• Dantalian no Shoka
  • Dantalian no Shoka

  • Author(s) : Mikumo Gakuto
  • Genres : Action - Fantasy - Historical - Horror - Mystery - Shounen - Supernatural
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Read First Chapter : Dantalian no Shoka Vol 1 Chapter 1
  • Read Latest Chapter : Dantalian no Shoka Vol 2 Chapter 4.5
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  • Dantalian no Shoka Summary:

    The young man Huey took over the old mansion of his deceased bibliomanic grand father as well as the book collection that’s stored in there. But there was a condition: he also had to inherit the “Bibliotheca”.
    When he inspects the mansion, Huey discovers a cellar filled with piled up books. In the midst of them he comes across a black-dressed girl who’s silently reading a book. She’s called Dalian and has a big lock hanging in front of her. She herself is the entrance to the “Bibliotheca of Dantalian” which contains the prohibited “Phantom Books”.

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