A Mistaken Marriage Match - The Pirate's Daughter A Mistaken Marriage Match: The Pirate's Daughter Volume 3 Chapter 98 Part2

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Volume III Chapter 98  Sang Nuan Woke Up (Part2)      Su Su squinted her eyes trying hard to see clearly what were those red things, scarlet like a blood, which grew in the most dangerous place. They were circular fruits that were smaller than the thumb.  Then her brain was suddenly hit by a suspicion, "Don't tell me are those the spiritual  snow fruit…"   “Yes, on the ice cliffs are the spiritual snow fruit that can cure many diseases. " Mo Zhe was happy to see it but also puzzled why the snow spirit fruit right now had twin fruit and hanging on the gap of ice cliffs and they were very bright. Generally, they all grew within a safe distance of ten feet from the ice. Sometimes there were plants that were just beside the snow path. But this year, why they were only a dozen or so plants and it grew in an abnormal location.   When Su Su heard the confirmation, she couldn't help but shook her head. The place where these fruits grew was too rough, it would be too risky to get it, but how? If you down the cliff by the rope, the rope will rub against the ice protruding on the wall and will soon break it off. If she goes down relying on her qinggong … that won't be a problem but she had to stop in the ice wall to pick the fruit, she was afraid that the ice wall will not be that strong enough to hold her weight. She guesses if she fell, surely she will die.  Even if the ice wall was strong enough, getting a b.l.o.o.d.y scratch was inevitable while picking the fruit along the cracks.    Another way was probably tie several ropes of her waist and then jump to pick it up, she would be able to … “Hiss.h.!.+”    Su Su was thinking of way when she suddenly heard a very light hissing sound coming behind her. She turned to look and saw Mo Yuan's finger was bleeding. The culprit was obviously the little fellow who escaped from his sleeve and running directly towards the cliff. “Bajiao!”   Su Su called back and tried to catch him but the little fellow was running fast like a lightning. Everyone only saw a touch of snow shadow dived down the cliff, with a body like a feather flying almost vertically along the cliffs. It jumped down to the nearest ice crack where the spirit fruit and bit its root and swallowed the fruit in his mouth.    After a few more ups and downs, the shadow of snow return to the ice field and crashed its head to Su Su arms.    Su Su held it up and Bajiao suddenly dropped two bright fruits on her palm and then looked at her with pitiful eyes. The little claws were clinging to her skirt, like fearing that someone will pick him up again and thrown into somewhere.    Su Su was holding the snow spirit fruit very surprised, patted its small head and smiled. “Bajiao. I sincerely thank you."    Bajiao obediently put its head against Su Su's skirt and did stay still. The surrounding people around very surprised to see the little fox especially Feng Yi Qing, who took a great interest  and asked, " It is really a silver fox, did you raise it?"    Su Su smiled proudly and at the same time distressed. She just witnessed Bajiao very skilled movement and recalled that this little fellow did not go missing for no reason. When it came back, it always had a trace red juice in his mouth and without doubt, this little fox had been visiting the forbidden area and eating those snow fruits. Su Su did not dare to look at Mo Zhe, so she turned silently to Mo Yuan's side. The little fellow s.h.i.+vered and run to hide under Su Su 's skirt.    Su Su just shook her head laughing and she just let it remain to hide. He looked at Mo Yuan's hand and asked, " How it is ?"     Mo Yuan put his hand under his sleeve and replied, " It is nothing.”     Su Su was watching his movements and felt that something was wrong. She wanted to pull his hand out to see it when she heard him whispered in her ear. “Hurry and take the spiritual fruit to Sang Nuan, it is discolored.”     Discolored Russell looked down at the fruit in her hand and saw that it had really changed color. It was no longer the blood red like the beginning. At this moment it slowly turned into a brilliant red, and there was a trace of changing to a duller red.  Su Su quickly looked at Yi Qing and asked, " Mr. Pu Shan, now please save Sang Nuan?"     Feng Yi Qing took the fruit from Su Su's hand and brought out a small gourd, and then put the two fruits into it. He covered it with the cork and shook it a while, then take out a small white jade cup. When he opened the cork, a faint sweet smell drifted away, and the pink juice also flowed out of the gourd. When the gourd was emptied, he was able to gather only a small cup.     Su Su went over and said, “I will feed her.”     Feng Yi Qing shook his head. “I will do it. I am afraid, you won't be able to feed her the juice all the way.” He can still remember that when she gave medicine to Sang Nuan yesterday morning, she couldn’t  get in a mouthful."     “No, I have a way to get her drink.” Su Su was smiling confidently and while Yi Qing was still considering her suggestion, the jade cup was already taken from his hand.      Su Su winked at Ao San and Ao San carried Sang Nuan about two- ten feet away from the place where they stopped.     “Ao San, help me to sit her up.” Ao San nodded and gently put down Sang Nuan, held her shoulders, half leaning on his arms.     Su Su kneeled down beside Sang Nuan blocking the eyes of everyone behind her, but she did not send the white jade cup that was in her hands to Sang Nuan's mouth but she pulled out a black pill the size of a soybean from her arms. Ao San looked horrified especially when she stuffed the small pill inside the mouth of Sang Nuan.     