A Valiant Life Chapter 224: Did You Get Them Blacklisted Again?

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The atmosphere was rather calm and there weren't any conflicts at all. But Lin Fan's mum knew that the matchmaking session wasn't going to be a successful one. Although she was rather upset, she thought about it thoroughly. That was the norm for all matchmaking sessions. Most people wouldn't be successful on their first try.

They were mostly talking about their children but sometimes they would talk about other topics.

When Lin Fan heard w.a.n.g Ming Yang ask the girl about her car show details, he nudged w.a.n.g Ming Yang, wanting him to stop boasting. This matchmaking session was destined to be a failure and it was going to end like that. He didn't want to create any trouble. If her parents were to humiliate his parents, he would definitely retaliate without any hesitation. But everyone looked pretty happy and they were having a good time. After the dinner, they probably wouldn't even meet each other anymore.

Then, Sister Chen said, "I guess we should let our children exchange numbers. We shouldn't interfere with them. If they can get along with each other, it would be great. If not, then it's okay. What do you think of that, Sister Zhou?"

Lin Fan's mother said, "Yeah, that's right. We should let them talk to each other first. If they can get along well, then it would be great. This matter can't be forced. My child is a sensible boy and he hasn't caused us to worry about anything besides his marriage. We would finally be able to relax after settling it for him."

Sister Chen smiled, "All parents are the same, we're all worried about this."

Lin Fan smiled, "Mum, this matter can't be rushed. I don't even want to get married yet."

His mother glared at him and said, "I know you're not anxious but your dad and I are extremely anxious about it."

"Sister Zhou, nowadays, these youngsters get married pretty late. They like to fool around for a few more years. They aren't like what we used to be. In the past, if we hadn't get married when we're in our twenties, we would be left behind. Now, people only get married in their thirties," Sister Chen remarked.

Yang Ting Ting said, "Mum, I'm only twenty-two this year. Why are you rus.h.i.+ng me, then?"

Sister Chen smiled, "Look at Xin Yue, she already has a boyfriend. You don't even have one."

Lin Fan's mum remarked, "Xin Yue is so pretty. Her boyfriend must be very capable."

Zhang Xin Yue smiled modestly but she looked pretty proud of it.

Yang Ting Ting interrupted, "Xin Yue's boyfriend is an actor. She brought me to their performance before, he is really handsome."

To an average person, being an actor was an impressive feat. An actor would be able to be on television and be famous. Sister Chen looked proud of it too as she felt that her daughter's friend knew someone awesome after all.

Although they didn't talk about Lin Fan, they started to compare her boyfriend with him.

But they just laughed and praised each other without saying anything else.

His mother complimented, "That's impressive. Actors earn big bucks."

w.a.n.g Ming Yang just sat there restlessly. He felt like he and Lin Fan were getting ignored but he wasn't bothered by it after looking at Lin Fan. After all, Lin Fan told him to not boast about his achievements. Then, he just started to play with his phone.

In the WeChat group.

This was a group of friends that were close to w.a.n.g Ming Yang's wife. They were all a bunch of actresses. Some of them were popular actresses from acting in small roles and there were about twenty of them who were recognized actresses.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang typed: "My dear, please reply me. This matchmaking session is killing me."

Very soon, the group started to become lively.

Xu Zi Le: "What's wrong? How did Brother Lin do?"

w.a.n.g Ming Yang: "Looks like it's going to be a failure. He's too low-profile. I wanted to help him improve his image but he wouldn't let me do so. We're both being bamboozled by two ignorant young women."

Xu Zi Le replied with an emoji that was covering his mouth while laughing.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang: "How can you still be laughing? Do you want me to… Haha…"

Li Fei: "Chief w.a.n.g, these are a bunch of females. You can't do this to them."

Qiao Yue Yue: "I didn't expect Chief w.a.n.g to be humiliated by two ignorant people. It's such a strange news. Also, who is this Brother Lin? Please educate me."

Xu Zi Le: "Sisters, Brother Lin is Master Lin. He is an impressive and young man. I thought all of you don't have any boyfriends? If you can hook up with Master Lin, you'd be living a good life in the future."

w.a.n.g Xue Li: "Huh? Is he really that good?"

Xu Zi Le: "Yeah. Brother Lin is Ming Yang's most trusted friend. I'll be frank, but you might not believe me. I got together with Ming Yang because of Master Lin…"

Xu Zi Le was pretty well known in the s...o...b..z industry. After becoming w.a.n.g Ming Yang's girlfriend, those actresses who were more popular than her would still respectfully address her as Sister Xu. After all, Xu Zi Le was backed by a wealthy man. Even though she might never become the most popular actress, she was well supported by a wealthy man who was worth more than ten billion. If someone were to offend her, he/she would be crushed like an ant. His network of people would definitely scare him/her to death.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang: "Oh, right. I have an idea. Please help me out. Follow my lead later and press my WeChat notification. Just pretend to be his fans. As long as you help me out, I will definitely help you out in future without any hesitation. However, just one or two people will do. If too many people do it, it would seem fake.

Everyone: "Please send instructions, we can't wait any longer…"

At the dining table.

The atmosphere was still normal and everyone was chatting among themselves. They were eating and drinking normally. As for the matchmaking, it virtually had 0% success rate.

Sister Chen felt helpless too. She couldn't do anything since her daughter didn't like Lin Fan. However, she felt that Lin Fan was decent. The only thing that bothered her was his profession. It would've been perfect if he wasn't a scallion pancake seller.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang said, "Uncle and auntie, actually, you still don't know something."

Lin Fan's mum asked, "What is it?"

Lin Fan was stunned. He didn't know what w.a.n.g Ming Yang was going to say. What could it be?

w.a.n.g Ming Yang smiled, "Actually, he has several pretty ladies trying to woo him in Shanghai. However, he doesn't like any of them and it's driving them crazy."

Everyone was stunned. It was as if they were frozen.

When Yang Ting Ting and Zhang Xin Yue heard what he said, they laughed uncontrollably.

Lin Fan's mum was stunned but she quickly recovered, "Lil' w.a.n.g, don't lie to auntie. Several ladies? I'd be happy with just one."

Lin Fan was furious when he heard it. He quickly nudged w.a.n.g Ming Yang. He was clearly trying to create trouble. The matchmaking session was going to end soon and he still came up with something like that.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang just ignored Lin Fan, "Auntie, I'm not lying. I know there's three of them."

Lin Fan's mother exclaimed, "Huh?! Three?!"

w.a.n.g Ming Yang smiled, "Yeah, that's right. Three!"

Yang Ting Ting and Zhang Xin Yue didn't believe it. They looked at Lin Fan and thought it was a joke. He must be kidding.

At that moment.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang's received several WeChat notifications.

"Uncle and auntie, have a look."

They both looked at the WeChat app. It was really a request for a video call.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang looked at Lin Fan with a helpless look, "Did you blacklist them again?"

Blacklist your f*cking mum…

Even Lin Fan was stunned. What was w.a.n.g Ming Yang doing?

Things were about to end just like that and w.a.n.g Ming Yang still came up with a shocker like that.

D*mn it…

A Valiant Life Chapter 224: Did You Get Them Blacklisted Again?

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