A Literary and Historical Atlas of Asia Part 7

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1120 B.C.; Josiah killed by Necho II. of Egypt, 609 B.C.; Necho vanquished by Nebuchadnezzar, 605 B.C.

=Carmel=, Palestine. 33N. 35E. Mountain on which Elijah slaughtered the priests of Baal. Napoleon used one of the monasteries situated here as a hospital, 1799. Visited by Lamartine, 1832.

=Cawnpur= ('city of Krishna'), United Provs. 26N. 80E. Scene of the massacre of Europeans by Nana Sahib during Mutiny, 1857. (See Trevelyan's 'Cawnpore.')

=Cayster=, Asia Minor. 38N. 28E. River made famous by Virgil in the 'Georgics' and Ovid in the 'Metamorphoses.' Remains of Ephesus are near its mouth.

=Celebes=, Malay Archipelago. 4S. 121E. Discovered by Portuguese, 1512; established fort at Macassar, 1525; driven out by Dutch, 1660; taken by British, but yielded to Dutch, 1814.

=Ceylon=, Indian Ocean. 8N. 81E. Visited by Portuguese, 1505; driven from island by Dutch, 1658; ceded to Britain by Treaty of Amiens, 1802; annexed, 1815.

=Chakan=, Bombay. 19N. 74E. Captured by Malik Ahmad, 1486; by Shaista Khan, 1662; by Lieut.-Col. Deacon, 1818.

=Chakdaha=, Bengal. 23N. 89E. Bp. of Karta Baba, who f. the Kartabhaja sect.

=Champaner=, Bombay. 22N. 74E. Taken by Mahmoud Begara, 1484; plundered by Humayun, 1535.

=Chanar=, United Provs. 25N. 83E. Supposed to have been f. by Bhartrinath.

Taken by Humayun, 1537; by Akbar, 1575; attempted seizure by Major Munro, 1763. Near fort is tomb of Saint Shah Kasim Sulaimani.

=Chandaur=, Bombay. 20N. 74E. Taken by the Mogols, 1635; by Aurungzebe, 1665; by Colonel Wallace, 1804; British possession, 1818.

=Chanderi=, Central India. 25N. 78E. Seized by Ghiyas-ud-din, 1251; by Mahmoud Khilji I., 1438; by Jean Baptiste Filose, 1811; by Sir Hugh Rose, 1858.

=Chandernagore= ('city of the moon'), Bengal. 23N. 88E. Ceded to French by Aurungzebe, 1688; taken by British, 1757; restored to French, 1816.

=Chandragiri=, Madras. 14N. 79E. Said to have been f. by Immadi Narashima Yadava Rayalu, 1000. Res. of deposed Vijayanagar kings. Conquered by Hyder Ali, 1782.

=Charsadda=, Punjab. 34N. 72E. Mentioned by Ptolemy and Arrian; visited by Hieun Tsiang.

=Chaul=, Bombay. 19N. 73E. Occupied by Portuguese, 1516; pillaged by Gujerat troops, 1529; Ahmadnagar army defeated by Portuguese, 1594; taken by Mahrattas, 1740.

=Chemulpo=, Korea. 37N. 127E. In Russian-Japanese war, Russians defeated by Admiral Urin, 1904. (See McKenzie's 'From Tokyo to Tiflis.')

=Chengalput=, Madras. 13N. 80E. Said to have been f. by Timmarajah.

Captured by French, 1751; by Clive, 1752; place of refuge of British troops, 1780.

=Chetwai=, Madras. 11N. 76E. Occupied by Dutch, 1717; taken by Hyder Ali, 1776; British possession, 1790.

=Chhapia=, United Provs. 27N. 82E. Bp. of Swami Narayan, incarnation of Krishna.

=Chidambaram= ('the atmosphere of wisdom'), Madras. 11N. 80E. Taken by French, 1753; unsuccessfully attacked by British, 1759; captured by Major Monson, 1760; unsuccessfully attacked by Sir Eyre Coote, 1781.

=Chi-fu=, China. 38N. 122E. Convention held between Sir Thomas Wade and Li Hung Chang, 1876; meeting-place of blockade runners, 1904-5.

=Chiknayakanhilli=, Madras. 13N. 77E. Pillaged by Mahrattas, 1791.

