A Sequel For The Villainess? Chapter 7

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"Now, now, Lediz. You are too young to retire"

A gentle voice was reverberating in the a.s.sembly hall.


"Queen Dowager, Debrsama?"

After his Majesty left his seat, those who heard the conversation of the Princes, and were taken aback until now, made a bow.

I also did in a hurry.

"Everyone. It has been a while. Raise your faces. There, there, Albert and Lediz too, take a sit. Please prepare seats for me, Luke and Hild-sama too"

His Majesty Albert looked at Director-sensei, still confused.


Luke is next to Director-sensei!! Why!!?

My chest hurts.

Cousin and Crown Prince of Sith country Hil (his real name is Hild Sith), I didn't know why he was here, but I didn't care. I was simply full of Luke.

"Luke. When did you come back? Besides, Hild-sama, for what kind of matter you are here. As you can see, we are presently doing an important coming of age ceremony for our country"

His Majesty said, surprised.

"Long time no see. Brother"


While everybody in the hall was surprised at a single word released by Luke to his Majesty, I couldn't take my eyes off Luke. That means he is the younger brother of his Majesty… His Highness the royal Prince!? Certainly, I heard about his Highness the royal Prince running away from the royal palace, but…

It is the first time I see him dressed in a formal uniform. For some time, I was wrapped in cheap flattery.

I feel he is a distant Luke, different from the one living downtown.

Gilbert too, was tilting his head to the side at this unexpected person's appearance.


"I, I am, I am called Meg!"

Fa, Fast! When did you move before the throne?

Due to Meg not reading the mood, I calmed down a little.

Luke said.

"When I heard my beloved Julia was being looked down upon by stupid persons, though I didn't want to come back to the royal palace, I came back"


Many ladies were shrieking. My thoughts collapsed a long time ago.

"Luke-sama. Luke-sama doesn't know anything! About how much I was bullied by Julisama at school. Uh, I was really scared. At last, I thought I would live peacefully, but… Again…"

As soon as Meg began to cry, Thomas hugged her over the shoulders.

Is it okay to be embraced by another man in front of your fiance?

Before that, Gilbert too, instead of normally showing animosity to Thomas, why are you glaring at Luke?

"Is, is that true!? Is it true that Luke and Miss Julia are in love?"

Why was the King so happy?

"No, that is not true!!"

Because it would be unthinkable to not deny something so outrageous here, I denied it. Besides, I am not Luke's lover…

"Julia? Didn't you accept my feelings when you received the teddy bear? Didn't you say you would give me a teddy bear with the green eyes color of Julia on my birthday?"

No, no way! In the end, he spread the custom of marriage proposal with teddy bears downtown for this reason!?

"That, that will be thanks to the women from the refuge that I will give one to his Highness Luke, to his Highness (emphasize the word)!"

"When I heard my beloved Julia was being looked down upon, I didn't want to come back to the royal palace, but I came back. I came here because I wanted you to know the truth.

This one year, I fell in love with the current you without your lady's position. I came here because I wanted you to know the truth. Please marry me"

Luke came in front of me, kneeled on one leg and took my hand.

"Wait, Luke. You are being deceived! This woman, she is skilled at seducing men!"

I returned to reality again with Meg's words. Thank G.o.d. I would have ended up in the flow at this rate. Is his s.e.xy and flashy ikemen beam an art of suggestion?

"That's right! Now that uncle-ue marries this sinner, he intends to damage the future of this kingdom! Before, since uncle-ue left and neglected his royal duties during many years, he doesn't have the qualifications to be our equal in this place!"

"Gilbert!! Shut up! What are you saying about Luke!!"

At the King's voice, Gilbert looked like he still wanted to say something but shut his mouth.

A Sequel For The Villainess? Chapter 7

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