A Valiant Life Chapter 117

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In the morning, the weather was decent but the temperature seemed to be on the rise.

Recently, the Internet had been bustling with activity and discussions.

The UC Breaking News Department wouldn't be outdone.

'Breaking! The decline of the Chinese Martial Arts a.s.sociation actually has something to do with him…'

On the netizens' discussion page.

"The headline is just a click bait."

"I only want to read the news, not a commentary…"

"The editor should go to h.e.l.l. This article is a thousand words long, who are you writing for?"

Many people started to research this on Weibo and they started to scold the a.s.sociation.

"I didn't expect the Chinese Martial Arts a.s.sociation to be like that. They used all their money for enjoyment only."

"This person is commendable, isn't he afraid of being fired?"

"To the one above, what are you saying? Master Lin is not someone who joined the a.s.sociation for money. The fact that he joined the Chinese Martial Arts a.s.sociation shows that he is giving the a.s.sociation some face."

"Haha, it's so hilarious. There's actually a use for the tilted horizontal bar?"

"I want to know what kind of talent can be developed in such a deteriorated environment."

"An a.s.sociation that's been suppressed by Han Lu, there's definitely a reason why they chose not to speak up about these things."

Lin Fan drove to the entrance of the Chinese Martial Arts a.s.sociation and he scrolled through Weibo. He noticed that his fan base was increasing in numbers. His reviews were all positive but a particular one amused Lin Fan. He hadn't expected Autumn Sword Fish Killer to make such a comment.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer said, "Fraud… I gotta give credit to you for this matter. But it's just this time."

He exited his car and walked towards the Chinese Martial Arts a.s.sociation buildings.

"Young chap, you're really something," said Elder Niu who gave Lin Fan a thumbs up.

Lin Fan smiled and said, "I just did what I could."

Elder Niu looked energetic and he replied, "It wasn't a simple feat, it requires a whole lot of courage to be able to do that."

"Elder, you're flattering me. I shan't talk anymore, my students are waiting for me," Lin Fan said as he smiled. The Chinese Martial Arts a.s.sociation definitely had a lot of people that hated Lin Fan but what could they do to him? He just loved to see people hate him but not be able to do anything about it.

On the way to the cla.s.sroom.

"Good morning, Instructor Lin."

Lin Fan nodded and said, "Good morning."

Lin Fan had become famous within the a.s.sociation. n.o.body knew before that such an impressive youngster existed. He had actually taken a dig at the a.s.sociation and it drove Vice-President Guo crazy.

Some people knew that Vice-President Guo had reprimanded w.a.n.g Yun Jie extremely badly the previous night and he had smashed some things in the office. Even the Vice-President of the a.s.sociation of the Handicapped was there and he looked upset.

Some of the members that walked past Lin Fan just nodded at him and avoided him as if he was a plague. Lin Fan wasn't bothered by them as he knew that the incident had offended a lot of people.

In the cla.s.sroom.

"Instructor Lin…"

Lin Fan had just entered the cla.s.sroom and Liu Ming Ming, along with her friends, had already surrounded him. They had found out about what had happened the previous day and they were extremely thankful for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan just clapped his hands together and said, "Alright guys, let's continue training hard. We don't have much time left. If you don't train properly, you'll have problems at the annual show."

Zhang Tao a.s.sured Lin Fan, "Instructor Lin, don't worry, we'll definitely work hard and not let you down."

Lin Fan patted Zhang Tao on his shoulder and said, "Alright, just work hard. Let's not talk about this. Let me see the movements that I taught you yesterday. I'll see if there are any problems with them."

"Alright," Zhang Tao said as they moved into two rows of threes, one on the left and the other on the right. Lin Fan clapped lightly and said, "Let's start!"

"Ha!" Zhang Tao and his friends started to move their legs and arms. Although they only had one arm each, their movements still looked elegant.