Burial-place of Dodda Deva Rajah.

=Chillianwallah=, Punjab. 33N. 74E. Sikhs defeated in doubtful battle by Lord Gough, 1849. (See Malleson's 'Decisive Battles of India.')

=Chinchvad=, Bombay. 19N. 74E. Res. of Moroba, incarnation of Ganpati, and scene of his miracles.

=Chin-Kiang=, China. 35N. 108E. Partially destroyed by Tai-pings, 1853.

=Chinsurah=, Bengal. 23N. 88E. F. by Dutch, 1656; routed by British under Colonel Forde, 1758; occupied by British, 1795; restored to Dutch, 1814; ceded to British, 1825.

=Chitakul=, Bombay. 15N. 74E. Captured by Portuguese, 1752; by Fazl-ullah Khan, 1763.

=Chitrakut=, United Provs. 25N. 81E. Mentioned in the 'Ramayana' as scene of wanderings of Rama and Sita, and here they were sought out by Bharat.

=Chittagong=, Burma. 22N. 92E. Visited by Portuguese, 1618; belonged to Mogol empire, 1666; taken by British, 1760.

=Chupni=, Bengal. 25N. 92E. Bp. of Akhay Kumar Datta, prose-writer of Bengal.

=Cnidus=, Asia Minor. 37N. 27E. Supposed to have been f. by Triopas.

Famous for the worship of Venus. Near the coast of Cnidus Conon defeated the Spartan fleet, 314 B.C. Bp. of Eudoxus, Ctesias, and Sostratus.

=Cochin=, Madras. 10N. 76E. Taken from the Portuguese by Dutch, 1633; captured by British, 1795; ceded by treaty to British, 1814. Visited by Vasco da Gama, 1502; by St. Francis Xavier, 1530. (See Hakluyt's 'Voyages.')

=Coimbatore=, Madras. 11N. 77E. Taken by British from Tippoo Sahib, 1799.

=Colgong=, Bengal. 25N. 87E. Death of Ghiyas-ud-din Mahmoud, last king of Bengal, took place here, 1539.

=Colombo=, Ceylon. 7N. 80E. Taken by Portuguese, 1517; ousted by Dutch, 1603; conquered by British, 1796.

=Colophon=, Asia Minor. 38N. 27E. Supposed to have been f. by Andracmon of Pylos or by Mopsus. Bp. of Homer, Mimnermus, and Nicander.

=Colossae=, Asia Minor. 38N. 29E. Now represented by Khonas, bp. of Nicetas Khoniates. Mentioned by Xenophon and Herodotus. St. Paul sent a letter to its church during his imprisonment at Rome.

=Conjeveram=, Madras. 13N. 80E. Captured by Mussulmans, 1310, 1646; by Mahrattas, 1677; by Clive, 1752; burnt by French, 1757.

=Coringa=, Madras. 17N. 82E. Became British possession, 1759. Inundated and partially destroyed by ocean, 1787, 1832.

=Cossimbazar=, Bengal. 24N. 88E. British defeated by Surajah Dowlah, 1757.

Contains tomb of first wife of Warren Hastings.

=Covelong=, Madras. 13N. 80E. Captured by French, 1750; by Clive, 1752.

=Cranganore=, Madras. 10N. 76E. Fortress erected by Portuguese, 1505; ceded to Dutch, 1660; sold to Rajah of Travancore.

=Cunaxa=, Asiatic Turkey. 33N. 44E. Cyrus the Younger killed here in a battle with his brother, Artaxerxes Mnemon, 401 B.C.

=Cydnus=, Asia Minor. 37N. 35E. River up which Cleopatra sailed to meet Antony.

=Cyprus=, Asiatic Turkey. 35N. 33E. Seat of worship of Aphrodite; bp. of Barnabas. Conquered by Arabs, 646; retaken by Greeks, 648; secured by Haroun-al-Raschid, 802; by Comnenus, 1184; ruled by Guy de Lusignan, 1193; occupied by Turks, 1570; ruled by British, 1878. (See Kinglake's 'Eothen,' Hakluyt's 'Voyages.')

=Dafar=, Arabia. 17N. 54E. Described in 'Travels of Marco Polo' as Dulfar.

A Literary and Historical Atlas of Asia Part 7

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