A Library Primer Part 25

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C Gallery card. This card is a series card, and should show, a, name of gallery; b, names of the artists and their works in the gallery.

Ca Give official name of gallery preceded by the name of the city where it is located, with country in parentheses.

Cb Enter alphabetically, names of authors, with the t.i.tle of their works, one author to a line. Give at the left, cla.s.sification numbers in blue ink.

[Ill.u.s.tration: Painting card; gallery, with authors and t.i.tles of works.

Venice (Italy) - Palazzo Giovanelli

Q-G43h Giargione II. Holy Family.


D School card. This should show under the names American, English, French, German, Italian-Florentine, Italian-Venetian, Italian-Umbrian, Italian-Parmesan, Spanish, etc., all the artists of the school arranged alphabetically, with the number of their works written in, in pencil.

[Ill.u.s.tration: Painting card; school, all authors of school arranged alphabetically with number of works written in pencil.



Q-G43h _Giorgione_, il. _Veronese_


Photographs of Architecture should be cataloged according to the foregoing rules, except in the following cases:

Author card. For author, give the name of the city where the building or detail is found, followed by the country in parentheses.

For t.i.tle make the first word descriptive of the kind of building, and after the name of the building give the point from which the view was taken, affixed to the words interior or exterior: Temple of Zeus, Exterior from the east. Cathedral of Notre Dame, Interior of nave looking east.

Instead of gallery, give style of building, using words Egyptian, a.s.syrian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Modern, etc., followed by adjective indicating country.

Imprint the same.

Gallery card will not be needed.

[Ill.u.s.tration: Architecture card; author, showing place, kind of building, and style.

Q Poitiers (France).

P75 Cathedral. Interior of Nave, looking East.

_Gothic_ French _Robett, Paris_ 348 Silver, 28x33 cm.


For school card use S style card.

Style card. This should show all photographs arranged by cities, under styles, under general term Architecture.

Architecture, Gothic--Italian.

Architecture, Gothic--Spanish.

Architecture, Gothic--English, perpendicular.

Architecture, Gothic--English, pointed.

[Ill.u.s.tration: Architecture card; style, showing place, etc.

Architecture - Gothic. French _Abbeyville_ Ch. of S. Wulfrand _Amiens_ Cathedral _Auxerre_


The cards for the three divisions, architecture, painting, and sculpture, should be kept in separate alphabets.

III. Cla.s.sification

Arrange the photographs of sculpture and painting alphabetically by authors where known; where not known, by subjects under the various sizes.

Arrange the photographs of architecture alphabetically by cities, under the sizes.

Indicate the arrangement on cards by two numbers, in blue ink: the Cla.s.sification number and the Author number.

Cla.s.sification number. This is indicated by the letters F, Q, O, D.

Author number. Use the C: A. Cutter Letter alphabetic-order table for book authors, and add to the number so gained the first one or two letters (as the number of prints may require) of the t.i.tle of the print; or the numerals 1, 2, and 3 may be used.

Write these two numbers in blue ink on the cards, as follows:

Author card. Cla.s.s number on the first line of upper left-hand corner; author number below it.

On other cards. Write at the left of first red line the two numbers on one line separated by a hyphen.

IV. Labeling

Give author's name in full, with dates, in parentheses, and school, beginning directly under left-hand corner of print.

Give t.i.tle, same as on t.i.tle card, only reversing the form, beginning under the middle of print and running out to the right-hand corner.

Some collections have more or less descriptive matter on the mount, but this is to be discouraged.

Give the Gallery or Style at lower left-hand corner of mount 1 inch from either edge. Use waterproof or India ink in all cases.

[Ill.u.s.tration: Showing proper method of entering descriptive matter on mounted photographs.]

Stamp name of collection with rubber stamp on back of mount in upper left-hand corner, 1-1/2 inches from upper and side edges.

The stamp should give full name and place of museum or library, leaving room above for cla.s.s and author number, and below for accession number.

A Library Primer Part 25

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