"Yes, that's good. However, there are some problems with certain parts. Zhang Tao, don't raise your arm too high. Liu Ming Ming, don't open your legs too wide. Huang Ya Yue, you have to take note of the tempo and rhythm. Don't be too rushed, you gotta stay in unison," Lin Fan said. He knew more about Ba Gua Zhang than anyone else.

"Yes, Instructor Lin."

They continued to train until noon.

They were extremely dedicated and the atmosphere in training was good. Just as Lin Fan wanted to bring them for lunch, Jiang Fei came over.

Lin Fan pa.s.sed his card to them for them to have lunch at the food hall first.

Jiang Fei looked a little uneasy and said, "Instructor Lin, Vice-President Guo is shouting for you to go to the conference room."

"Oh, just me? Anyone else?" Lin Fan asked.

"With a few other Chairmen," Jiang Fei said. "In my opinion, I don't think it's that simple. It seems like an interrogation to me."

"Let's go then," Lin Fan smiled and said.

The news was still being circulated outside and the Chinese Martial Arts a.s.sociation didn't have an opportunity to speak about the issues. Perhaps they wanted to discuss it and see how they could go about resolving the problem.

Jiang Fei was a little hesitant, "Master Lin, I suggest you take a step back later and be more accommodating. Vice-President Guo has been extremely stressed and he's definitely not in a good mood. He might be harsh with his words."

Lin Fan smiled at Jiang Fei and said, "Do you think I'm someone who's accommodating? Alright, that's not a problem. Let's go have a look."

Jiang Fei helplessly sighed. Although he had only interacted with Lin Fan for a few days, he could tell from this incident that Master Lin wasn't an accommodating person and if Vice-President Guo got angry, Lin Fan would probably not give him any face.

The members of the a.s.sociation were all making their way to the canteen for lunch but when they saw Master Lin walking to the conference room with Jiang Fei, they all paused.

"I just saw Vice-President Guo and a few other Chairmen walk into the conference room. They all looked very upset."

"Looks like they want to talk to Master Lin."

"Hey, did you guys see w.a.n.g Yun Jie today? His face was as black as thunder, he looked really scary."

"I heard the headquarters called today and scolded Vice-President Guo."

The crowd was discussing among themselves but they didn't dare to interfere with this matter. Furthermore, Vice-President Guo was still enraged. If they were to interfere with it, they would definitely get scolded badly.

In the conference room.

"This youngster's too much. Doesn't he know the consequences of his actions?"

"The matter has already happened. We can only try to resolve it as soon as possible and we can't let the media continue reporting on it."

"What's the matter with the headquarters? Why would they want to recruit someone like him?"

Vice-President Guo just sat there. He looked very upset. How could they blame this on him? w.a.n.g Yun Jie's incident had already ended up in such a bad state, what else could he have said?

The headquarters had specially asked for this trouble-maker to be recruited. If not for him, things wouldn't have ended up like that. The headquarters had just called to scold Vice-President Guo. They said that they would monitor the Shanghai Chinese Martial Arts a.s.sociation and if things were to worsen, they would relieve him of his duties.

Also, the headquarters hadn't sent any disciplinary letters. Perhaps they were just waiting for him to screw up.

*Ding dong!*

*door knock*

The people in the conference room just looked at each other.

Vice President Guo said unhappily, "Come in."

Lin Fan pushed the door open and entered alone. Jiang Fei couldn't be present because his appointment in the a.s.sociation wasn't senior enough.

There were six people seated there and w.a.n.g Yun Jie was one of them. When Lin Fan entered the room, w.a.n.g Yun Jie glared at him immediately.

Vice-President Guo looked at Lin Fan unhappily and said, "Have a seat."

Lin Fan smiled and replied, "Vice-President Guo, just tell me what it is. It's noon and my students are waiting for me to have lunch together."

Then, the conference room became silent.

What a stubborn man.

A Valiant Life Chapter 117

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