• A Place Where I belong
  • A Place Where I belong

  • Author(s) : StoneColdTiger
  • Genres : Action - Romance - Tragedy
  • Status : ongoing
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  • A Place Where I belong Summary:

    A lonely boy arrived at west, came from east to pursue his dreams, but on his way to success he met a girl which filled his lonely world. His dark days lit up like a lunar in the dark night, and he thought that it would remain for forever. But soon a chain of tragedies turned his world upside down. He was dumped by the girl, who he loved most and left all alone again to face those tragic events.
    Heartbroken, shattered dreams, filled with desperation, he faced some unfortunate events which totally change him into something else. He closes his heart and completely gave up on any sort of relationship with women. And began to hate women from then on.
    Will he ever change himself back like he was before the storm or will he become some cold heart madman? The one who dumped him, will ever show herself again before him? What would be his end?

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