A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 541

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"Young Windchaser" was playing a wave clearer. To a noob like Ji Yi, this could really be described as "the difference between a G.o.d and a beginner at the game."

It was just a shame that besides killing beasts and minions, He Jichen didn't take down a tower or group up once. It was four vs five, so no matter how great "Young Windchaser" was, they still lost twelve minutes into the game.

He Jichen and "Young Windchaser" had selected ranked matches, so after losing, He Jichen lost a star.

Before "Young Windchaser" could send a message, He Jichen sent one first to him: "Ah sorry, I'm not that great at being an archer. I don't have six-G.o.d armor, so I didn't dare to group up."

"Young Windchaser" was very generous: "Don't worry about it. Choose your best character for the next one."

So He Jichen and "Young Windchaser" started a second match.

In this match, He Jichen chose a tank. As soon as the game started, He Jichen actually stood on the spot motionlessly three times and fed the enemy archer.

The enemy archer's exp shot up. Even though "Young Windchaser" and his teammates tried hard to save "Ji Yi," they were defeated within ten minutes of the game.

Ji Yi and "Young Windchaser" dropped by another star.

He Jichen sent Young Windchaser another message: "Sorry Xiao Gege, I was just in an elevator and the signal was bad. I'm at home now, so I promise it won't happen again."

Xiao Gege… Sitting at the side, Ji Yi almost burst into laughter when she saw He Jichen's dull expression while writing those three words.

It seemed like those three words "Xiao Gege" worked particularly well on "Young Windchaser," seeing as he and He Jichen started a third game.

This time, He Jichen used the excuse of an incoming call to not play for five minutes and dragged "Young Windchaser" down by another star.

A fourth game, a fifth game, a sixth game… Each game, He Jichen found new and different excuses to cut down "Young Windchaser"'s stars.

For Ji Yi, who wasn't really after stars, sat to one side and watched as Young Windchaser fell two consecutive ranks, unable to secretly hold back her laughter.

On the seventh game, Ji Yi was just about to ask He Jichen what kind of excuse he was going to use to make "Young Windchaser" lose another star, but before Ji Yi could ask, He Jichen chose to play a mage and got the first kill.

With a one-kill advantage, He Jichen went to the enemy wildlands and easily got the blue buff then casually walked up to a small beast. Down the path, he worked with his own tank and took out the enemy archer.

With two kills, He Jichen's exp rose even more. Soon enough, he got his third kill, fourth kill… before the seven minute mark, He Jichen walked down the middle lane and reached the enemy's furthest tower, forcing the enemy to group up.

At that very moment, He Jichen had double the opponent's highest exp. He could easily take on five people on his own, so when they grouped up on him, He Jichen easily got a pentkill.

He crushed the seventh game and won.

Having lost six consecutive matches, "Young Windchaser" sent Ji Yi a message: "Wow, Biaomei, you're actually awesome!"

He Jichen ignored "Young Windchaser" and invited him to start an eighth game.

After everyone chose their characters and the game was about to start, He Jichen opened the game a.s.sistant and sluggishly sent a reply to "Young Windchaser"'s compliment: "Sorry, I didn't play the last game."

A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 541

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