a new toy, he just couldn't wait.

"I can use around 60% of my full power, and with my new Level 2 Walking Zombie puppet, nothing in this forest can threaten me. In addition, my spiritual sense should discern the dangers around me, if it becomes too risky, all I need to do is leave.

Zhang Yang's thoughts were all happy.

"Uh? Hyenas again? I'm getting sick of them…" Some stealthy hyenas lurked into Zhang Yang's range, one by one entering.

"Hem. There are seven of them. A Level 2 Walking Zombie against some puny hyenas? This should be a great aptitude test for my puppet" Zhang Yang smiles with smug written over his face.

When he used to be Level 2, the majority of his prey were hyenas. He used to absorb their blood to cultivate.

"Go! Kill those hyenas, steal their blood!" Zhang Yang commands. He also spreads his divine sense just in case there was another beast, one that could beat a Level 2 Walking Zombie, which wasn’t many.


His zombie puppet obeys and obediently pounces onto the pack of hyenas.

"Ao- Ao- Ao-"

Soon, growls filled the forest.

Zhang Yang's spiritual sense captures his zombie puppet pounce on these hyenas like a tiger hunting a sheep herd. Brutal.

His sharp finger waving. Every strike to the hyena decided their fate, either killed or badly injured. As the hyenas counter-attacked the puppet, its movements weren't locked. These attacks couldn't harm Zhang Yang's zombie puppet, let alone kill, so he'd constantly ignore these attacks.

Only when one of the hyenas aimed for the neck did the puppet defend, he held the dog by the paw and hacked at it.

Knowing that this zombie is so arbitrary, the hyenas were scared shitless. Four dead and three heavily injured, they limped away, fearing for their lives.

The zombie puppet already moved to chase but Zhang Yang stops him. The zombie puppet follows Zhang Yang's commands thoroughly, consuming the blood of the dead hyenas.


He bites and drinks the liquid of life, the blood surrounding his mouth makes him seem mad.

"Nice attack! What a nice puppy." Zhang Yang feels satisfaction, like the owner of a puppy learning a new trick.

"Since you're going to stay with me from here on out, it's not convenient for me to just call you "zombie puppet". I think I shall give you a name."

"You look even uglier than the ghost, but you are as loyal as a servant. How about… Ghost Servant?" (*Clap* Nice naming sense *Clap*)

What Zhang Yang doesn't know is that his facial features were even worse than his puppet's. The higher the level for a zombie, the further they slip away from humanoid features, their nails and teeth will undergo changes, just like that, so will other things change.

The higher the level, the stronger the teeth will grow, sharper and more refined, and their skin will grow flakey substances or craters to provide better defenses, like dried skin.


The newly formed zombie puppet drank and agreed to his new name.

After absorbing only one, Ghost Servant's stomach was filled. But since he shared the same bodily cells as Zhang Yang, his body was irregular and talented in cultivating quickly, letting the cells fertilize themselves.


Ghost Servant viciously throws the lifeless body away. His recent command was to leave, led by Zhang Yang.

Suddenly, two lights appear from within the forest, a vigorous voice breaks out.

"Ye Tian Nan, don't go too far, you've already chased me for tens of thousands of miles. You know you can't kill me."

Unfortunately, the light traveled above Zhang Yang and stopped, fixating on him.

Zhang Yang also stops to look at him. A surge of fear runs through his mind. He knew that flying on a sword would mean at least the Foundation Building realm.

With a year of continuous eye washing, the spring water proved to be useful. Zhang Yang can easily see things from afar more clearly than before.

What he sees is two humans, but no swords. They were levitating in the sky like gods.

They're just airborne, so that would mean they were in the Core Formation realm. A level exceeding the Foundation Building realm, comparing the two would be like comparing an ant to a horse.

For Zhang Yang, these two people were legendary figures in his eyes.

Zhang Yang couldn't feel excited to this discovery, in contrast, he felt scared. This realm could absolutely destroy Zhang Yang, he was the ant that was being compared.

"Fuck! You guys have already traveled for so many miles, why stop above me?!"

Zhang Yang curses in his heart but he doesn't want to move the slightest inch, doing so would exclaim his presence.

He already knows that he was discovered, casted away as an annoyance. Zhang Yang hoped not to catch the full attention of these two Core Formation cultivators.

"Hua, Old Fang, don't fool yourself. If I couldn't kill you, why wouldn't I just stop? You and I are both of the Core Formation realm, your age is just ten years ahead, my speed will of course compete with yours.

"Ye Tian Nan, don't push me too much!" Old Fang gets angry.

The strong entity releases some power, creating a whirlpool of Qi that drags some trees and branches, every tree within the forest waves madly.

Zhang Yang gets affected with this strong Qi pool, he himself felt that he couldn't stick to the ground.

"This isn't good, these guys are too strong, creating such overpowering auras even before the fight? If they fight, I'll probably be flattened by a stray attack…" Zhang Yang grimaces at the meaningless death of a stray attack.

Zombie Evolution Chapter 48

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