• Supernatural Girlfriend
  • Supernatural Girlfriend

  • Author(s) : Miao Le Ge Wang - 喵了个汪
  • Genres : Mystery - Romance - Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Supernatural Girlfriend Summary:

    Lin Yixin has had the ability to see ghosts ever since the car accident. However, it felt more like a curse than a blessing until Yixin almost died in the hands of a masked killer one day. The killer got away, but Yixin realized she had an advantage no one else had. Since she was able to see the ghosts that were following him, it meant she could pinpoint his exact location. But how was she going to obtain the evidence to prove his guilt? Join Yixin and her unexpected roommate, Suyang, as they solve crimes and mysteries together! Not only will this intense novel make you tremble in fear, it will also make you smile from joy. Snippet: “Aren’t you afraid of retribution? You’re killing innocent lives?!” I asked as I fixedly stared at the two ghosts behind him. Now, I was certain there were two. I wonder if they will save me? After all, we are somewhat part of the same team? We should form a victim alliance? “Young lady. To tell you the truth, this isn’t the first time I’ve killed. I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits. They couldn’t fight me when they were alive. What makes you think they can do anything to me now that they’re dead?” I wonder how he would react if he knew his two victims’ spirits were standing behind him. “Uncle, the people that you’ve killed are standing behind you. I can see them.”

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