She was never been so nervous in her life and Su Su was staring at Sang Nuan's face. She feared that she will be seeing a terrible outcome and constantly comforting herself not to be afraid. If it all goes wrong, if she was wrong to what she thought it was, there still spirit fruit juice that can solve hundred of poisons and cure diseases, it can save An Nuan!     Su Su was just holding the white jade cup with the juice, Sang Nuan’s eyelashes finally showed some movements. Su Su was still trembling and reached out to hold Sang Nuan. Sang Nuan felt that the fingers that were holding her were s.h.i.+vering slightly, she had to open her eyes immediately. Su Su heart was hanging high of fear and antic.i.p.ation when the person sleeping suddenly opened her eyes, only then her heart was relieved.    Su Su's eyes never left Sang Nuan and so when she returned to her senses she saw Bajiao poking its head from her robes. The front claws grabbed her wrist and run to the direction of the jade cup.    Su Su was about to throw it back into inside her arms, but when her eyes fell into a half cup of pink juice, she stopped. If Ah Nuan will wake up soon, what should she do with the juice? They were surrounded by snow and it was impossible to dump it for there will an obvious pink on the ground. How would she deal with it? It was a better idea to just give Bajiao. Su Su without hesitation put the cup in front of the little fox. It was more than happy when the little cup was placed on its mouth and drank the juice in no time.   She put the empty cup aside and looked up.  It was good to see the beautiful eyes of Sang Nuan opened. there was no sign of trance or panic, but she was filled with complex emotions. It doesn't seem like she was in a coma that woke up after a few days. Su Su sighed, very relieved," You are finally awake." “Su Su, thank you.” Sang Nuan suddenly sat up beside her and reached out and hugged her. “Well?” Sus Su was stunned. Sang Nuan was gripping her hand very hard. She could feel her feelings a little excited, but she didn’t know what really happened to her. She could only hold her.    After a long time, Su Su heard the gentle voice once more. The tone was softer and gentler than before,  speaking very tenderly, " Tan Tan Feng did not make a mistake when he said that having you as a friend is a blessing. But being your sister is the luckiest thing ever in my life."    She grew up looking at her mother’s notes.  She had a mother that she both love and hate. It was a very complicated feeling and it was hard to explain. Her brother was always holding her and protecting her until he was bruised all over his body and they were sitting outside hiding until dawn, Sometimes, the poisoning was very painful that she thought it would be better to die. When she was almost rape, she had to hide in the jungle and the darkness. She hated Mo Sang. She hated her because why gave birth to them when she couldn't protect them and let them endure and let them endure such endless suffering. But every night, when it was quiet, she couldn’t help but look at it again and again. She read every word written by the woman, eager to find a little breath of warmth from that cold notes.    It was precisely because of this that she hated the Mohist clan.  She hated this family displaced her mother without mercy and finally, she ended up in a depressing place. Therefore, she does not hesitate at all the costs to see what was the spiritual stone, the sacred object for the  Mohist family, that sacred and inviolable forbidden land, what were those?!    In the end, she used a dangerous trick to drug herself and brought herself into a coma. She knew that Feng Yi Qing would not let her die and that Tan Tai Feng will not let go of this opportunity. The Mohist's forbidden fruit was recorded in the mother's notes and she used this means to get here. Not in her wildest thought that someone was incredible enough to claim her as a daughter!    Of course, she was also very grateful to Tan Tai Feng letting her know of her good fortune…    When she heard Sang Nuan gently whispered softly in her ear, Su Su quickly grabbed her and hugged her,  “When you are in a coma, you can hear it and feel it? Right?” She complained about Mo Yuan, did Ah Nuan heard all of it?!    The sound of Ao San was very faint but the two heard it and their expression changed at the same time. The arms that have been helping Sang Nuan sit down shrank back and the always stone face with no expression had a sudden look of panic, right, his face had that look of panic. The next moment, he got up and took a few steps backward.  The figure paused for a moment but continued to leave them behind.  
   Sang Nuan's face was even more strange for she was blus.h.i.+ng  all over, she pulled her hand, urgently replied,  “No, I, I can’t hear anything and can feel anything!”      These two people… … seems…      The eyes of Su Su was looking back and forth between Sang Nuan and Ao San like she was trying to see through them. The face of Sang Nuan became redder.     “Did Sang Nuan woke up?”     Su Su wanted to ask Sang Nuan what the h.e.l.l she was doing when she heard Tan Tai Feng .  The sound of the voice was not far but the face of Sang Nuan had cooled down. Su Su did not pursue the question further, glanced at her and  whispered, " Wait until we get back, I will slowly find out."



A Mistaken Marriage Match - The Pirate's Daughter A Mistaken Marriage Match: The Pirate's Daughter Volume 3 Chapter 98 Part2

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A Mistaken Marriage Match - The Pirate's Daughter A Mistaken Marriage Match: The Pirate's Daughter Volume 3 Chapter 98 Part2 summary

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