A Library Primer Part 26

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Class ____ Author ____ Slater Memorial Museum Norwich, Conn.

No. ____]


V. Storage

Store sizes Q, O, and D, in drawers of a cabinet, which may be easily removed to table, or in pigeonholes; stand the mounts on long edges, with backs to the front, so that classification and author numbers may be easily seen in turning them over.

Store size F in drawers, but lying flat. These should be taken out of the drawer and laid on a table when being handled. The drawers for the smaller sizes should be box-shaped, with sides cut down somewhat to allow the prints to be easily turned. Those for the large size should have no front, but the case containing them should have doors.

Note.--Be very careful in handling photographs never to rub or pull one over another; always turn them from side to side, like the leaves of a book.

A Library Primer Part 26

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